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“What.” Bright exclaims staring at the guys, shock evident on her face.


“That wasn’t the reaction we were expecting, are you not happy.” Henry asked confused by her exclamation.


“Of course I’m happy, really happy.” No I’m not happy. She thinks sadly, but why isn’t she, she couldn’t explain.


“That’s great cause your flight to Ghana is by 8:00am tommorow.” Henry announced.


“Wow you already booked me a flight, I guess I better go get prepared.” She says and walks out of the garden.



“Well this is it guys by tommorow she wouldn’t be here anymore.” Henry says sadly.


“Guy are you going to be alright.” Uche asks placing a hand on Henry shoulder.


“Of course I’ll be alright, why do you think I won’t be.” Henry asked frowning at him.


“Come on Henry, we have noticed the way you look at her when you think she’s not watching, guy any sane person can see the invisible pull between the both of you.” Zack says stepping forward.


“Yeah Zack is right, Henry we have been together since the orphanage, we are practically brothers, you should know by now that you could tell us basically anything.” Bayo says.


“Fine you’re right I love her.” Henry utters.


“Wow, love is a strong word bro, I didn’t expect that.” Uche exclaims wide eye.


“You see that’s the problem guys, I can just fall in love with a lady in a month, I thought love takes time to grow.” Henry exclaims and goes over to sit on one of garden chair.


“Well, I don’t think it’s strange considering Bright isn’t just any type of girl.” Uche says and settles down next to him.


“Yeah his right, Bright came into our life and turns it into a total chaos, two month ago I didn’t want to have anything to do with her, hell I called her trouble and now isn’t it surprising we all want this trouble in our life.” Zack says.


“We all like her maybe not the way you do, but she has taken a place in all our lives.” Bayo says.


“So what do we now, do we let her go.” Zack asked.



“You saw how happy she was, we would be hurting her by not letting her go besides if you care about someone then you have to make them happy.” Henry says and raised his head up to stare at his brothers.


“Henry is right, we let her go.” Zack agrees, Uche and bayo nods.




Bright closed her room door behind her, she rest her body on the door and weeps. She didn’t want to leave and she doesn’t know why, she should be happy beside she did wished to see her mum again but why is heart not ready to leave, why does her heart feels so heavy??


With a little sigh she gathers few of her clothes, over the month the guys had brought a lot of clothes for her, and she couldn’t possibly take them all.


Once she was done packing, she goes to the bed and lies on it, thinking of what tommorow has instore for her.




Bright carries her small bag in her hand and walks downstairs, the guys were already in the sitting room waiting for her.


“So I guess this is goodbye.” She says smiling sadly.


“Yeah, I guess it is.” Henry replies avoiding her eyes, he knew the minute he looks into those beautiful dark eyes he would find his self begging her to stay.


“Well I just wanted you guys to know that I enjoyed my stay here, and I’ll miss you guys.”


“Yeah for kidnapped person, I’ll say you enjoyed yourself too much but I think I’ll kind of miss you too.” Uche says and smile at her, she smiles back.


“I’ll miss your food.” Bayo says.


“That’s no surprise coming from you bayo.” Bright replies laughing a little.



“Bright please be careful and don’t get yourself kidnap again.” Zack says and walks over to her before hugging her taking everyone by surprise.




“Shhhh, let me hug you bright.” He says still hugging her.


“I’ll miss you.” He whispers and separates from her.


Bright turns her head and stare at Henry who hasn’t said a word and for some reason he hasn’t raise his head up, she sighs and carries her bag walking towards the door.


“What the hell are you doing, say goodbye to her.” Uche whispers and nudge Henry on the stomach.


“Brights.” Henry calls out and she stops, she turns and looks at him expectedly.


Please stay, don’t go. Those were the words he wants to say but instead he says,”Be safe.”


“Yeah, I will.” She replies him, her voice coming out gruffy, she turns her back on him and holds in the tears that threatens to spill out. With a huge sigh she walks out of the mansion, out of the black gate and out of their life but one thing is sure, she left back her heart with the guys.


“Goodbye.” She whispers staring at the mansion she had learn to call home.


“Please drive.” She says to the driver and leans on the car sits, and then close her eyes going into dreamland.




Bright sighs as she walks out of kotoka airport accra, she stands for a while outside the airport taking in the fresh air of Ghana.



“Taxi.” She shouts flagging down a taxi and the driver stops right in front of her. “Madan where.”


“Tema, kpone, dropping.” She says bending her head a little, to talk to the driver.


“15cedis (1500)”


If she wasn’t so sad, she would have argued the price with him, but she’s not besides the guys gave her a lot of money, she found an envelope in her small back bag as she was rummaging through it for a book to read while on the plane to calm down her nerves and she found the envelope filled with money


“Okay.” Bright says and puts her bag in the car before getting in.




Mummy Adjua was sitting outside her house making the local ice cream, when she saw Bright entering the compound with a bag in hand.


“Onyamekopon, Bright e be you be that.” Mummy Adjua exclaims.


“Eh, mummy Adjua, stop shouting na before the whole neighborhood come out.” Bright says.


“Hey don’t tell me to stop oo, Nigerian woman!!, Nigeria woman!!, Come and witness what my eyes is seeing right now, Nigerian woman.”


“Ghanaian woman, what is it…. Bright, my daughter.” Mummy Bright exclaim


shocked, staring at her daughter.


“Mum.” Bright says, the tears she has been holding for long comes out, the event of today crashing over her, she hugs her mum, letting the tears fall.









Living With Guys



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