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“Don’t raise your voice at me young man, now before you all go crazy, I’ll tell you the perfect plan I made.” Bright says.


“We don’t want to know whatever plan you’ve made, you’re not going to the market and that’s all.” Henry says and stands up. Bright glares at him and walks over to him angrily, “NOW LISTEN TO ME YOUNG MAN, YOU’RE GOING TO GO OVER THERE AND SIT YOUR FUCKING ASS DOWN OR I’LL CHOP OF YOUR FREAKING LEG AND THEN MAKE YOU SIT.” She yells in his face taking hold of his shirt, she breaths in and out before saying,


“Do you understand what I just said.” She ask a stunned henry and he nods his head.


“Use your word boy.” She growls at him.


“Yeah I understand perfectly clear, I’ll just go back to my sit, yeah that’s what I would do.” Henry swallows and goes back to his sit.


“I want to hear what plan she had.” Bayo says in a little voice and Henry glares at him.


“See you all will come with me to the market and I’ll wear an hijab cause I’m pretty sure I’m a celebrity in the outside world.”


“That is a good plan, we should go to the market now.” Bayo says standing up.


“I don’t know…..”


“One more negative word from you and I’ll WHIP YOUR ASS. Now someone go find me and hijab, I’ll be in my room.” She smiles at them before leaving the sitting room.


“Thanks Henry, the hostage we brought in our house is now our mother.” Uche says groaning.


“Well I like her.” Bayo says.



“Yeah you would because of food, I swear if this whole market thing turns to be a trap you’re in deep trouble bayo.” Zack says and walks out. Henry sighs and rub his face tiredly.


Not only is she crazy but she can make grown men afraid of her. Henry thinks.




“Isn’t that enough.” Uche asked shocked, his eyes wide open.


“HEY if I’m gonna be living with you guys in one house then I’ll need much more than this.” Bright yells at him and throws in 10 more Milo crunches, 2 box of gala, 2 bag of cheese balls, a carton of sachet milk, a carton of golden morn, and many more.


“Wow I get it you don’t have to shout.” Uche says.


“Whatever, beside you guys are millionaires, all these won’t even be a dent on your account.” She says in a bored tone.


“But I don’t understand why you will need all this.” Zack ask.


“I don’t know, to keep my sanity.” She says in a duh tone.


“Okay. wait a minute what do you need Bobo drink for, those are for kids.” Zack asked and Bright sighs exaggeratedly.


“Let me think, to cook Bobo soup.” She says adding a pinch of sarcasm.


“Wow, I never knew there was a soup called bobo soup, I would love to taste that, when are you going to cook it.” Bayo ask and they all stare at him in surprise.




After shopping they all marched to the cashier’s table, the pretty girl behind the table, smiles at the guys not sparing a look at the girl in a black long hijab.



What is a girl in hijab doing next to four handsome rich men. The cashier thinks staring at the guys with so much lust.


“Eyes up woman or I’ll plug them out.” Bright says glaring at the casheir.


“What??” The lady asks stunned. Henry chuckles.


“And by the way there are not gonna f**k you, Allah forbids orgy.” Bright adds, and every other person in line laughs at the already embarrassed cashier.


“Sir you bill is 250 thousand naira sir.” The cashier says in a little voice still embarrassed by the incident.


Henry brings out his credit card and gives it to the cashier, she swipes the card and returns it back to Henry.


“Great let’s go.” She says chirpily.


“Erm Bright??” Zack calls out.


“Yes.” She turns and smile through her eyes at Zack.


“Are you not going forgetting something, you know like the stuff you brought that are really plenty and we can’t carry alone.” Zack asks glaring at her.


“Nope I’m not forgetting anything, I’ll be in the car.” She says and walks away.


“Ahhhh, I hate her.” Zack groans out annoyed.


“The feeling is mutual bro.” Henry says patting him on the back.


“Yeah she’s scary.” Uche adds.


“I like her.” Bayo says and they all turned to him.


“You would love anyone that gives you food.” Henry says, rolling her eyes.




“What took you guys so long.” Bright asks sweetly. They all ignored her and got into the car before taking off their sun glasses.


“Well finally we can go home.” Bayo says tiredly.


“What no we can’t, go home yet.” Bright yells and they all turned and looked at her confused.


“And why is that.” Zack asked raising an eyebrow.


“Because I need to buy a T.v, Decoder and a DVD, with movies collection, mostly Koreans and America series.”


“There’s no way we are buying any of those for you, beside we have them in the sitting room back at the house.” Henry says.


“But do you have them in my room or do you have Korean, Indian, Mexican, philipine, America movies, do you, do you.” Bright asks poking him on his back.


“Stop that and no we don’t, but they show all those movies on DStv. Don’t they?.”


“Well that’s true and that is why I want you to buy me a decoder, but you would also agree with me that I can’t select the kind of movie I want to watch, what if I want to watch a particular movie and they don’t show it on DStv, what I’m supposed to do, huh?”


“I don’t care we are not buying any of those stuff and that is FINAL.” Henry yells out and start the car.


“Okay no problem, I’ll just sit over here and cry,(sniffle) cause I won’t get to watch Korean Odyssey anymore,(a tear drops) I was hoping I could buy it and watch it(more tears).”


“Hey what are you doing right now.” Bayo asked but she only increased her crying.



“Bright please can you stop that.” Henry says frowning and tries to keep his eyes on the road.


“No I’ll not stop till you buy me a decoder, a T.v, DVD and movies.” Bright says and wails the more gaining the attraction of other passing cars. Zack tries to cover her mouth and Bright bites his hand and then increase the tempo of her cries.


“Okay, okay. Fine I’ll buy them for you, now can you stop crying.” Henry says giving in.


“Yayyyyyy, we should get a DStv decoder and a GOTV decoder.”




“Why the look, I’ve always wanted both of them or maybe you can also buy startime and Mitv.”




living with Guys


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