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What the hell are they talking


Jin-Hyuk is gone


No they are just pulling my legs


‘you guys are crazy, Jim-Hyuk can’t leave me, he definitely can’t go anywhere without me’ i said while shaking my head to the left and right


‘but jina, that just it, Jin-Hyuk left very early this morning and he didn’t tell us why’ Mansoo said


‘SHUT THE HELL UP’ i shouted ‘i am going back to Seoul now and am pretty sure when am there Jin-Hyuk will be waiting for me’


I walked into my room and slammed the door




‘if this is a joke or something please tell me now i promise i won’t tell her’ i said


‘fatty this is not a joke, Jin-Hyuk really is gone, try to make jina understand’ Mansoo said


‘i do not want to believe this right now’ i said as i opened the door and walked into jina room only to find her packing her clothes




‘fatty please if you here to tell me shits like Jin-Hyuk is gone just Forget it, Jin-Hyuk will never leave me like that, he will never leave me just like that’ she said still focused on her clothes



‘jina please just calm down and let sort this out’ i said


‘he was here, just yesterday’ she said as she placed her hand on his bed ‘And that ‘


‘That is his hooded sweatshirt’ she said as she picked up Jin-Hyuk sweatshirt on the sofa and hugged it


‘i refuse to believe that shit those boys are telling me, am sure Jin-Hyuk is in Seoul, fatty are you coming’ she asked


‘yea sure’ i said as i wiped the tears off my face ‘let go back to Seoul’ That same day jina and i went back to Seoul leaving the boys behind It was already late when we got to Seoul


We went back to the EFX Mansion only to meet our belongings outside ‘what is this’ i asked


‘what is this doing outside’ jina asked


‘i threw them outside’ someone said and we looked up to see who it was ‘mina’ jina and i said looking confused



‘hello jina’ she said


‘is she jina’ a very pretty and classy woman asked ‘yes mum, meet jina’ mina said


I felt a type of connection seeing this woman



We sort of look alike


She is Mina mum


A big time business woman


And also very rich


‘well i must say Jin-Hyuk really stoop so low, this cheap woman’ mina mum said I see where mina got her bad character from


‘mina i need to see Jin-Hyuk so please out of my way’ i said


‘oh Jin-Hyuk, didn’t he tell you ttttttttttt, how sad, but sweetheart Jin-Hyuk is in london as we speak and we are getting married in two days ‘ Mina said


What she said affected me a lot that i lost balance for a moment or two I wanted to fall but fatty helped me stand on my feet


‘i do not believe you, Jin-Hyuk is in there let me see him’ I said ‘okay fine, suit yourself’ she said as she allowed me in the building ‘Jin-Hyuk’ i called out


‘Jin-Hyuk’ i ran upstairs and checked his room but he wasn’t there I checked other rooms in the house but i couldn’t find him


I ran my hand threw my hair cas i am pretty sure i was going to go crazy any moment from now





‘ohhhh, no need to shout jina, Jin-Hyuk is gone, he is mine now, you see you were more like one of the girls he used and dumped, you should have known their can never be a future in your relationship, you are nothing but a lower class girl he had fun with. At the end of the day he came back to me, someone who suite his status and newsflash we getting married in two days .. I Wil send you invitation, I will even pay for your tickets to London… And oh ‘she moved close to me and whispered in my ear’ i can even send you honeymoon pics if you do not mind ‘


MINA! ‘ i shouted as i slapped her


how dare you slap her ‘Mrs Eun said as she slapped me and i fell on the floor


Mrs Eun grabbed me by the hair and started dragging me on the floor until we reached the exit of the building


She pushed me and i fell on the floor


you cheap little lower class’s sluts Now the both of you look at this place, i never want to see you here again’ mina mum Mrs Eun said


The both of them walked into the house and slammed the door



I stood on my feet and started walking like a zombie on the road


So it true


Oppa left me


It started raining heavily as i was walking on the streets looking totally lost


I stated remembering everything


My first day seeing him (who is she )


How he saved me from the pool (why jump into the pool when you can’t swim)


How i saved him from the press (ofcas you don’t expect me to say thank you)



How we had our first kiss in the garden (you look more handsome when you smile)


How he kissed me on the forehead that day i was injured (goodnight jina)


‘jina’ fatty called trying to catch up with me but i was too lost to answer.


How he tried to get me to forgive him by doing the squats (i won’t stop until you forgive me jina)


How he confessed his love to me (I want 965,000 fans present here today know that i love you) i sat down on the floor in the middle of the streets immediately i remembered that, as it rained heavily


‘jina’ fatty said as she finally caught up to me ‘jina you can’t sit here, please let go, it raining heavily ‘


‘he left me, he told me he won’t, but he left me fatty’ i said with a very low tone looking lost ‘what did i do fatty, where did i go wrong’ i asked again


‘jina, please don’t think about that now’ fatty said


‘he promised me he wouldn’t leave me, but… But…… Butt…’ i stammered


‘jina pleas stand up, don’t do this’ fatty said crying


‘why you crying fatty, he left me not you, please don’t cry’ i said


‘jina calm down’ fatty said




‘HE TOLD ME HE WOULDN’T LEAVE ME, HE PROMISED ME, JIN-HYUK PROMISED ME.. TELL HIM TO FORGIVE ME IF I DID SOMETHING WRONG…. no, no, no, i have definitely done something wrong i will punish



myself right now’ i said as i hit my hand on the floor resulting in deep wound on my hand as blood covered the whole hand


‘jina please stop’ fatty said


‘he left me, he left me, why..




LEAVE ME, JIN-HYUK CAN’T LEAVE ME’ I said as i held my head screaming


and crying like someone just died.


‘jina please stand up, it raining let just talk about this’ fatty said still crying..


‘he left me’ i said as I cleaned my tears ‘he left me’ I said in form of whisper ‘he shouldn’t have done that, he shouldn’t have done that’ i said hitting the floor ‘He




‘jina please pull yourself together’ fatty said


‘fatty tell him to forgive me, tell him that whatever i might have done to him he should forgive me i will accept any kind of punishment, call him, do something’ i said ‘tell him i said I won’t leave this rain until he comes for me’ i said


‘jina Jin-Hyuk is gone’ fatty said as tears rolled down her eyes ‘Jin-Hyuk is never coming back’ she said


I stared at fatty after hearing this word and immediately everything went dark and i passed out


I can remember waking up that day in a cozy old house


Immediately i woke up i sat up straight and turned to my side and saw fatty staring at me





‘Jina’ i called her name but she did not answer instead she sat down like some kind of statue looking lost


‘jina, please, do not do this, Jin-Hyuk hurt you but please u have to forget him


Jina looked like she is brain dead


No body movement


No blinking




I started crying because not for once have i seen jina like this


Have never seen her like this before


She is a strong girl i never knew i could see her so shattered


‘jina should i prepare something to eat’ i asked but there was no reply ‘jina please don’t do this, please don’t leave me like this i won’t be able to face the world without you and you know that you gave me courage hope, strength, you are my only family, you are my sister, please do not leave me alone’ everything i said seem to fall on deaf ears, jina is brain dead, am not sure she can survive without Jin-Hyuk, but how could he, how could he do this to her


How could he?


………………….. To be continued……….














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