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So the next day i got ready for oppa concert


I never miss any of his concert anyway


I remember how I use to work hard and save a lot of money just to attend the EFX concert and see oppa back then. It so ironic that Oppa himself handed over a VIP ticket to me


Now he is doing a solo concert today


Which means only Oppa will be singing and the other member of the group won’t be there to perform with hin


I decided to dress in something pretty


One of the best out fit in my wardrobe


No actually the best outfit in my wardrobe


A green short, long sleeve shirt, floral sweater i was hanging on my shoulders, black hat and brown boots


I took a bus to the concert, showed them my vip passes and walked into the concert


I get to sit in a special place in the VIP section


‘oh Mr Kang nice to see you again sir’ i said to Mr Kang who was sitting next to me


‘oh jina, the rap queen’ he said and i smiled ‘tell me how is life with the EFX and i hope Jin-Hyuk did not bother you in any way’he asked



‘ no sir, he has been very sweet to me “i said


‘Jim-Hyuk, sweet?… Well that a new thing’ he said and i smiled


‘hello’ the EFX boys, yeon seo and grandma greeted me with a smile on their face


The show started as Jin-Hyuk appeared on stage and Damn my eardrum almost got Damaged as girls screamed


This guy is #1 ladies man


Girls love him so much sometimes i feel jealous cas i want to be the only one to love him


His hair color is not red again but now his natural hair black He looks more handsome with his natural hair


Oppa started singing and his voice was even more angelic than his face. Some girls were fainting


And i was like hearing his voice alone made you faint what if he actually kissed you


Am 100% sure you going to die


Oppa sang a lot of songs i felt like he was going to get a sore throat from singing so much song but his voice just got more beautiful


Girls almost pounced on him on stage but his bouncers were of great use They really helped


I was busy dancing and videoing oppa on my phone



After hours of performance, the whole concert finally came to an end ‘thank you everyone for coming’ he said with a big smile on his face He looked extremely cute with a smile So handsome



‘WE LOVE YOU JIN-HYUK’ girls screamed


‘i love you too’he said to them smiling while some of them were blushing Girls adore this guy a lot


but before the show is finally over i want to say something ‘he said


He wants to say something’ noona said with a smile


‘this is going to be fun’ grandma said


‘you see that girl over there’ he said pointing to me while I looked back to see if it was someone Else he was referring to


‘no do not look around am talking to you jina’ he said Fans started wandering what going


The spotlight focused on me and i was shocked cas i was not sure of what going on I looked to my right and grandma, noona and the EFX boys were smiling at me ‘she asked me what she means to me’ he said with a smile on his face Somebody tell me what going on


‘Now i want to tell her exactly what she means to me’ he said



My heart was beating very fast as the spotlight focused on me


I was nervous and swearing as everyone focused their eyes on me


‘jina you mean the whole world to me’ he said and immediately my phone fell from my hand


Somebody wake me up if this is a dream


This is not another stupid dream of mine right


Am dead


Not am dead this is heaven not earth


I should have known those men killed me that day


This is not real


‘the first day i saw you i won’t lie i really admired you, that street rap battle you remember, that was the first day i saw you. I felt connected to you but i had to shake it off, you know i put my pride in front of my heart’ he said


So he saw me that day


Oppa saw me that day




‘i know i use to say bad things to you shout at you and make life really hard for you, but all that was a charade to hide how i really feel for you and what you really mean to me’ he said


‘jina everything about you is perfect, your face your character your talent everything,i dont know why, when and how it happened but jina i want 965,000 fans present here today that i love you jina’



That word hit me beyond anything


Never in my wildest imagination did it ever appear that Oppa will say that word


Maybe this is just my imagination


About 5,000 girls fainted thinking they have lost their chances with him while the rest just clapped and shouted saying words like ‘how cute, i wish i was her, oppa is so romantic, why can’t i be her etc’


Oppa stretched it hand and the Efx boys, grandma and noona pushed me to go to him


I stood on my shakey legs and walked towards him still looking confused


‘jina, will u be mine’


Another killer word i just want to die today


I used the back of my hand to wipe the tears on my face and nodded my head


The whole place went wild as some girls who fainted has still not regained consciousness while others looked at us with admiration




NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I shouted as i threw a flower vassl against the wall in my room


‘ma’ m is everything fine ‘a maid said running in


GET OUT, DID I TELL YOU AM NOT OKAY ‘i shouted and she flinched before running out of the room


I held my head and sat down on the floor looking like a crazy person


How dare jina



She use to steal everything from me when we were just kid and now she stole the only man i love more than myself


What does everyone see her


I am prettier, richer, classier and i suit his status but why her Why her


What Jin-Hyuk doesn’t know is if he can’t be mine..


then he won’t belong to anyone else most especially jina . I won’t allow it




After that beautiful confession that i will remember for the rest of my life I went back home in order to escape from press and paparazzi


I was now officially kpop idol Jin-Hyuk girlfriend This is the life


I hit the shower and changed into something comfortable A short white dress


I stood in front of the mirror admiring myself I was pretty


Not extremely pretty


But i was okay



I looked at the mirror and saw oppa reflection in it standing about 3 feets away from me


I quickly turned my back


‘sir what are you…’ i couldn’t finish my statement before he covered my mouth with his hand


‘if grandma knows am here by this time of the night, she will kill me, do you want me dead’ he asked


I shake my head signifying no and he slowly removed his hand from my hand ‘what are you doing here?’ i asked


‘well i wanted to’ he was interrupted by a knock on the door ‘who is there’ I asked


‘it me dear’ grandma said


‘we are dead’ he said


‘no you dead not me’ i said ‘she is going to beat the poop out of you’


‘i need to hide’ he said as he walked into the closet and closed the door I walked over to the door and and opened the door for grandma ‘i wanted to talk to you dear’ she said


‘sure come in granny’ I said opening the door She walked in and sat down on the bed


‘it about you and Jin-Hyuk, has something happened between you guys’ she asked


‘something like what’ i asked looking confused


‘have you ever been intimate’ she asked again


‘no, no, no, no, no’ i said shaking my head negatively


‘well what you waiting for, don’t you know if you have a child for him then you Wil have him wrapped around your finger and he will never be able to leave you’ she said






‘but am just a kid’ i said


‘kid, Jees how old are u’ she asked


’23’ replied


‘and you called yourself a kid, back in our days we get married at the age of 18


Am sure oppa is listening to all this


So embarrassing


you should just settle down already i want grandchildren, anyway think about what i just said am feeling sleepy now goodnight’ she said as she hugged me and walked out of the room


This old woman id wierd


But nice and very beautiful


‘do not mind whatever she says, she is old and don’t know how things work nowadays’ oppa said standing behind me



‘am not bothered at all’ i said as i closed the door and sat down on the bed ‘she is just saying what she thinks is right’ i said


‘yea, i can’t even imagine you being pregnant, you gonna look like a troll cause you so short’ he said


‘short’ i said as i stood on my feet and i was only reaching his shoulder ‘am not short sir you just too tall’ i said


‘sir’ he said


‘sorry am not used to calling you anything else’ i said


‘umm’ he shrugged ‘i will go to my room now’ he said pointing at the door


‘yea sure’ i said


He turns his back to leave but then he turned back and kissed me on the lip


It wasn’t a long kiss more like a mouth peck


‘goodnight’ he said softly


‘goodnight’ i replied as he walked away


………… To be continued………………..













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