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Bella angrily dries her hair as she steps out of the bathroom.


How dare she, how dare her do this to me. I won’t let this slide, no I won’t. She thinks angrily.


“Bella why didn’t you, inform me that you’ll be here today.” Henry asked leaning on the door of his bedroom.


“Can’t I pay you a surprise visit anymore.” Bella retorts frowning, as she walks over to him.


“I didn’t say that, I just want you to always inform me before visiting.” Henry says.


“Okay, anyway I missed you, didn’t you miss me?.” She blinks her eyes at him sΒ£xily and draws imaginary lines on his chest.



Me miss you, why would I miss you, if you don’t know the only reason why I’m dating your ass, is because your father is the D.P.O, foolish girl. He thinks removing her hands from his chest.


“You need to leave Bella.” He says and walks into his walks in closet, he pulls off his clothes and goes into the bathroom for a shower. The walk in closet was build in a way, it leads to the bathroom.


He turns on the shower and shivers at the water hits his bare back.


Bella sits down on henry bed frowning, then a thought comes to her mind and she stands up from the bed, removed her towel and walks into the bathroom. She gawks at Henry amazing back.


“What are you doing in here Bella.” Henry ask once he noticed he wasn’t alone in the bathroom.


“What do you think.” Bella replies in a sensual voice and climbs into the big bathtub and wraps her soft delicate hands around his torso.


“Bella you should leave, I’m not in the mood for this.” Henry says and unwraps her hand from his body.


“Then why don’t I get you in the mood.” Bella whispers sΒ£xily into his ear and trails wet kisses on his wonderful sculptured back, soon enough Henry gives in and turns around, he pulls her naked body closer and kiss her.


Bella hands travel downward to his manly stuff between his legs and grabs it not so forcefully, she pumps on it really hard making Henry to groan.


Henry carries her up and pushed her against the bathroom walls and a very excited Bella wraps her legs around him. “I want you in me, I need you in me.” She cries out as Henry pleasure her with his finger. Henry removes his hand from her v***na and licks her juice off his hand.


You should go get some condoms. His mind warns him.



By the time I get the condom I won’t be in the mood anymore, stupid. Henry replies back.


“Don’t worry I’m safe, I take birth control pills.” Bella says, noticing the tug of war going on in Henry’s mind.


Henry didn’t hesitate any longer and slam his d**k into her. “Ahhhhhh.” Belle shouts out in pleasure, encouraging Henry to go more faster and harder.


With a loud cry, she came, her body shakes from uttermost pleasure, a little while after Henry joins her and pours his seed into the walls of her womanhood.




Bright wakes up in the morning, she mutters a little prayer to God before going into the bathroom to brush her teeth, once she’s done with all her morning rituals, she heads downstairs to get breakfast ready, only to meet a certain annoying Bella in the kitchen, cooking.


“What are you doing.” Bright questions even though the answer is pretty obvious.


“What do you think. I’m making breakfast for the guys, you should be happy cause I just relived you from your morning task, so scram.” Bella says and shooes her away, she concentrated back on the egg on the pan and flips it smiling Brightly.


Bright walks into the sitting room really angry, she sits on the chair not minding the stare bayo was giving her.


“What’s with the face Bright.” Bayo asked. Bright ignored him and changed the boring show he was watching to nicklodeon.


“Hey I was watching that, wait a minute if you are here then who’s cooking in the kitchen.”


“First of all I had rather watch jim jam than to watch that boring show, secondly it’s Bella.”


“Wait a minute Bella can cook, well I don’t care to know the food scent delicious.”


“It’s not food, she’s just frying egg.” Bright utters annoyed.


“Well I can’t wait to eat the egg.” Bright glares at him and didn’t say anything else.


“Uhm guys why is uche sweeping the compound.” A confused looking Henry asks walking into the sitting room.


“Well I don’t know, bayo do you?.” Bright says feighning ignorance.


“Nope I don’t.” Bayo answers and right at that minute a tired sweaty Uche walks in.


“Oh look Henry it’s Uche, why don’t you ask him the same question you asked us.” Bright says sweetly putting Uche on the spotlight.


“What question?.” Uche ask groaning.


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“I just want to know why you’re sweeping the compound, we employed sweepers for that reason.” Henry says.


“Well I just want to do some excerise.”


“Sweeping it’s not a form of excerise and we have a gym in the house.”


“Yes it is, can’t you see how sweaty I am and how I want to do my excerise is none of your business.” Uche says leaving the sitting room.


“What has gotten into him today, the Uche I know will never sweep a compound not even in the name of excerise.” Henry exclaims and Bright giggles.




Bella sighs happily as she sets the table. Once the guys sees I’m a good cook, they’ll adore me more than that girl. She thinks happily.



“Guys the table is sets, come down and eat.” She yells, and bayo rushed into the dinning room, Uche, Henry and Zack strolls in and takes their sit.


“Bright I saved some for you also.” Bella calls out to her.


“Don’t worry Bella, I’ll stick to cornflakes this morning.” Bright says, smiling sweetly.


“Are your sure you don’t want to eat, the food scents nice.” Bayo says.


“Nope I’ll stick to my cornflakes.”


Bella smiled sweetly back at Bright, then served the fried egg and bread, to everyone and then pour hot water in their mug. “Erm bella why is there only two slice of bread.” Bayo ask looking at her.


“Well because it’s not good to eat too much, come on go ahead and eat your food and stop complaining.” She says turning Henry tea.


Bayo frowns at her but still place his egg on his bread, he takes a big bite of it and start chewing.


“JESUS WHAT RUBBISH IS THIS!.” Bayo yells angrily spitting out the food from his mouth and everybody turns to look at him.


“Bayo what is wrong.” Bright asked.


“The egg is rubbish, it scents so delicious but the taste is a different story.” Bayo says frowning.


Henry went ahead and taste the egg, he smiled at Bella, standing up from the dinning table.


“Babe what’s wrong where are you going to.” Bella asks stunned.


“Well you see I just remembered that my stomach if is filled up.” Henry replies.



“But I cooked it specially for you, you haven’t even eating that much yet.” Bella yells after him, but he was already gone.


“Uche, Zack where are you two going.”


“Well you see my doctor told me not to eat fried egg and you can believe I almost forgot that.” Uche says smiling, he knew that if bayo calls a food rubbish than it’s more than rubbish, his not ready to die.


“It’s not like I don’t want to eat your food but I have somewhere to be right now.” Zack says and both him and Uche made their escape out of the dinning room.


“What’s wrong with them.” Bella utters surprise.


“You are asking what’s wrong why don’t you taste the abomination you fried.” Bayo says pushing a plate of fried egg to her, she used a fork and cuts out of the egg and placed it on her mouth only to spit it out immediately. Bright also decided to taste the egg, she takes a bite of the egg and quickly spit out.


“Jesus, did you put magi in the egg.” Bright exclaims looking at her.


“Yes, 2 cubes in each of the egg and onga stew seasoning. Why what’s wrong.”


“Chai, wetin personal no go see for this naija this one pass blood of Jesus.” Bright exclaim, staring at Bella bewildered.


“Bella you just had one job, and that was to fry egg but you decide to murder the egg and murder us together, if you knew you don’t know how to cook why didn’t you just asked goggle.”


Bella couldn’t take the insult anymore so she ran out of the dinning room.


“Erm what are you doing bright.” Bayo asked wide eye.



“What do you think, she only murder the egg, not the bread and tea.” Bright answers, sipping from the tea she just made. Bayo smiles and takes Henry and Zack’s bread to his.


“From a fellow foodie to another foodie, I say you have the best idea ever.” Bayo says and did cheers with his mug of tea with hers.


“You think this is a good idea, wait till i go get the full loaf of bread that idiot brought, for us to eat.” Bright says, mouthful.


“Can we be best friend, already.”









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