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Theme: Robbery.













“Oh! God what kind of flood is this one sef. After all the ups and downs on the rickety bus, now I have to cross this red sea.” Bright kept on muttering to herself annoyed.


“Jesus.” She yells when the plank almost gives way under her, heaven know she’s not ready to fall into the murky green water.


“Bright be careful.” Mr Charles the housing agents warns her and she rolls her eyes and tries to stay balance on the shaking plank. Welcome to Nigeria.




“So what do you think, do you like the house.” Bright looks at Mr Charles and smiles before saying, “Yes I like the house, I’ll take it.”


The house (one bedroom flat) wasn’t all that bad. The only little problem is that the bedroom and kitchen, it’s so small, mostly the kitchen, if she cooks in there she wouldn’t have enough breathing space.


Girl you’re not that fat and besides there’s a window, for air. It’s not like you would be able to find such an apartment in Ghana for 150 thousand naira for a year, I’ve you forgotten a chamber and hall(a room and a living room) with a public bathroom and toilet is over 200,000 Ghana cedis ( thats more than a million naira) for a year. Her subconsciousness scolds.


“So you will take it.”







So far everything has been going on well for Bright, except from the fact that she’s growing fat, why won’t she? When she’s basically eating every food or snack she lays eyes on, she can’t help it but spend all her money on gala(sausage rolls).


“Ahh this is so sad, how can you not tell that’s she’s not a robot, you idiot. Like comm on who the heck falls in love with a robot and to top it all you want to reset her. And you robot girl just tell him that you’re not a robot. Geez.” Bright her cries her eyes out, still focused on the used t.v her mum had warned her not to buy , and her mum is right after all, since she brought the t.v she hasn’t been able to read.


Bang. Bang. Whats that, is that a gunshot. Bright mutters frowning. Great just a week in Nigeria and she’s already hearing gunshot.


“I hope it’s not an arm robber.” Bright mutters and goes over to locks both the back door and the front door.


She sat still on the sitting room floor, shaking and praying for her life, suddenly she heard the back door open and then footsteps. Shit.




“Please don’t kill me, please, I don’t have any money in this house.” Chief Olabisi lies through his teeth.


Why should I give them the 10 million, he has been able to embezzle from the money given to him by the government to be repair the roads. He thinks.


“See this man oo, na me you dey lie to, oya look me well, ehn look me well, I look like person wey dey joke.” Scorpion says already getting angry, he kicks Mr Olabisi on the head and the man yelps in pain.


“See if you don’t go in and bring the 10 million naira, your wife and children will face the penalty. So tell me which one of your family would love to die first.” Henry the leader of the gang says to Mr Olabisi in a deadly calm voice, enough to make Chief Olabisi to pee on his pant.


“Chief you better go in there and bring that money oo, me I’m not ready to die oo, if you want to die then die alone na.” Mrs Olabisi lamented.



“I’ll advice you to listen to your wife.” .




“Shit.” Henry shouts in anger, he began to wonder how the lazy monkeys (police) got to catch on them so fast.


He turns the car into a random Street in Lagos city hoping to lose the police. After a while he noticed the police is catching up on them so he parks the car and orders his crew to get down from the car. He sees a building not so far away and asked everyone to climb over the fence. They all skillfully scaled the fence surrounding the building.


The compound consists of 10 building all together, 1 bedroom flat each, 5 building by the left, 5 by the right, facing each other. Henry had no time to think, they got to the first house and then shoot the door open.


They all walked in making little noises with their foot, checking for any sign of a human.


“Okay let’s stay here for a while till things calms down a little.” Henry says and walks into the living room, he looks around having the feeling there’s someone else in the room except from them, “come out, I said come out. If I have to find you , you wouldn’t like the outcome.” Henry yells and his crew looks at him like he has gone crazy.


“I don’t think there’s anyone here, except us.” Skipper says.


“I know what I’m talking about, aha.” Henry exclaims when the sofa made a squeaky noise, probably who ever is behind the sofa is trying to hide his or herself.


Henry whistles loudly strolling towards the sofa causally, he pushes the sofa with one hand and he came face to face with a fair skin girl stuffing her mouth with gala ( sausage roll).

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