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Season 2, (chapter 9)







I walked down the stairs, sat down on the white sofa and crossed my legs while my servant poured me a cup of wine


I looked at mina and her mum and I really enjoy the look on their face right now.


‘I bought the property’


Mina glares at me and folded her arm saying ‘you bought what property, this is our dad house, my family house, tell me how come you managed to buy the property which I definitely know is a lie?’


‘mina mina mina…. I thought you were so smart but the problem here is your


intelligence is my common sense’ I stood on my feet and walked towards them ‘you greedy little girl, you wanted a company because your family company was going bankrupt, I gave you a company parka right..’ I smirked and sipped the wine ‘your extreme thirst for money did not allow you to do your research on the company before buying it’ one of the maids moved close to me holding a tray and I dropped the wine on it before folding my arms


‘okay let me tell you how I bought your properties, when you thought you mortgaged your property actually you sold it to me cas you did not bother to go through the papers…. I bought property worth billions for just 3.4 billion and do


you wanna know the funny part, that money came back to me because I am the owner of parka company… The company was in so much disaster that I bought it for just 200 thousand dollars and exchange for the company i got your entire property worth billions from you ‘I said as I laughed ‘ you poured coffee on me yesterday, embarrass me publicly, now I want you to see just how much am gonna embarrass you ‘


you witch ‘mina said as she wanted to attack me but was stopped by the bodyguard while I just smiled


tic for tact’


‘you jina mark my words when I say I will destroy you, I am gonna sue you to court for fraud ‘ mina said



‘fraud?.. How is it my fault you were so greedy that you advised your mum to sell her entire property to me and even if you want to sue me, just tell me with what money…. Ohhhhhh that true you have a husband a bit richer than I am but if you


like you can get money from him and then I can make him loose everything, now I won’t be so mean I can let you live here Mrs Eun but that is if you willing to work as the maids and if you not please leave ‘


I was pretty sure Mrs Eun is going to have a heart attack very soon or who knows maybe she is going to go crazy and that just gives me another idea to make them suffer


Mrs Eun and mina slowly walked towards their bag and picked it up


I sat down on the sofa and crossed my leg ‘and before I forget’ Mrs Eun and mina stopped walking and focused on me


My maid holding my wine in a tray moves closer to them, picked the wine up and splashed it on mina face and dress while she gasped and glares at me


‘you see unlike you I do not dirty low class things myself, I pay someone to help me to, that just class mina’ she walked away angrily with her mum


This is just the beginning



After all you turned me to who I am today





My mum and I walked into Jin-Hyuk mansion looking upset


The mansion was next to our house


I can’t believe jina is already living here so close to us


We really have to go back to London ASAP


unless she will waste no opportunity to get close to Jin-Hyuk



‘I can’t believe jina is gonna be living here so close to us now’ I said ‘jina, I isn’t that doll aunt’ Trisha said


‘you get away from here, I do not Want to see your face, get lost’ I shouted


‘and what could be so wrong that you are screaming on the poor little girl’ Jim-Hyuk asked as he walks into the building


‘well daddy, mummy said doll aunt is gonna be living so close to us’. ‘what, how ‘ Jin-Hyuk asked ‘go to your room Trisha’


‘but I want to give doll aunt some welcome chocolates and cookies’ Tricia said ‘ofcas you will do that, just go to your room okay’ Jin-Hyuk said ‘


okay ‘Trisha said as she ran upstairs


what wrong ‘jin asked


your ex girlfriend is wrong, she stole everything from us..’mina said


everything? ‘jin asked


yes our entire property ‘i said


oh ‘jin said


just oh ‘mina said


what do you expect me to say? ‘jin asked


help us get out property back ‘mina said


Jin-Hyuk smirked and said’ your mum and you aren’t exactly the nice type of people and bad people don’t deserve anything good ‘he said as he walked out on us





What kind of a man is he


He is the worst





Waw jina, I should learn from you ‘fatty said smiling


like you should have seen the look on their faces’i said


‘ohhhhh jina, this revenge plan is getting very interesting, i think i should be a part of it’ fatty said as we laughed




that night Jina showered and changed into a night dress


She walked up to the balcony to get some fresh air while Jin-Hyuk also stood on his balcony


They turned to their side at the same time and their eyes met each other


Their house was close to each other


But not too close


Jina looked away and went to her room while Jin-Hyuk stood their looking sad Jina checked through her window and stares at Jin-Hyuk but he could not see her


He slowly turned his back and walks into his room as tears flows down jina eyes and she quickly wipes it


‘do not cry jina, he does not deserve your tears, pls do not cry’ she said to herself as she went to bed





She is so close to me


But it feels like we are far away from each other





that day i disappeared


I woke up very early that morning and saw jina fast asleep with her head placed on my chest


I slowly caressed her face and smiled to myself


I kissed her head and then my phone rang


I slowly placed her head on the bed and stood on my feet to receive the call in order not to wake jina up




‘I see you having a good time ‘ he said


‘Mr jin-hyun(his dad) , what do you want’ I asked ‘I told you never call me again right’


‘why, I heard about what you did to Mrs Eun daughter’ he said


‘Mrs Eun daughter, look Mr jin-hyun I was not in my right mind and I don’t even remember Doing anything with her’ I said


‘well it does not matter, she just threatened me telling me she willl tell the entire world you raped her and do you have any idea what that will do to my reputation, it can ruin the future of jin empire, it can ruin your music career you know just how influential Mrs Eun is and you know just what will happen to everything your mum has ever worked for ‘he said


‘ so what do you want me to do Mr Hyun ‘


‘you have to forget about that lowclass girl you think you inlove with and get married to mina’ he said


‘over my dead body will that happen dad’ I said


‘I knew you will say that… Let me test your little love for her


… turn your back and look at her’ he said and I slowly turned my back and looked at her only to see a red laser dot on jina head forehead and my eyes widened


‘Mr hyun please don’t’, please don’t please ‘I pleaded


why shouldn’t I, all that snipe (to shoot atsomeone from a hidden place) needs to do is pull the trigger and she is dead


‘Mr hyun you already killed mum and if you kill jina too just burn Down my entire life… Have never begged you for anything but this time around am begging you tell that sniper to stop, tell him not to kill her please’ I said


‘well just agree to my condition and she won’t be killed nothing will happen to her, just leave the house now and walk into the black Mercedes outside the hotel and i promise she won’t be killed failure to do so you know just what am capable of and do not say goodbye do not tell her anything just leave and I promise jina will be fine ‘




I sat down on the floor


This is all his fault


I hate him so much


……………… To be continued…………..












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