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Season 2(chapter 4)






I really love this shock on mina and her mother’s face


‘you are you jina’ she asked and I smirked proudly refusing to answer her


‘you can’t be jina’ Mrs Eun said


‘jina is dirty, cheap, smelly, ugly classless and disgusting you can’t be her’ mina said


‘oh fina’ I said


‘it mina’ she said


‘oh sorry mina’ I said ‘if you ask me i will say you talk too much take a break sweetheart and yes I am jina nice to meet you again’ I said


‘you jina, what are you doing here again, how dare you come back here, didn’t I teach you enough lesson… You should now better than to come back here’ she said while I kept quiet smiling proudly at her


‘you bitch how dare you’ she said


‘language please.. Unlike you I don’t exchange words with people, I am way to classy for that but here is an advise when you done ranting make use of the exist’ I said as I picked up a magazine on the table and started going through it


‘Ma’ m your order ‘the waiter said


‘ I will have something later ‘I said and he walked away



you am talking to you so you have to listen, so you rich now uhn, you gold digger………. ‘she said


I made a signal to my P. A telling her to come closer while I whispered something in her ear and continue with my magazine


Am sorry ma’m but you see Mrs jina hates too much noise and apparently you making so much noise so I will have to escorts you outside now’ My P. A said


‘what, get out of my let me teach her a lesson’ she pushed My P. A out of the way and picked up the wine glass on the table and wanted to pour wine on me but one of my big body guards held her hand preventing her from doing that


‘let go of me’ she shouted


I closed my magazine and dropped it on the table and focused on her


‘you see mina everyone has the right to be stupid but you are really abusing the privilege… And you seriously want to fight with me, i refuse to enter a battle of wits with an unharmed opponent’ I paused and smiled ‘but if it war u want do not worry dear I will give you so much you so much you won’t be able to handle it’ I said


The guards wanted to throw her out


‘I want you to carry her on your shoulders and throw her outside’ I said


‘what’ Mina said as the guards carried her and Mrs Eun on Thier shoulders


This is just the beginning


You threw me out of the EFX mansion years ago in such embarrassing way I have gotten my revenge for that… Now I will make sure u regret everything else u have done to me, this is just the beginning I will make you suffer




The gaurds threw us on the dirty floor in the garbage area outside



‘FUCK YOU JINA’ i shouted


‘what the hell she is back’ Mrs Eun said


‘well state the obvious mother, I will have to make sure Jin-Hyuk never sees her until we go back to London, he must never see her’ i said


I went back home that day looking upset as I brought out a cigarette


‘mummy’ Trisha said


I held my head in frustration and shouted


‘what the hell do you want, get out of here, you are just like your…..’i paused


realising what i was about to say’ just get out of here leave now ‘I shouted


Trisha started crying and Jin-Hyuk arrived out of nowhere to console her


He glares at me before saying


Trisha do not worry, come on, let go to the mall I will buy you ten dolls ‘I said as I wiped her tears


and chocolates ‘she asked


yes and chocolates ‘he said as he carried her and they both walked out of the house




I know mina was an evil person


But i really do not expect her to hate her daughter so much


But what wrong could that innocent girl have done that makes her resent her so much


Trisha and I both went to the mall and on getting there she started picking dolls


‘you are former kpop idol Jin-Hyuk right’ a girl asked


‘yes’ I replied


‘O. M. G can I take a selfie with you’ she said


‘sure’ I replied, it was only a matter of mins before fans gathered me asking for selfies and autographs



The gaurds should have followed me




Daddy was still busy taking selfies when I decided to walk around the mall


I went to the dress section of the mall and started admiring pretty dress then I turned to my left and saw a very pretty tall doll standing there and also admiring clothes


I walked towards her and I was shocked to see her moving




A little girl of about four years worked towards me while I was busy talking to the salesman in the mall


She was so cute


Extremely cute..


I feel like I have known her for long


My daughter will be her age


I just wish I know where she is


Have spent four years of my life looking for her



‘how much for the doll’ she asked



‘doll’ the salesman said looking confused


‘yes her’ she said pointing at me


‘that not a doll’ the salesman said


‘but why is she so pretty’ she asked ‘I am sure she is a doll, no matter how expensive she is my dad Wil buy it, he loves me very much’ she said


I bend down to her height and said ‘sweetheart am not a doll’ I said with a smile


For the first time after years I actually smiled and it all thanks to this cute girl I feel connected to


‘you are not a doll’ she asked


‘no I am not’ she Said


She softly pinched my cheeks and said


‘wooooow, you not a doll’ she said as she felt my soft skin


‘no am not’ I said


‘but you pretty, very pretty’ she said


I smiled and i said ‘thank you’


‘my daddy also looks like a doll, that means you and my daddy are dolls.. Which means you two dolls should be together “she said and I laughed


‘ tel me where is your dad ‘I asked


She looked around


but where is he ‘i asked


you do not know where he is? ‘I asked


yes ‘she replied


come with me, let us look for your doll dad ‘I said This girl reminds me of the little me


I think we kinda look alike


Her fringe hair was just like my former fringe hair and her eyes just like mine


what your name ‘I asked


Trisha ‘she answered


nice name, here have some chocolates’i said as I handed over a bar of chocolates to her


‘thanks doll Aunt’ she said


‘doll aunt is that my name now’ I asked


‘yes, I like you and you look Just like my doll’ she said and I smiled ‘okay I like the name’ I said




I finished signing autographs and I turned my back but couldn’t find Trisha ‘Trisha’ I called out to her


I looked for her but I couldn’t find her



Where is she




Oh no i shouldn’t have signed pointless autographs


This is so sad


I looked for her but could not find her


I then went to the store manager and told them to Make an important announcement




‘Come on doll aunt, let look for my dad’ Trisha said


‘tell me do you know your dad name, so I can tell the salesman to announce it’ I said


‘his name is…..’Trisha was interupted when an important announcement was heard


on the speakers


whoever has seen a four year old girl dressed in red and black, fair skin, big round eyes and long hair black silky hair that goes by the name Trisha should please hand her over to one of the workers’


‘Trisha that you’ i said


‘yes doll aunt’ she said


‘come on let go I said as I handed her over to one of the workers


okay Trisha, I have to go now, see you another day ‘I said


doll aunt wait I want to introduce you to my dad ‘she said’ am sure he Wil like dolls like you ‘she added



“really okay, I will love to see your dad’ I said ‘yaaaay’ she jumped up in happiness


My P. A handed over my cellphone to me and I talked to one of my business partners on it


‘am so sorry Trisha but I will have to leave now’ I said as I disconnected the call ‘oh no’ she said looking sad


‘do not worry Trisha, I will visit you some other time promise’ I said as i turned my back to leave


‘doll aunt’ she called


‘yes’ I answered


‘come closer’ she said and I walked closer and bend down to her height


She kissed me on the forehead and memories of Jin-Hyuk kissing me on the forehead kept flashing again


‘goodbye doll Aunt’ she said


‘good bye dear’ I said as I hugged her


The connection between me and this girl is wierd Why does she remind me of Jin-Hyuk and i

I walked out of the mall and entered into my car




‘Trisha’ I called


‘daddy’ she said running towards me


‘why did you go wandering on your own’ I asked


‘am sorry daddy, but you won’t believe I met a real life doll’ I said


‘you met a doll’ I asked as I carried her


‘yes daddy, she was so pretty you have to see her.. I call her doll Aunt’ she said as we walked out of the mall and entered our car


………………. To be continued………..

















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