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CHAPTER 2 ⃣8 ⃣


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‘Look sir am tired of this crazy plan, i do not want to be involved in it anymore, it enough, i don’t want any plan again’ i said to The EFX boys


‘come on jina, why do you want to back out in the middle of the game, we still have to confirm if jin-hyuk likes you or not’ Mansoo said



‘look i have liked Jin-Hyuk since i was sixteen and i really don’t care if he likes me back or not and we all know Jin-Hyuk is a big time superstar, there’s absolutely no way he will like a maid like me’ i said


‘jina do not look down on yourself like that, any guy can like a girl like you, you pretty, talented and nice what there not to like about you’ Nam-Il said


‘Nam-il is right, any guy will like you for who you are, Jin-Hyuk did not find love in high-class girls that suite his status, how you so sure he can’t find love in girl like you’ jae woo said


‘sir am tired, i don’t want this plan anymore and am definitely tired of making Jin-Hyuk jealous’ i said


‘making me jealous’ a voice said from nowhere


My eyes widened as i turned my back to see who it was


‘Oppa’ i said


He moved close to me


‘you were making me jealous’ he said


‘sir it not what you think i am’


‘waw, you making me jealous, for what, to see if i have any kind of feelings for you’ he asked


‘Jin-Hyuk keep quiet, i know you and when you pissed off you say hurtful things’ Mansoo said trying to stop him from talking


But Jin-Hyuk totally ignored him and continue what he was saying


‘you think i can love someone like you.. Have you checked yourself in the mirror.. Do you think someone like me can ever have any kind of feelings for a wretched person like you’ he asked



Why is Oppa saying this words to me



My eyes was filled with tears


I want to let them down but i was still trying my best to hide em


‘you think i will ever have any kind of romantic feelings for you, what a joke, you don’t even worth my cheapest shirt and you think you can ever be with someone like me’


‘JIN-HYUK!’ the boys shouted


‘what the heck is your problem’ Mansoo asked but i raised my hand signalling stop to him and Mansoo kept quiet


“am sorry i am a nobody” i said as tears flows down my eyes and i wiped it with the back of my hand ‘am sorry i am not born with a silver spoon, i am very sorry that i think someone like you the huge powerful superstar can ever think about someone like me’ balls of tears flows down my eyes and i did not bother to wipe ‘am sorry for being who i am, fashion zero, looks zero, fame zero right’


I could tell that my word had effect on him cause he looks sober


‘you see this is not the first am hearing what you just say, a lot of people call me wretched all the time, but i smile, i shake it off, their words never get to me, like I don’t give a Damn what they say about me, but hearing that word come out of your mouth, i wonder why it hurts alot, i don’t care about what people say but your word matters to me more than any other thing, i don’t care what the world thinks of me but what you think of me matters a lot’i took in a deep breathe before saying ‘am sorry Jin-Hyuk for ever thinking i will ever get a chance with someone of your caliber’ i said as i walked into my room crying


I must have been so upset cause i have never called him Jin-Hyuk before


Not even in my imagination not to talk of calling him Jin-Hyuk to his face




This is the thing about me


I often say wrong things to people in a fit of rage


I should have just listened to Mansoo when he told me to shut up Now i made her cry


What kind of a person am i


I watched her run up the stairs crying and slammed her room door so hard ‘Now you happy’ Nam-il asked


‘i told u to keep quiet but you couldn’t’ Mansoo said


‘and beside she does not want to be involved in this plan from the beginning, you know how we are, we forced her to be a part of this’ KYUNG Wan said


‘what you said was messed up’ The boys stood up and walked away


I sighed and sat down on the sofa


I really shouldn’t have said that


But i guess it made me really upset to see her part of some stupid plans I should have known the boys forced her into this


They sometimes force me into stupid things most especially Nam-Il and Mansoo I won’t lie i kinda like her not as a friend but something more than a friend


I mean she doesn’t even need a plan to prove that fact it obvious Very obvious



But Damn why do I have such enormous ego


I can’t just bring myself to tell her i like her


I can’t do it


But the least i can do is apologize right


I must apologize to her


I really messed up




The next day, fatty call woke me up cause i had to cry myself to sleep the previous day


‘no fatty am fine and you… Yea sure…. Come back soon cas i really miss you…


Yea just 3 weeks to go but it feels like 3 years….. Okay fatty


… I willl hang up now’ i said as i disconnected the call.


I checked my wrist watch.


‘7:00,i have work to do’ i hit the showers out on my head maid uniform which is a black skirt, and white shirt and i packed my head in a bun before walking out of the room


The maids were gathered at my doorstep and bowed as i walked out of the room


‘i told you guys pls do not bow again’ i said


I was older than them cas they were all 20 and 19


But that does not mean i want them to bow in front of me cas am the head maid


I assigned duties to each of them and i also went ahead to do my work



They tried to convince me not to do anything cause my hand still injures but i turned deaf ears cas i feel uncomfortable doing nothing


I decided to dust the house and put up the new wall paintings Nam-Il just bought


I was the only one in the living room


I guess the boys are still asleep


I climbed on a stool to fixed the painting on the wall but then the stool shaked and i thought i was going to fall on the floor only to fall in someone hand


I slowly opened my eyes i closed earlier out of fear only to find myself in Jin-Hyuk hand..


I won’t lie it feels so good being in his arms..


But i won’t think about that since i am still very upset about what he said to me the previous day.


He slowly dropped me on my feet and I greeted him coldly


‘Goodmorning sir’ i said as i wanted to walk away but he held my wrist and pulled me back softly


‘jina i am’


‘no sir, please do not complete what you about to say, you right about everything you said yesterday’ i said with a low tone and with a sad look


I wanted to walk away but he pulled me back aggressively this time


‘hey, are you going to play hard to get now, i am sincerely apologising to you and u ignoring me’


I see d problem with this Oppa


He is just too proud


Out of nowhere someone hit an umbrella on his head and he let go of me and held the back of his head


I looked at the side to see who it was that did that to him and apparently it was an old woman


A pretty old woman to be precise


How can a old woman like her be so s£xy and pretty


‘grandma’ Jin-Hyuk said


‘grandmother’ i muttered with a confused look on my face


‘you rude arrogant brat, is that how to treat a lady’ she said hitting him with an umbrella ‘is that how i brought you up, you so rude to a lady’ she continue hitting him with an umbrella


‘grandma’ he said trying to block the beating with his hand


I must admit i couldn’t help but laugh to myself


This is really a sight to see


‘am sorry’ he said as he folded his arms and the old woman stoped hitting him with the umbrella


She looked at me and said ‘fine young lady, what is your name’ she asked


‘jina mam’ i replied


‘oh my precious, pretty doll’ she said as she placed her hand on my cheek ‘you are so pretty, has he been bothering you, tell me now so i can hit him with the umbrella’ she said



Oppa was looking at me in a way begging me not to tell her anything I can say he is very afraid of this old Woman


‘no mam he is nice’ i said as Oppa breathe out a sigh of relief


‘that great, you are really pretty my dear’ she said admiring my face I must say this old pretty woman likes me a lot. And i can say i also like her


‘waw grandmother, we did not know you were coming here today’ the other Efx boys said as they walked down the stairs and hugged her


‘they get a hug and i get nothing but beating’ Jin-Hyuk said folding his arms


‘what did you say’ grandmother said as she lifted her umbrella ready to beat him up again


‘nothing’ he said as he moved away from her Waw so Jin-Hyuk is actually scared of someone. That nice


‘come on let go my son’ grandmother said as she walked up the stairs with the Efx boys leaving Jim-Hyuk behind


‘you not going with your grandmother’ i asked


‘she beat me up all the time, am just gonna stay away for now and beside you and i have an unfinished business’ he said as he moved close to me


‘look sir there’s really nthn to talk about’ i said


He held my wrist and pulled me closer to him which made my heart skip a beat



‘you really not going to accept my apology’ he said


I tried to move away from him but he put his hand around my waist holding me very close to him


‘sir’ i said but then he did not stop whatever he was doing he still held me very close to him


Just then a shoe came flying at his face but he quickly dodged it and we turned around to see who it was


‘noona (elder sis) he said’ as a pretty very pretty and classy woman in her thirties walked towards us


‘your sister’ i asked


‘yea’ he answered as she grabbed him by the ear pulling it very hard


I know his sister jin-yoon seo a very famous business woman and very rich too but then i never imagined i will ever get to see her ‘


you forcing a woman ‘she said pulling his ears’ when did you become so cheap’ This house is getting more interesting


He has a crazy grandma and sister This is gonna be fun


……………………To be continued……




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