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CHAPTER 2 2 ⃣⃣






I sat pdown on my bed and hugged my pillow so tight It hurts


It hurts a lot


I couldn’t control the tears has they roll freely from my eyes.


It so hard falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you back



Yesterday I was happy


Thinking am finally gonna get a chance with you Today i am sad



Because you made me realise am imagining the impossible


World apart


We are so close


But still faraway


Heaven knows i love you for u was I a fool to think there can ever be an




Why does it hurt so much


I already knew the end from the beginning But nothing hurt more than a broken heart


I could not help but cry between my song


I always mock those cheesy girl on television who cries over a guy


I only realize how it feels now..


Enough jina


Stop crying


No guy worth your tears


You a strong girl you will definitely get over him..


Who am i kidding..


I can’t get over Oppa Jin-Hyuk


buried my head in my pillow and cried my heart out




This i think am going crazy



Ever since that stupid kiss thing yesterday I can’t get my mind off the maid



I sat down on my sofa and my eyes caught the shoes and hat i wanted to return to her earlier


I picked it up and walked out of my room


Her room door was halfway opened


I opened the door and walked into her room only to see her head buried into her pillow crying


If this girl is crying because of what I said earlier, then i have really crushed her


Should i ask her what wrong


Maybe i shouldn’t


I mean why should i


But i do not really like it when girl cries because of me


I walked over to her and sat down on the bed and tapped her on the shoulder




My head was still buried in my pillow when i felt someone sit beside me on the bed and tapped my shoulder


It must be fatty


‘leave me alone fatty i do not wanna talk right now’ i said with my head still buried in my pillow


Whoever it was sitting next to me tapped me on the shoulder again ‘fatty get away can’t a girl cry in peace’ i said again I went insane when that person tapped me again.


‘fatty’ i shouted as i picked up the pillow to hit her


My hand frozed in the air when i saw him


‘Oppa’ i muttered and blinked twice to be sure am not in some kind of dream world


‘are you gonna murder me with a pillow’ he asked



‘no i… I.. I’ i couldn’t say a word as i threw the pillow away and wiped my tears


‘what wrong’ he asked


‘nothing is wrong’ i said


‘then why you crying’ i asked


‘well’ i can’t give that old eye problem excuse anymore


Think jina, say something


‘well you see i feel like am the only one in this world, i have no parent, no family, no one, i Just wish i had a mother or a father to call mine, before fatty came into my life I was all alone, but now that she is in my life i finally feel like I have a family but for some reason it ain’t enough’i said as i sniffed


‘can i be your friend’ he asked


This question hit me very hard


I couldn’t explain how I feel


Kpop idol


My friend


‘don’t you hate me’



I asked a question that can ruin that beautiful question ‘well hate is a bit of a strong word’ he said


‘i do not hate you, i just found you ugly, dumb and annoying that all’ Is he gonna insult me or be friends with me ‘but i can be your friend’ he said


‘but you a huge superstar’ i said


‘so?’ he asked


‘will you seriously wanna be friends with an average girl like me’ i asked ‘yes i will wanna be friends with a below average girl like you’ he said ‘below average?’ i asked


‘yea, i said i will be friends, i did not say i wouldn’t insult you whenever i want’


This Oppa is the meanest.


But he is still very nice


He stood on his feet


Stop crying my little friend


It makes you look uglier he said as he patted me on my head like i was some kind of child before walking out of the room


He is about three years older than me doesn’t mean he should treat me like a Child But who care


I like it anyway




Those girls where right


I can never be with Oppa Mansoo with all this fat


He is nice to me maybe because he considers me his good friend


Or maybe his younger sister cas he is like four years older


Maybe it finally time I loose few pounds


Maybe i should loose some weight so Oppa can finally notice me


I think it is the best thing to do


I like Mansoo a lot


And I don’t think he can ever notice me


He can never notice me




Have been keeping an eye on Jin-Hyuk and jina And the strangest thing happen


I saw Jin-Hyuk coming out of jina room


This is unacceptable


This girl will waist no time in making my Jin-Hyuk hers And what the hell does Jin-Hyuk sees in her


Well i think it high time i tell you just who jina is to me



Jina is my younger half sister


The same father but not the same mother


And i hate her alot that i had to get rid of her when i was just nine years old


But now it seems my plan did not work


I do not know why she is still here


But why i hate her and how i got rid of her is a story for another day


‘why are you coming out of her room’ i asked standing in front of him but as usual this rude Jerk totally ignored me and walked past me


‘hey am talking to you’ i said as i held his wrist but just then he jerk his wrist away from my grip


Jina room opened and i know jina was going to step outside any moment I have to put this girl in her place


I have to let her know that what mine is mine


I pulled Jin-Hyuk closer closer and kissed him on the lips


Jina saw this and i can say her eyes was filled with tears before she walked into the room




I pushed her away


‘What the hell ‘i asked as i cleaned my lips I do not hate the maid girl


But this girl i hate very much


So much i feel like killing her when I see her She is the worst


Like seriously if am the type that hits girl


I would have beaten the heck out of her for what she did now



I walked into my room looking disgusted


I need to brush my teeth for a Long time


………………. To be continued………
















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