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Season 2(chapter 10)


(short episode)






I opened my closet and saw Jin-Hyuk hoodie that he left that day he disappeared


I took it and climbed on my bed and hugged it crying


I know I am this fierce, mean business woman now


But i won’t deny the fact that am still very much inlove with Jin-Hyuk I tried my best but I can’t still get rid of this Damn feelings I want to get rid of this Damn feelings


I just don’t Wana feel it anymore





‘nanny Diana, will you follow me to doll aunt house I want to give her some chocolate’


‘doll aunt house?’ she asked with a puzzled look


‘yes, you know our neighbour that is living in grandma house right now’


‘so she is your doll aunt’





‘well she is a real doll, so pretty and classy, but I do not know what your parents will say…. I mean your dad might not have a problem with that but your mum an scared of her’


‘please nanny please let go, I need to see my doll aunt’


‘okay fine nobody can say no to you anyway, let go’




The nanny and I both went to doll aunt house and immediately the security saw us they let us in


‘doll aunt’ i shouted as I ran towards her with a basket of cookies


‘Trisha’ she said with a big smile on her face as she hugged me




‘Doll aunt you look very pretty ‘She said


I was wearing a black short gown with ash coloured heelboots covering my knee


‘ Thanks my very good friend’ I said with a smile


‘doll aunt, I brought cookies and chocolate for you see “she said showing me a basket


oh thanks my sweet and I will make sure I eat it with love, thanks dear ‘I said


doll aunts will you come to my birthday party next week Saturday , I will be 5 years old ‘she said


wow that great.. I will surely be there ‘


That November 8,my daughter was born on November 5




where is Trisha ‘i aSked one of the maids as I entered the mansion


well ma’m she went to her doll aunt house with Diane ‘she said


doll aunt, shit’i said as I walked out of the mansion looking very angry




‘okay Trisha I think you should be heading back home now, am sure your mum must be looking for you


.. Diane please take her home’ I said


‘my mummy doesn’t care about me, only you, nanny Diane and daddy cares about me and also grandma, she cares about me a little’ she said


‘your mummy doesn’t care about you’ I asked ‘not at all’ she said shaking my head


‘come on Trisha that enough let go’ Diane said


‘no i want to stay with doll aunt’ she said as she wrapped her hand around my neck Diane and I stares at each other not sure of what to do ‘Trisha your mum’ Diane said


‘no, am staying with doll aunt’ she said


‘hey’ a voice shouted and we looked up and saw mina


Trisha hugged me tightly immediately she saw her hiding her face and i can say she was scared


‘how did you get in’ i asked


She walked over to me and pulled Trisha off me roughly by the arm



‘I told you I do not want to see you anywhere around this woman you call doll aunt, it seems you not willing to listen to me, i will teach you a lesson’ she said as she raised her hand to slap her but I held her hand


‘are you crazy’ I asked her ‘you gonna hit a little girl’


‘she is my daughter watch your mouth, I can do anything I want with her’ she said


‘don’t you dare try to hit her or I will’


‘or what uhn?…what will you do’ she said as she held little Trisha by the hand and dragged her roughly with her


I placed my hand on my forehead and tears rolls down my eyes


How can she treat her own daughter like this




What kind of a mother is she


I could feel th little girl pains


I do not know why but I could


Just then something hit my mind and i wiped my tears and picked up my phone ‘hello social child care’




‘what the hell if I see you with that woman again, I will drown you in the bathtub water’ I said


‘Mina’ Jim-Hyuk walked towards me and said raised his hand to slap me but he glares at me and gently lowers it.. He carried his daughter and they both walked up the stairs



‘O.M.G…..Jin-Hyuk was just gonna slap me and because of him’ I said as I ran my


hand through my hair


The next morning I woke up only to see jina in our house sitting on the couch playing with Trisha


‘what the heck, what are you doing here how did you get in come on get out’ I shouted and Jin-Hyuk and my mother walked down the stairs


‘jina’ he said


‘come in’ she said and immediately some people in red uniforms entered into the building


‘who are they’ i asked


‘we are social child care workers and we heard about the physical abuse of a five year old child ‘ they said


Oh no


This jina is really serious with her plans


‘wh.. What are you talking about’ I asked them


‘Trisha darling, come here’ she said


‘doll aunt’ Trisha said


‘tell me, tell them what your mum use to do to you, they are here to help do not be scared’ I said


‘well my daddy loves me very much but my mummy shouts on me and hit me all the time ‘ she said


Shut it you daughter of a bitch



‘well that not all, my CCTV camera even got it on video, Marena show them’ she said to her P. A and they showed the social child care what happened yesterday on her phone


‘well that does it, we will have to take your child from you Mr and Mrs jin’ she said


‘what’ jin and i said


‘and if you do not mind I will like to have her, please let me adopt her’ jina said


‘they can’t take my daughter, Trisha honey come here’ I said and she flinched and hugged jina


Like mother like daughter


‘jina do not do this, do not take her please’ I pleaded




‘Trisha will you live with you come stay with your doll aunt for awhile ‘ i asked


‘will dad be there?’ she asked and I stared at Jin-Hyuk who also stares at me


‘sure your dad will be there’ I said


‘will he come with us now’ she asked again


‘not now but I promise your dad will be there’ I said


‘will Nanny Duane be there’ she asked again


‘yes I promise’ I said


‘okay I will stay with you but I want dad there in a hour time’ she said and I stared at Jin-Hyuk again


‘okay he will be there in less than an hour time’ I said


‘okay doll aunt I will stay with you’ she said smiling



I gave mina an evil smile before taking Trisha with me




Oh no


My marriage is over




After a hour I thought I would get Trisha mind off Jin-Hyuk but I could not She just loves him too much


‘doll aunt please call daddy , I want to see him here’ ‘do not worry he will be here soon’ I said


‘no pleas do not worry, I will call him now’ I said


‘am here’ a voice said and we both looked up


‘daddy’ she said as she ran towards him and hugs him


‘how is my little princess’ I asked


‘am fine daddy, doll aunt is really nice’ I said


‘Diane take Trisha to her room’ Jim-Hyuk said as Trisha walked up the stairs with jina

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‘am sorry, I just had to bring Dian3 here for Trisha and drop some of her belongings’ he said as he turned his back to walk away


‘can you live here partially’ I asked and he turned his back ‘what’



I want you to act like you living here, on Saturday and sunday please be here with Trisha and you can leave once she is asleep in the night and during the weekdays you can come in the evening after work and leave in the night, your house is very close anyway ‘I said’ do it for your daughter ‘I said with pride


I will think about it ‘he said as he walked out of the house


He might be upset because I took Trisha


But it all part of the plan




I sat down on the couch drinking liquor


Jina took her daughter


How am I gonna take her back


I don’t even have any money


Jin-Hyuk has to take her back


I was still thinking when Jin-Hyuk dropped a paper on the table in front of me


‘what is this’ i asked


‘divorce papers’ he said


‘divorce papers’ I muttered ‘you gonna divorce me’


……………….. To be continued………….


Jina got her girl back


Let see what happens now


And will Jin-Hyuk say yes to jina’s requests


















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