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The next morning fatty call woke me up


‘hello’ i said still sleeping


‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ she screamed so loud i had to pull the phone away from my ear to avoid damage to my ear drum


‘i see you watched the concert on T. V’ i said


‘yes and it was awesome, it was the best, mind blowing, unbelievable, have you checked your magazine, newspaper, social media you and Jin-Hyuk are the hottest couple this is amazing’ she said while i just smiled


‘like seriously fatty, i never expected that


the school still on a one month break which means you have uninterrupted time to spend with Jin-Hyuk ‘she said


yea i know ‘i said as i walked into the bathroom


I changed into my maid uniform and walked out of the room


I saw a magazine on the table and went through it and a smile appeared on my face


Pretty simple girl steals the heart of kpop idol Jin-Hyuk


Kpop idol confesses his undying love to jina


‘i see you like that’ a voice said from behind


I turned my back and smiled ‘Goodmorning sir’


He smirked and sat down on the couch



I use to think he is cold and gentle because he does not like me back then but i realise that just how he is


Very gentle..


‘where is noona and grandmother’ i asked


‘well they went Back home very early this morning’ he said


‘and they did not tell me’ i asked


‘well they are coming back soon, you know yeon seo, big time business woman’ he said


‘ohhhhh’ i sat down on the sofa opposite him ‘i didn’t know you saw me that day on the street’ i said


‘i did, i really admired your talent then and i liked you from the beginning but i just decided to hate you instead “he said


well you a very wierd man ‘i said and he shrugged


do you wanna go out with me ‘he asked


go out with you?.. Are you kidding me ‘i said laughing


what wrong ‘he crossed his leg and asked


well you see, you are Jin-Hyuk, step out there and girls will devour you ‘i said


not if they see you with me ‘he said


and you think your crazy fans cares about that ‘i asked


He smirked and said’ you get ready, i will be back ‘he stood on his feet and walked into his room i decided to change into something good few mins later Oppa walked out of his room dressed in a funny outfit i couldn’t help but laugh



what with the wierd hoodie and why you dressed like a 5 year old ‘I asked


well people won’t be able to recognize me like this right ‘he asked..


yea, you right, but your outfit determines how you look…. You look like a cute little boy i could just kiss you ‘i said


well go on i won’t mind ‘he said


well i said i could just kiss you i didn’t say i will kiss you ‘i said


well let me grab my car keys ‘he said


you taking your car ‘i Asked


yea ‘he replied


ummmm okay ‘i said


anything wrong ‘he asked


no it nothing ‘i said


come on you know you can talk to me ‘he said


well i just think it will be more fun if we should go without your car, you know walking on the streets together will be so much fun’i said nervously


‘is that what you couldn’t say… I see you still not free around me am i that scary’ he asked


‘no, no no, am sorry okay’ i said


‘okay, let go then’ he held my hand and we both walked out of the house Oppa and i held hand and were walking on the street together



Girls were still staring at him and saying words like so cute etc, Am pretty sure they did not know that is idol Jin-Hyuk But still they still busy admiring his beauty


‘hey ice cream pleas’ i said to the man in the ice cream truck ‘is that healthy’ Oppa asked


And i smiled ‘come on it ice cream’


‘okay’ he said as we both two chocolate popsicle ‘here is the money’ i said to the man ‘why will you pay for that i will’ he said


‘well do you have cash with you’ i asked


‘well i don’t, there’s an atm machine over there right’ he asked


‘yea’ i replied ‘sir here is your money’ i gave him the morning and we both went to the atm machine


‘i think 5 thousand won should be enough right’ he asked ‘five thousand won’ i asked


‘yea’ he replied ‘or should I go for ten or twenty’


‘you don’t need that much money dear, here in Seoul poor people like me can have the best time of their life with just 200 won’ i said


‘200 won’ he said ‘just 200 won’ he asked again



‘yea’ i replied’200 won is more than enough, just withdraw 300 won and everything will be fine ‘i said


‘300 won’ he said as he reluctantly withdraw that money from the atm


We went to a cyber cafe and played few games


‘come on sir why do you loose al the time’ i asked


‘well because i was never allowed to play video games when i was little, when my dad became a billionaire, he was alll focus on your studies, you the heir to jin empire, u know shits like that made me miss out on a proper child hood’ he said and i was kinda sad


‘so this is your first time playing video game’ i asked


‘yea, this is’ he replied ‘pretty stupid right’ he said


‘how is that stupid, there is a lot of things i can’t do, i can’t hold a wine cup properly, i can’t work in heels, i can’t use a cutlery let me just say i can’t do what rich kids do’ I said and he smiled


Men this guy is an angel


What good did I do to deserve someone like him


We walked out of the cafe and started walking on the streets


Just then a car came running towards me and i felt like i was going to be crushed by it but then Jin-Hyuk grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back


‘what was that’ I asked breathing heavily


‘what the heck’ he shouted angrily ‘are you okay’ he asked


‘am fine’ I replied


But What the heck was that


If not for Jin-Hyuk that car would have definitely killed me


We forgot about the car incident and assumed person driving a drunkard


We went to a noodle shop and ate noodle well after forcing Jin-Hyuk too cas he thinks they are not hygienic


After having so much fun, we went back home later in the night and none of the boys were around


Jin-Hyuk and i decided to watch a movie


‘come on what with guys and horror movies’ i said covering my face cas i was clearly freaked out by the movie i am watching


“come on, do not be a wimp ‘he said


‘ wimp’i asked ‘am not a wimp i just don’t like movies like this’ i said


He paused the movie and focused on me ‘then what kind of movie do you like’ i asked


‘you know girls we like romantic movies’ i said ‘i do not know anything about girls’ he answered ‘haven’t you dated girls in the past’ i asked ‘nope’ he replied..


‘then how…. H… How’


‘how what?’ he asked


‘how did you know how to kiss like that’ i asked..



‘well girls always throw themselves on me, they were more like one night stand, they only interested because am you know Jin-Hyuk but none of them were really interested in a serious relationship neither was i’ he said


‘ohhhhhh,’ i said looking sad


‘come on don’t give me that sad look, it was all in the past’ he said


‘no am not sad, was just thinking about something’ i said.


‘and what is that’ he asked


‘well am just thinking that am gonna wake up one day and this will all be nothing but one of my dreams


He moved closer to me and kissed me..


those dat feel like a dream ‘he asked and i just smiled before he moved closer again and kissed me


And I returned the kiss


I wrapped my arm around his neck while his hand slowly caressed my thigh and slowly went to my butt area


This guy should be crowned the kiss king..


He was Damn awesome


He kissed me gently but with so much love and desires


Now i know how it feels to make out on couch


And i have to say it feels awesome


…………………… To be continued……..


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