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(season finale)


(good bye to everything)






I ran into the kitchen unable to see what happening to my friend


I sat on the floor and cried my heart out


How could boys be so cruel


Why are they so cruel


I decided to pull myself together and walked out of the kitchen


I can’t be weak like jina is


I have to be strong for her


I ran into the room and she was nowhere to be found


I ran out of the building and found her walking towards the road


‘jina’ i called out to her as i ran towards her and grabbed her by the wrist


‘you can’t be out here, come on let go inside’ i said as i grabbed her by the wrist and she followed me without saying anything


‘jina please don’t go outside again’ i said as i dried her wet hair with a white towel ‘you have to eat something, you haven’t eaten the whole day’


She stood on her feet and walked towards the door again but i grabbed her by the wrist before she could go outside and dragged her back before closing the door and


locked it up


I was Damn sure jina did not slept throughout the night


She did not cry either


The next morning she had her bath and i also had my bath


‘jina i will be leaving now, i need to look for a Job’ i said but she just sat down on the sofa and she was still behaving the way she was the previous day


I turned on the TV and changed it to a news station


‘Kpop idol Jin-Hyuk is Gettin married to singer mina in London after confessing his love publicly to lee jina a month ago ‘ the news reporter said


I looked at jina and a ball of tears rolled down her cheek


I quickly turned of the Tv and looked at her


She did not bother to wipe the tears but I helped her wipe it before kissing her on the head


‘ goodbye jina, i will see you later’ i said as i walked out of the house


I was employed that same day and i started working and we both survived on the little money i made


14 days later and jina was stil the same no


I haven’t heard my best friend voice for 14 days now


She was brain dead


Some of the neighbours gave me a piece of advice telling me to take her to an asylum but I refused to believe the fact that my friend is crazy


I came back from work one day only to find a woman standing at the entrance of our house


‘who are you’ i aksed


‘hi am doctor Katherine and you must be fatty’ she said while stretching her hand for a Shake


‘how did you know my name ‘ I asked refusing to return the handshake


‘have heard a lot about you from the neighbors and also about your friend who is suffering from some mental conditions’


‘jina is not mad, she is just going through emotional trauma, that all’ i said


‘but she still not mentally stable, you can’t be delusional just like your friend, jina needs help’ she said


‘enough woman, please leave’ i said


‘okay,’ she handed over a card to me ‘call me later when you need me’ she said as she walked away


Jina is not crazy


She will be okay very soon



Jina is not crazy


Later that night I saw her sitting on the porch and staring at the moon


I wanted to walk over to her but she started singing and part of me was happy because finally I heard my friend voice after 2 weeks but then tears rolled down my eyes listening to the song lyrics


know you’re somewhere out there


Somewhere far away


I want you back


I want you back



My neighbors think I’m crazy


But they don’t understand


You’re all I have


You’re all I have


At night when the stars


Light up my room


I sit by myself


Talking to the moon


Tryin’ to get to you


In hopes you’re on


The other side


Talking to me too


Or am I a fool


Who sits alone


Talking to the moon




I’m feeling like I’m famous


The talk of the town


They say I’ve gone mad


Yeah I’ve gone mad


But they don’t know what I know


I cleaned my tears with my hand and sat down next to her


She was still not talking, crying or reacting to anything


But the song was still a good thing


I just want jina back


The next day i heard a knock on the door and opened it only to see Mrs Eun accompanied by some people



‘Goodmorning’ I greeted in a very unfriendly way but they pushed me aside and walked into the house


‘hey who are you guys what do you want’ I asked them but they ignored me and searched the whole house


‘well they are from the asylum and they are here to help jina case, i heard she has gone mad so am here to help’ she said in a very mischievous way


‘hey listen here woman, haven’t you ruined her enough, what else do you want I asked


The asylum people brought jina out and she was still the way she is


come on take her to the asylum ‘Mrs Eun said


hey do not take her anywhere ‘I shouted


do u want to join her just keep your mouth shut ‘they took jina outside while I tried to stop them


All of a sudden jina pushed the man holding her away and started running fast


‘ JINAAAAAAAA! ‘I shouted as I rushed over to her body on the floor


She has been run overed by a car when being chased by those people Mrs Eun brought


jina wake up ‘I said patting’ jina please don’t do this ‘her whole body was covered with blood


I quickly stopped a taxi and took jina to the hospital


“Emergency’ I shouted immediately we got to the hospital, jina was placed on a stretcher and rushed to the operation theatre


I started pacing back and forth praying



Nothing must happen to jina


‘fatty what happened to jina’ Mansoo asked


‘jina, she is in the hospital, she was run overed by a car’ i said crying


‘Damn you Jin-Hyuk, jina is in this mess because 0f him, nobody knows where he is in london, we can’t even get through to him’ Mansoo said


‘I just hope she will be okay’ Nam-il said looking worried


Few hours later the doctor walked out of the operation theater


‘doctor how is jina’ I asked


‘well she is out of danger now’ she said


A smile appeared on my face and I hugged Mansoo who hugged me back


‘but the problem is she lost her baby’ the doctor said


‘lost her baby’ I said


‘she was pregnant’ Nam-il and Mansoo said


‘yes, she was pregnant, but she lost her child due to the accident’ the doctor said ‘and also few test were carried out on her and we discovered she has some mental issues, well it seems her condition had worsened due to the Way she hit her head on the floor during the accident’ the doctor said


Unable to bare all this I loosed balance and wanted to fall but Mansoo caught me and I pushed him away slightly


‘please leave’ I said


‘fatty what…’



“my friend and I will not have anything to do with the EFX boys anymore, pls leave” I said


‘fatty’ Mansoo said




I know what i said hurt him a lot


But the truth is am scared


Am scared that whatever happened to jina might also happen to me


I watched Mansoo turn his back and leave that day


I was broken but it something I have to do before I fall deeper in love with him and then he will end up dumping me like Jin-Hyuk Did to jina


I know I couldn’t do anything else


Jina was still unconscious


I decided to call the doctor


She told me to visit her in a restaurant so that same day I went to the restaurant


‘i want jina to travel out of this country , she has faced so much problem here’ I said


The doctor sighed and said ‘I have a special hospital in the states for people like her, I will send both of you tickets in few days and we will travel to USA for special treatment’ she said


Doctor Katherine and I talked for awhile and I went back to the hospital



After a week our papers was ready and we were ready to leave Seoul




They called me crazy but I know I am not crazy


Fatty told me we are going to see Jin-Hyuk and I believed her because I wanted him back more than anything


It was finally time for us to travel out 9f the country


I looked at Seoul one more time and all those memories came flashing back Jin-Hyuk and I spent most of our time together here ‘come on jina, let go’ fatty said


I followed her dilligently and we both entered into the plane and went to USA with doctor Katherine


The end is just the beginning


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