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Bright momentarily stopped stuffing her face with the sausage roll and looked up at the man right in front of her smiling meekly.


“What are you doing.” Henry asked staring at her bewildered.


“Having a feast before I die.” She says and continued eating the sausage roll not minding the fact that’s she’s surrounded by four hefty men with guns.


“Come out from there.” Henry orders, Bright shakes her head sideways saying no.


“Is there something wrong with you, do you have a death wish.” Henry says giving her a menacing stare.



“I said no I’m not coming out, I have to finish my sausage roll.” She says opening yet again another sausage roll and continue to stuff her mouth with it.


“See you can do whatever you want to do after I’m done eating my sweet prescious gala.’ she says her voice barely audible.


Kpom, kpom, kpom, heavy bangs resounds throughout the one room apartment. Henry quickly drags the girl up, cocks his gun and placed it on her back, and whisper into her ears, “you’re going to answer that door and behave like four men with guns are not in your room, you dey hear me so..”




God why did I even come back to Nigeria, I should have remained in Ghana oo, Kai na which can yawa be this one na. She thinks and goes over to open the door, she opens the door putting up a fake yawn. “Good evening sir, please how can I help you.” She says scratching her hair and blinking her eyes, looking like someone who just really woke up from sleep.


“My name is detective Donald Ike, I’m a police officer and I’ll love to ask you few question, please have you noticed any unusual, suspicious movement around your house lately.” The fat plump police man said showing her his badge.


“No sir, I haven’t noticed or even seen any suspicious movement.” Bright answers and makes sure she blocks Henry from the police man view.


“Okay so you haven’t seen four men with guns around your house lately.” The police officer asked again.


“If I didn’t see suspicious movement, how am I supposed to see four guys with guns.” Bright replies frowning.


“Okay do you mind if I take a look at your apartment.” The police officer asked and the frown on Bright face deepens.


“No you can’t.” Bright says simply.


“And why is that??.”


“Do I need a reason not to let you in my apartment sir.” Bright questions with malice evident in her voice.


“Well considering the fact that four criminals are on the loose, it’s your duty as a citizen to let us search your house.” Mr Donald says looking at her intently, taking in every little detail of her movement, watching the way her eyes twitch, her hands drums nervously on her lap, she’s nervous. He can tell.


“Well I’m sorry but you can’t search my house at least not without a warrant.” Brightly replies trying to be bold.


Seriously is that all your could come up with, a warrant. Which police officer needs a warrant to search a citizen house, this is not America Bright.


“I’ll have to ask you step out of the way so I can search your apartment.” Detective Donald says calmly.


“I already told you, you can’t do that, see officer I know you’re doing your job and all that but right now I need to go back to bed and I’ve a good night rest.” Bright replies and yawns a little.


“Just let us do our job then you can go to sleep.” Detective Donald says trying to pass the message. *I understand what’s going on, trust me* but Bright didn’t get the message and refused him from entering her apartment.


“If you don’t step aside I’ll have no other choice but to force you out of the way.” On hearing this, Henry got into action pulling Bright into his arms and encircles her neck with one of his hands, the other hand holds a gun to head.


“Drop the gun down or I’ll be forced to shoot you.” Mr Donald says looking straight into Henry eyes.


“No you drop your gun or she dies.” Henry replies holding Mr Donald gaze, Bright gasp on hearing that.



“Sir please drop your gun oo, me I’m not ready to die, I still have much more food to eat, I still have to write my waec, go to the university then graduate, get a job, get married, give birth to beautiful babies, become a grandma then a great grandma, before I finally die in my sleep, peacefully. So please oga police you’ll have to drop your gun.” Bright says getting hysterical shaking her head up and down.


Mr Donald looks at Henry for a while, then lowers his gun.


“Good order your men to lower their guns to and then step of the way.” Henry orders. Mr Donald orders his men to stand down and then gave way for Henry.


“Guys let’s go.” Henry pushed his only way of escape out of the door and leads her into their car.



Living With Guys



1 Mansion 4 freaking hot guys, 1 Girl What could possibly go wrong


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