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CHAPTER 2 ⃣9 ⃣


(short and not edited)






I wonder who invited this crazy people


(Join Group) Now they are going to make my life terrible


Although i love my grandmother and sister alot


But they never fail to make my life horrible


‘you are forcing a girl to do horrible things with you’ she said pulling my ear i feel like she is going to pull it off my head


‘am not yeon seo do i look like someone who forces woman’ i said


‘then what were you doing?’ she asked


‘i was talking to her’ i answered


‘is that how you talk to a girl’ she asked


I saw jina smiling to herself


‘you seem to be enjoying this’ i said to her


‘hey’ yeon seo said as she pulled my ears again


‘okay, okay am sorry yeon seo and jina, pls forgive me’ i pleaded as yeon seo slowly let go of my ear and hugged me


So now she can hug me



But am not really a hugger so i did not return the hug “and you jina right ‘she said


yea ‘jina answered


aren’t you just pretty ‘yeon seo said


Now this is wierd to, why are they treating jina like this, first it was grandmother now yeon seo


grandmother is upstairs right’ she asked ‘yea’ i replied as she walked up the stairs


I gave jina a cold glare before walking away


Later in the evening, i was sitting on the sofa in my room going through my phone when yeon seo walked in


‘i wonder why there’s a door if you can’t just knock’ i said still focused on my phone


‘should I beat you up’ she asked


I dropped my phone on the table and focused on her


‘why you here, aren’t you a big business woman who always has stuffs to do and grandma isn’t she suppose to be in London’ i asked


My sister and i are very alike facially but character she is nicer than i am And we both hate our dad



She has been my best friend since i was little, we fight a lot but the bond is still tight


‘well your friends called granny and i.. We were very pleased to be informed that our dear Jin-Hyuk finally likes s girl so we came here to see the girl and give you some love advice and i must confess jina is very pretty i like her alot ‘ she said


I have the worst friend


They invited Grandma and yeon seo to torture me


‘me i do not like jina’ i said


‘will you shut up and stop lying already , you talking to your sister not jina, you can deny your feelings in front of her but do not deny it in front of me’ she said looking upset


‘okay fine i like jina, alot, i do not know how and why but i like her more than i can explain ‘ i said


‘well if you like her more than you can explain then you love her’ she said


‘no yeon seo don’t take this too far, i only like her not love her’ i said


‘your ego is controlling you and not your heart, you love her and that just the fact but anyway why haven’t you told her yet’ yeon seo asked


‘i don’t want to, i have a reputation’ i said and she hit my head


‘hey fool reputation do not matter in love, confess your feelings already’ she said


‘forget about feelings how do i get her to forgive me, i said some pretty awful things to her’ I said


‘yea i heard about that and you owe her a big apology, if i was the one i am never going to forgive you for that’ she said


‘yea but what am i gonna do’ i asked


‘ummmmm’ she said stroking her chin




It was a Sunday morning and I was doing my normal maid duty


Then Oppa stood in front of me again


Let me guess


He is here to harass me


‘good morning sir’ i said nervously


It was only a matter of time before everybody gathered us


‘i know i insulted jina in front of everyone and i am here to apologize for that’ he held his ear ‘i know i am very wrong and i shouldn’t have said such hurtful words to you’ he started going up and down Doin the squats jump ‘jina am very sorry, pls forgive me’


“sir what are you doing ‘i asked


am trying to make you forgive me ‘he said still doing the squats while everyone was smiling to themselves


sir stop this ‘i said


jina please forgive me ‘he said still doing the squats


okay fine i forgive you am also sorry i forgive you ‘i said looking nervous


really ‘he said as he stoped


yea i forgive you ‘i said



Now Oppa is doing a squat just so i can forgive him What happening to this man this days


I smiled at Oppa and he smirked back at me while the rest were teasing us


Later in the night, the rest of the family went out for ice cream and as usual only Oppa and i were in the house


‘sir food’ i said holding a tray of food in her hand ‘no am not hungry’ he said


I dropped the tray of food and wanted to walk away but he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back making me fall on him


‘sir what are you’ i asked him nervously


Is he going to be romantic again


He placed his hand around my waist and my tummy tied a knot


He slowly used his hand to tuck my hair behind my ear and our face was so close Very close


My heart was beating very fast i thought i was going to die all over again My body on a beautiful man body


I wonder how it feels to make out on the sofa


Our face came close to each other like we were about to kiss but i used my hand to cover his mouth


‘sir what do you think of me’ i asked innocently


He slowly removed my hand from his lips ‘what’ he asked


‘do you think, am just a girl you can kiss whenever you want’ I asked with a shakey voice and in a very low and innocent tone


I was really afraid asking him that question i mean i like it when he kisses me but i still gotta ask


‘is that what you think of yourself’ he ask softly


‘no i’ i said unable to complete my statement


‘you want to know what you mean to me’ he asked and i nodded’i have a concert tomorrow, come to that concert and you Will know exactly who you mean to me ‘he said as he kissed me on my cheek and my tummy tingled


Darn those tummy butterflies


He slowly movers me off him, stood on his feet and walked away as i breath a sigh of relief


His concert i said


He said i should go to his concert


What will happen there


…………………….. To be continued……



















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