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Season 2(chapter 7)






I was standing near the door leading to my balcony as I started remembering past memories


I slowly leaned my side on the wall


Jina, I want all 965,000 fans present here today know that I love you


Everything was a lie


A big stupid lie





‘You can do this jina just push you can do it ‘the doctor said


‘No I can’t do this ‘I said shaking my weakly’ am going to die but if I die please save my child, please save it ‘I said


jina trust me when I say you not going to die just push okay, you can do it ‘she said


I can’t do it ‘I said’ I am to weak I can’t, just save my baby and give her to my sister, I can’t go on please ‘ I said


jina just push one more time for your baby ‘she said


for my baby ‘


I screamed and pushed with my last breath that day and she finally came to this world





I stared at her and carried her in my arms before I fainted


That was the last time I saw my daughter


They told me she is dead


They showed me the body of a dead child and I know she’s not mine


Tears rolled down my eyes.


Even if I find her today Jin-Hyuk will never know I have a child for him


I will tell her that her father is dead


She has no father


I cleaned up the tears with the back of my hand


This is the last time I will cry because of you Jin-Hyuk


This is the last time





‘Think about this Mrs Eun, Grandeur company also wants this particular company but I do not really like the owner of grandeur company she is so proud that why I think you deserve it instead of her’ A man who claims to be in charge of selling company said


‘so you saying if we buy that new Parka company, it can fetch alot of money for our company’ my mum said


‘yes’ he said


‘okay you leave, let me think about it’ she said as he stood on his feet and walked away



‘mum we should buy it, our company really needs it right now, you loosing alot of money and you can go bankrupt anytime soon but if we have a company like this then you will be able to get back up’ I said


‘but mina you have said it, I can’t afford that amount of money for the company, I am that broke, they are demanding for 8 billion dollars and right now I only worth a billion dollars’ my mum said


‘and I only have 900 million dollars’ I said ‘Damn curse my faith, I av an husband who is rich enough to buy the company and still wouldn’t have any effect on his wealth but he is never going to help us, he prefares wasting his entire money buying doll for Trisha instead’ i said angrily


‘well she is his daughter, do not blame him for loving her’ my mum said


‘who cares, she is not even my daughter’ I shouted


Yes Trisha is not my daughter


That is why I despise her so much


‘Mina lower your voice , we agreed never to talk about that ever again’ my mum said


‘but she infuriates me, we finally figured out a way to get rid of jina only for you to bring her daughter into my house’ she said


‘and if I haven’t, how would you have kept your husband, if I haven’t your father in law wouldn’t have helped us the way he did, if I haven’t jina and Jin-Hyuk will be happily married to each other… You really should be thankful to that little child because you owe her the life you are living now ‘my mum said


oh please mother, do not remind me about that ‘I said








(The day jina got hit by a car)


Doctor, i really do not want anyone to know that am here so please how is the patient’ I asked


well she is okay, and out of danger, but she is pregnant I really do not know how get baby is still alive after Gettin hit me by a car’ the doctor said


‘she is pregnant’ I asked


‘yes’ I said



‘so I am 100 % sure that Jin-Hyuk is the father’ I said


‘what?’ the doctor said


‘give me a minute, do not tell them anything yet’ I said as I stood on my feet and called mina in a private place


‘what, she is pregnant’ mina shouted on the phone


‘yes she is’ i said


‘then do something mum, tell the doctor to get rid of it, kill the bby, you know how evil she is and you know she wants to destroy me, just because she bares the same name with your real daughter does not mean she is her… This one is evil and will destroy me your own jina is dead ‘she said


do not ever tell me my jina is dead cause I know she isn’t, and I only got rid of that girl for you because I believe she is a gold digger and wants Jin-Hyuk only for his money like you told me, but I will not go as far as killin an innocent child.. Mansoo is here and I cannot tell him that jina is pregnant unless he might find a way to inform Jin-Hyuk and he can forget everything and come running back to her but if we should tell that the bby is dead and her mental condition has worsen even if Jin-Hyuk hears about this he will feel guilty and he won’t be able to face her again ‘i said





only you and I are aware of the fact that nothing happened between you and Jin-Hyuk that day in Los Angeles and you were never pregnant but you should be lucky I found a way to kidnap jina daughter and give her to you as your own child’ I said


‘but mum it shouldn’t have been her daughter, you could have just taken another baby in the hospital’ I said


‘if I have taken another baby what about the DNA test that was conducted, uhn?… We both know doctor Markwell isn’t the type of doctor you can bribe, he would have definitely revealed our secret if we have taken another person baby. But since Trisha is Jin-Hyuk child the DNA test was positive ‘I said


Mina sighed and sat down


let us forget about that what are we going to do about the company’s she asked ‘let borrow some money from that mortgage bank’ I said


‘that means we have to mortgage all our properties’ she said


‘yes, and once we get our money back we get our property back’ i said




I was in my dad car looking out the window when I saw something


Doll aunt


‘driver please stop the car’ I said


‘why’ my dad asked


‘pls stop the car daddy please’ I pleaded


‘stop the car’ my dad said


The driver stopped the car and I ran towards a coffee shop



‘where is my doll aunt I saw her now’ I said to a grumpy looking beautiful aunt standing in front of me


‘your doll aunt’ she said looking confused


‘yes where is she’ I asked


‘Trisha’ a voice said


I looked at the person who called my voice and shouted


‘doll aunt’ I ran towards her and she carried me and hugged me


‘my pretty doll aunt’ I said ‘who is she’ i asked pointing at the grumpy lady ‘her name is fatty’ doll aunt said


‘she is grumpy I will call her grumpy aunt’ I said ‘grumpy aunt’ she said ‘I am not grumpy’


‘you are grumpy but beautiful but my doll aunt is the prettiest’ I said as I pulled her cheeks softly and she smiled


‘doll aunt, come let me show you my dad’ she said




I got down from the car and walked towards the coffee shop


I saw Trisha hugging jina and calling her doll aunt


So she is the doll aunt


And she seem to like her a lot


She was smiling


This is jina



Not the one i saw at the party


‘come on doll aunt let go see my dad ‘ she said


Jina dropped her on the floor and raised her head only to see me staring at her ‘Daddy’ Trisha said as she ran towards me


Just like I was shocked to see that jina is her doll aunt She was also shocked to see that am her dad


……………………… To be continued…..


Another big secret


Mrs Eun the master planner let see how jina will deal with her


Wow doll couples meet again and it all thanks to Trisha let see if she can reunite this two doll lovers















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