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Story written by LICIA TIFE

Season 2(chapter 11)






‘I want a divorce’ I said


‘you want a divorce’ she asked


‘we both know that Trisha was the glue bonding us together but now that she is gone why don’t you tell me what left in our marriage’ I asked


‘hey Jin-Hyuk, please do not do this you can’t leave me, remember what your father Wil do to her if you leave me’


‘what will he do uhn.. Kill her… He was only able to kill her when she is not who she is today.. She is an extremely rich business woman with body gaurds and CCTV camera around her house…. My father is a very smart man and am pretty sure he knows what in stock for him if he tries to hurt her ‘I said


‘ Jin-Hyuk you not gonna leave me like this, pls do not leave me like this ‘


I left jina alone four years ago and you know just how much I love her… I left her just to live a frustrated live with you and you think i won’t be able to. I was able to leave jina all those years ago tell me, jury give me one good reason why I can’t leave you ‘I asked



I am not signing this Damn divorce papers ‘she shouted as she slammed it on the table


I will get you to sign this papers, no matter what I have to resort to ‘I said as I walked away




You know what doll aunt ‘Trisha said.


what? ‘I asked


my daddy, I think he is a sad man ‘Trisha said


really why did you say that ‘I asked


because he doesn’t like my mummy at all ‘she said Jin-Hyuk doesn’t like mina


why did you say that ‘I asked


because they are always fighting and daddy he is always with a woman picture… I have not seen the picture clearly but he is always talking to her…. But when am around they act like they like each other ‘she said


Something is definitely wrong here


Anyway couples fight it normal


doll aunt where is daddy ‘she asked


he will be here soon ‘


that a lie, he doesn’t care about me anymore ‘


and why will you say that ‘Jin-Hyuk said as he walked into the mansion



daddddddy’she said as he carried her and she hugs him ‘how is my little princess’ he asked


‘daddy you left yesterday and you did not come back, you do not love me anymore’ ‘ofcas I love my little angel, you know I do’ he said


‘doll aunt, isn’t my daddy the cutest’ she asked I smiled forcefully and nodded


‘see daddy, doll aunts also thinks you cute’ she said’no you are not cute you beautiful just like doll aunt ‘


Now you have to choose who is more beautiful me or your doll aunt ‘he said and I smiled


mmmmmmmm….. I really do not know, you both are so good looking I do not know who to choose ‘she said..


okay lemme take you to your room, I will tell you a bed time story ‘he said as he walked upstairs to her room with her




you wanted to see me ‘I said as I walked up to Mansoo in a restaurant He stood on his feet and pulled out a chair for me’ sit my lady ‘


waw what a gentleman ‘I said


We both sat down on the table and i crossed my leg staring at him


why is the restaurant empty ‘I asked him


well I booked this entire place for you ‘he said



waw you should have told me this is a date I would have put on my best dress ‘I said as I rolled my eyes and sipped the wine


well you still look very pretty ‘he said


I know I always look pretty darling ‘I said


so are we gonna talk about us or not ‘he asked and smirked


tell me what there to talk about ‘


are we just gonna ignore the past ‘he asked


yes because it history ‘I said’ the little feelings we shared back then is gone ‘


well to you it might be little but to me it not ‘he said


I shrugged and said’ whatever ‘


“tell me do I still matter to you’



I looked at him and said ‘saying no will be a lie and I hate lying ‘



‘then you still have feelings for me’ he said Nd I did not reply’am gonna take that as a yes ‘


we cannot always have what we want Mansoo, does my feelings really matter does what the heart wants really matter, sometimes you just gat to ignore the heart and use your brain instead ‘I said


fatty ‘he said


I do not wanna talk about this Mansoo ‘I said as I stood on my feet’ goodbye ‘




I walked down the stairs and couldn’t find jina anywhere


I walked into the kitchen and saw her cutting vegetables


you cooking ‘I asked


yes what the big deal in that ‘she asked still focused on the vegetables


well I will be going home now, Trisha is asleep ‘I said


does that mean you saying yes to my request ‘she asked


yea, am saying yes ‘i said


ummmm that great ‘she said still cutting vegies


goodnight ‘I said as I turned my back to leave


it raining outside, won’t you have dinner before you go ‘she asked and I turned my back and focused on her


you will catch a cold if u go out in the rain ‘she said trying to sound like she does not care as she pushed the vegetables aside and started chopping onions


“were are all your helps’ i asked


‘I fired every single one of them’ she said


‘why’ I asked


‘because they are not perfect and I feel suffocated having them around’ she said ‘so you prefer doing things on your own’ I asked ‘yes, I do’



‘isn’t fatty suppose to be living with you’ I asked


‘she is, but fatty is a very busy girl, she is hardly at home’ she said



‘jina what happened to you’ I asked and she stopped cutting the onions Nd focused on me


‘Do not call me jina I am miss l…..’


‘I want to talk to jina not miss Lee’ i said before she could finish


She focused on the vegetables and said


‘look Jin-Hyuk’


That a new thing she is calling me Jin-Hyuk and not Mr jin this time around


‘in this world people take advantage of the weak… You of all people should know that’ she said and i sighed and she continue talking chopping the onions


‘when you have a big heart, you help too much, you trust too much, yiu give too much, you love too much, and it always seem you hurt the most’ she said and I can say she did not just become who she is for no reason


She is hurt deeply hurt and I caused this pain


‘nothing hurts more than being disappointed by someone you thought will never hurt you….. You know that awkward moment u think you important to someone and you not’ she said as she laughed and sniffed..


That laugh was filled with sadness and disappointment


‘jina if you can just listen to me I know you mad about what happened in the past but I want to make everything right if you just listen …. I know I really hurt you but



‘hurt.. I am f**king hurt’ she said as she raised her knife ‘and do not act like you care cas if you did you wouldn’t have done what you did.. I just wish… I just wish I can give you my pain just for one moment not to hurt you but so you can finally



understand just how much you have hurt me’ she said as she lowered the knife and placed it on her finger by mistake


‘jina’ I shouted as I grabbed her finger and dipped it in my mouth


She stared at me for awhile before pulling her hand back


‘just leave, get lost’ she said as she turned her back but I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her close to me


She tried to move away but I held her very close using her waist


Tears rolls down her eyes but I wiped it with my thumb


I raised her chin and slowly bent down to kiss her


After all this years I was having the feeling of kissing jina again she did not return the kiss at first but later she did as she wraps her hand around my neck while I pulled her close by the waist and slowly kissed her passionately


…………….. To be continued……………




Not going to say anything


But it seems the love is coming back again


Okay let wait and see














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