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Episode 6



Abena emptied her breakfast into the toilet and groaned in frustration. She was at home, unfortunately with her step mother, and for the past few days, she wasn’t able to keep anything down.


She looked down at her stomach and saw the baby bump. It was obvious that she was pregnant now, and her step mother was already suspicious.


“Who’s the father of the baby Abena?” She heard the voice she had grown to hate. Her step mother.



Abena’s mother had died when she was just five, three months after she had given birth to her younger sister. Three months after, her father married Bridget, and although Abena was young, she hated her from the beginning. Two years ago, her father had a heart attack and died, his company crashed, and Abena was left with Bridget.


“Theres no baby.” Abena lied although it was very obvious.


“So what, your stomach size increased for no reason, you’re tired all the time and you’ve been puking like anything.” Bridget pointed out.


Abena sighed wearily and walked past her and out of the bathroom but Bridget pulled her back and slammed her Palm against her cheek.


Abena touched her cheek in surprise and


glared at her step mother.


“You filthy s–t!” Bridget went on. “You’re just like your mother.”


Abena gasped in surprise. Bridget never mentioned her mother. Abena opened her mouth to speak, but Bridget beat her to it. “You see, your mother knew that your father belonged to me, but being the s–t that she was, she stole him. We were best friends, yet she stole him. And gave birth to two sluts. But I always get what I want.” “Don’t you dare talk about my mother like that! You got what you wanted, and you killed it after!” Abena shouted at her, clenching her fists and resisting the urge to


slap her.


“It’s not my fault, your father was a weak man.” Bridget shrugged nonchalantly. She stood by the door, smiling at Abena while the latter burned with anger.


“You s—-d all the wealth out of him, and


at the end of the day, you s—-d the life


out of him too!” Abena pointed an accusing finger at Bridget.


“Well it’s his fault for having two useless


daughters who couldn’t run the company


without him.” Bridget spat back bitterly. “I was 20, just in my second year of university, when he had a heart attack, because he caught you sleeping with his assistant. You took over the company and burned it to the ground. Don’t call me a s–t when you’re the prostitute.” Abena snapped and Bridget froze. She looked at Abena with so much hatred and stepped closer to her. Bridget raised her hand to slap her again but Abena caught it in midair and held it tightly. Bridget winced but made no move to back down. “I’m leaving. Not because you want me to, but because I’m sick and tired of you.” Abena said and walked out of the bathroom and towards her room.


She looked down at her stomach again and she felt tears welling up in her eyes. She was just as bad as Bridget.



“She’s in there.” Funmi said to Tobi when he was about to walk into his office.


“Who? Eniola?” He asked placing his hand


on his temple.


It had been over two months since the deal with Abena, and from what he had been hearing from her doctor, she was healthy, and so was the baby.


It was a Monday morning, and he had lots of work to do. A meeting with Chinese investors, and deal to close with a company in Ethopia, not to mention all the paperwork and contracts he had to go through. He didn’t have time for women that morning.


“No.” Funmi shook her head. “Abena.” She whispered. He had told her about it because she took the constant calls from the doctor on Abena’s condition. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He nodded at her and walked into his office.


Abena sat on the couch in his office, a luggage was on the floor and her hand bag lay beside it. She was asleep and looked tired. He could see the baby bump showing through her dress. She was obviously pregnant. But she still looked beautiful anyway. Her eyes fluttered open at the sound of him clearing his throat. She gave him a weary smile.


“Hey.” She said quietly.


“What are you doing here Abena? I don’t have time for this.” He said placing his briefcase on the table and sitting on the arm of the couch opposite her.


“Nice to see you too Tobi.” She replied


sarcastically. He narrowed his eyes at her


and she sighed defeated.


“I don’t have anywhere to stay. My step


mother kicked me out.” She said looking




“Why?” He asked.


“Because I’m pregnant and can’t reveal the father, duh. What else would it be?” She said and he softened at her words.


A wave of pity swept through him and he


stared at the small frown on her beautiful




“Then get a place to stay.” He said sharply going towards his desk.


“I’ve tried. No one would take a single pregnant woman. You deal with real estate, you should know na.” She replied her voice higher than before.


“So what do you want me to do?” He




“Get me somewhere to stay.” She stated.


“No. It’s not in the contract.” He said




“Okay.” She shrugged. She stood up dramatically and took her bags. “Then I guess your baby and I would have to find a nice looking homeless home to stay. I heard people live under the bridge, could be very comfortable.” She said rubbing the bump on


her stomach and she looked at him, her


innocent eyes gazing at him intensely.


He groaned. “Ugh. You are something else. Fine, I’ll get you a place at the Oriental hotel.” He finally said. A smile lit up her face and his lips curved into a small smile. “Yes! Presidential suite?” She asked hopefully and he snorted.


She couldn’t tempt him into that one.


“You wish.”



“You put her in a hotel?” Joseph asked. They were at an elite boutique trying to pick out an anniversary gift for Dera. Dera and Joseph were celebrating their six years marriage anniversary and Joseph had dragged Tobi out of his office, forcing him to help him pick out a gift.


“Yes. I put her in my hotel.” Tobi said stressing on the ‘my’. “Why not give her a shiny diamond necklace or something?” Tobi asked referring to Dera. He was tired of walking around the shop while women looked at him with awe.


“My wife isn’t one of your thirsty friends


with benefits.” He replied earning a glare


from Tobi.


“But seriously. Tobi Ademi rents room for pregnant woman at his famous Oriental Hotel. I can totally see a scandal.” Joseph



said. “And you said you wanted this business done low key.” Joseph added. “Do you think Dera would like pearls?” Joseph asked when Tobi pointed at a pearl necklace in the show glass. Tobi groaned and walked towards the clothes section. “So where am I supposed to out a stubborn and annoying pregnant woman?” Tobi gave an exasperated sigh while feeling the fabric of a dress.


“Your house.” Joseph shrugged while admiring a top. “Why are we at a boutique anyway? Dera isn’t a fashion person?” Joseph asked.


To be continued…















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