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Season 2(chapter 5)


Not edited) (is she the one)






Trisha couldn’t stop talking about the doll aunt and her extreme beauty


We got back home that day after buying lots of a dolls for her


‘mummy, mummy, you won’t believe what I saw today, a doll aunt she is very pretty, she is even prettier than you and I though you were the prettiest’ Trisha said


‘oh really’ she said trying to tolerate her just because I am with her



‘yes mummy, a real and she gave me this’ she said showing her a chocolate ‘she gave me this chocolate’


‘oh that nice… Diane take Trisha upstairs, run a bath for her and get her something you eat afterwards ‘ she said


‘okay’ Diane said as she took Trisha upstairs


‘doll aunt let me guess that one of your girlfriend’ she said I glared at her before walking away




I just hate my life


First that insolent fool called jina is back


And now Trisha is always getting between my husband and i


I got rid of jina but that little girl won’t let me live my life


Am just so frustrated right now


I have to get back at her for that embarrassment But how did she manage to be who she is today


Just because she has few buck she thinks she can treat me and my mum like garbage





The next day i had a very important conference meeting


I was told that I might see the owner of grandeur company because I was told they will be there



I was in the middle of the important meeting when my P. A told me my wife is around


I quickly round up the meeting and went to see that witch ‘what are you doing here’ i asked ‘I just came over to say hi’ she said


‘tell me didn’t you see me this morning’ he asked ‘ofcas I did so what’ she said




Actually the truth is that I was Gettin a bad feeling about this meeting


I have to keep a close eye on Jin-Hyuk now that jina is back


I must make sure I do


His P. A arrived and said


‘sir the Grandeur company cancelled another meeting, they said that they Will organize a small party tonight and you will get to meet them at the party’ she said


‘what does this company think of itself’ i said Grandeur company is a very rich company One of the richest in the world


But jin empire is still more successful than they are


So why are they always acting like they are on top of the world ‘you go home and get ready for the party’ jin said to me



‘let go together’ I said.


‘why?’ he asked


‘please let Just go’ I said


After I convinced Jin-Hyuk to come home with me, we both prepared ourselves for the party


That night after getting dressed in one of my beautiful dress, fancy shoes and everything I went to the party arena with my husband


The owner of this company must worth alot


Thier mansion is beautiful


Although not as fancy as Jin-Hyuk mansion in london and Hong Kong but this is magnificent..


Everyone was looking classy and beautiful


The world richest business man and woman were present at this party


‘hello Mr jin and Mrs jin’ a beautiful classy woman said


‘hello’ we answered.


‘I must say you are both looking good , you should be given the award for the best couple’ she said and I laughed while Jin-Hyuk smirked


She talked to us for awhile before walking away




‘Nice to see you again jin’ a voice said and I turned back to see who it was


‘Mansoo’ I said..



‘so you decided to come back to Seoul’ he said as he hugged me and I hugged him back


I am excited to see someone from the past but as usual I was cold and gentle


‘I see you married now’ he said staring at Mina


‘yes he is’ mina said as she moves closer to me


‘well whatever reason you have for leaving jina all on her own all those years back better be a good one’ he said


‘do not bring back the past Mansoo, as you can see he is married to me now so it will be kind of rude to talk about his Ex-girlfriend in the presence of his wife’ Mina said.


‘ummm, okay Mrs jin.. Excuse me i will be right back’ he said as he walked away


I can see that talking about jina clearly upset Mina


But i do not care


I want her to be upset


But where in the world is jina


I am dying to see her but at the same time am not allowed to see her


Were could she be


We waited for a hour but still we haven’t seen this grandeur company owners


I got frustrated and decided to walk around the mansion


I came across a room and slowly entered into it



What am doing is wrong and impolite but I do not know why I have the urge to do this.


I flicked the switch And the lights went on


This was not a room this is a storage room


Filled with big picture frames lying on the floor


I picked up one of the smaller picture frames to check the picture on it and what I saw scared the day light out of me as I dropped the picture out of fear making me look it break




This is jina house


Which means jina is the owner of grandeur


Jin-Hyuk is here


Jina is also here


I ran out of the room and walked towards Jin-Hyuk sweating and looking terrified like I just saw a ghost.


‘Jin-Hyuk please let go home’ I said


‘why’ he asked ‘this is business mina not some ordinary party’ he said.


‘Jin-Hyuk am not feeling too good please let go home’ I said


‘leave me alone mina, tell the driver to take you home’ he said


‘are you serious right now, Jin-Hyuk please let us go’ i said


‘leave me alone mina’ I said



‘ladies and gentlemen our special guests we have all been waiting for, the grand owner of grandeur’ MC announced as the spotlight focused on the stairs


Am dead


This is it


‘Jin-Hyuk please let go’ I said about to cry but he ignored me


At first a very hot looking classy woman walked down the stairs


I know her


But i can’t really know where have seen her


She was dressed in a black sΒ£xy dress


Her skin.


Her hair


Her shape


Everything is perfect




Why does she look so much like her


She can’t be her


Am so crazy I see her everywhere this days


She collected the phone from the M. C and said


‘thank you all for coming today, I am one of the owner of Grandeur company’ her voice sounds just like get voice just with more class and pride ‘and I am so youn ju’ she said


I knew it


She can’t be fatty



‘but must people knows me as fatty’ she said and I was shocked




She is fatty






Jina friend


How can she be fatty


She can’t be fatty




That is fatty


The very ugly oversized girl


How did she turn to this


Something is wrong




‘and now everyone for the real owner of grandeur company, my sister, my best friend, LEE JINA’ she said


Lee jina









She walked down the stairs dressed in black and looking beautiful and classy She walked with class and pride


The look on her face was not nice and friendly like it use to be






That was the sound of the sound of the wine glass falling from my hand immediately I saw her


Everyone fixed their attention on me as shock and confusion was written all over my face




This is jina


………………… be continued………


Now the real war as started


Jin-Hyuk has seen jina


Guys how do you think she is gonna react And mina shame on you











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