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Season 2(Chapter 2)






I went to Trish’s room to see her


‘daddy’ she said as she hugged me


‘hello little angel’ I said with a light smile


This days I don’t even smile anymore


I only smile when am around Trisha


The little girl does not need a grumpy father ‘daddy can i ask you a question’ she said ‘yes go on ask me’ I said



‘daddy are you really a sad man ?’ she asked ‘sad man, do I look like a sad man’ I asked


‘no… But back in London when grandmother visited, I heard her telling mum that you are nothing but a sad man’ she said


‘Trisha look at me, who is the happiest man in the world’ I asked


‘you daddy’ she said


‘and why’ I asked


‘because you have me’ she said smiling


I smiled and kissed her on the forehead


‘but daddy’ she said




‘why does mummy hate me’ Trisha asked


‘Trisha, your mum can never hate you, she loves you a lot’ I said ‘that a lie daddy she does not love me at all’ she said


‘your mum is just going through some difficult times, she will come around soon, you should know she loves you a lot’ I said


‘what about you dad, do you love mummy’ she asked


I stared at her for awhile


‘yes I love your mum’ I said


‘do you love her alot’ she asked


‘yes I do alot’ I said


‘daddy, you are the best father in the whole world’ she said as she hugged ‘and you are the cutest little angel’ I said


In this world I feel like I am all that this girl have Nobody Else


‘okay now go to sleep’ I said


‘okay daddy’ she said as she lay on the bed while I covered her with the duvet ‘goodnight’ I said as I kissed her forehead and walked out of the room I sat down on my bed drinking alcohol


I picked up my phone and started going through it


I saw something on it that makes me sad as I looked into my phone


Then I got really angry and flinged the phone making it hit the wall and smashing into pieces


‘wow angry bird’ Mina Said as she walked into the room and sat down next to me


‘Now my dear husband, tell me what wrong this time around’ she said but I just ignored her


‘Jim-Hyuk am talking to you’ she said


‘Mina please am not in the mood, just leave please’ I said ‘am not leaving this is our room’ she said



‘fine I will go then’ I said as I walked out of the room


I feel suffocated


So suffocated


The next day i went to my new office in Seoul Am only here in Seoul for a short period of time


I am here because of the owners of grandeur company


Our company and theirs are going to work on a billion dollar project ‘okay boss’ my P. A said as she walked out of the office My office was on the first floor of my sky scraper building


I looked out the glass building and i could see the whole of Seoul from this place


It been four years since I disappeared


And now am back in Seoul


I really want to know how you are doing now Where are you now




The band broke up four years ago after Jin-Hyuk disappearance I am now a big time producer and alot richer than I was before That jerk Jin-Hyuk is back after all the damages he caused I wish I could just kill him he is so cruel



But i just wish I know where fatty and jina are Are they fine


Just like Jin-Hyuk they also disappeared all those years back


I really want them back


Most especially fatty


She broke up with me because she was scared


I just wish I can see her again so we can patch things up again




A woman whose face was not shown walked into a big office as people started greeting her


Some were admiring her extreme beauty and class She looked more like the goddess of beauty Aphrodite


She was tall, slim curvy figure, perfect hair, her skin was flawless and she was wearing this proud and grumpy look


She entered into the office and asked


‘interview right’ she said in a cold way with a very proud and arrogant look ‘y…y….yes…yes ma’ m’ her looks alone was so intimidating


She walked towards a chair in her office and sat down on it with her leg crossed ‘go on’ she said with a very commanding tone


The interviewers interviewed her and wanted to walk out of her office



‘hold on a second’ she said to them ‘I want that magazine published only after our big meeting with jin empire’ she said


‘o…..okay…’ they stammered


‘but ma’ m what name should we fill in for you ‘they asked ‘ so youn ju ‘she said’ fill that name up ‘ ‘ okay ma’m’ they said


‘but wait a second’ she said


‘Ma’ m’


‘fatty, that my name not so youn ju’ she said with the same proud and classy look


‘fatty’ they said looking surprised


‘yes, fatty’ she said


………………… To be continued……….


Our fatty is back





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