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On God









What the heck is going on here, why am I standing in front of k-pop leader Jin-Hyuk?


I pinched myself secretly to be sure that i am not in some kind of dream world and yea i was not dreaming, it totally real, i am standing in front of Jin-Hyuk oppa .


He was staring at me with his deep black eyes .



His pink moist lips made me wish i could just throw myself at him and kiss the soul out of him .


Jim-Hyuk has serious problem with just choosing one permanent hair colour. Sometimes it green, sometimes brown and sometimes his natural hair colour ‘black’. This time around i really don’t know the definite colour, is it green? , is it blue? , i really don’t know but all i know is that it makes him look super duper cool




He Was dressed in ritzy red hooded sweatshirts, black baggy pants,and red and


black hair band .



This must be K-POP new house, they moved to this new house because crazy fans raided the last one and almost tore them apart


that the price they gat to pay for popular k-pop band ..



Wait i must not let him know i am a big fan and most importantly the fact that I have a ginormous crush on him , if he should know i for sure that am going to be


fired and boom this sweet dream is over and i might get fired because the way he is looking at me he does not look so happy to see me


‘ummmm welcome sir’ i said with a trembling voice


He did not reply he was still staring at me




So the band and i came back from a very important meeting, i was a little tired and i wanted to go straight to my room and soak myself in the bathtub only to bump into the biggest idiot, she was starring at mw and couldn’t not utter a word


I am sure she must be some kind of fan judging from the way she was staring at me, what the heck is wrong with. She was ugly, very ugly, and not s£xy at all, her eyes was so big i feel like they are going to pop out of her head and her legs, why is she so skinny



I grapped her by the arm and dragged her out of the room




Okay now am going to die, i am going to go crazy, K-pop Jim-Hyuk hand is around my arm dragging me all the way to the sitting room, his hands where so soft and je smells like thousands of beautiful flowers. It was only a matter of second before i started dreaming of our wedding


‘Who is she ‘ his deep manly voice woke me up from my dream land


O. M. G, the rest of the bands are here


Kyung wan the mature gentle one, he is handsome, extremely handsome with his purple short hair


Jae woo the nice hot one with the ash hair


kyung seok, kyung wan twin brother, super cutie btw and a little gentle like kyung wan,


man soo the proud handsome man with white hair


Nam-il, the the adorable one, he is the youngest in the group and extremely funny


I feel like am living in a fairytale. And yea Jin-Hyuk is grumpy, very grumpy, proud, arrogant and very bossy but who cares i still have a crush on him.


Who is this girl ‘ he asked again


Am in a dream world, jin-hyuk is still holding my arms


‘hey Jin-Hyuk, do not pick on the maid again’ jae wook said as he opens a can of soda

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This boys are extremely hot, this is the first time i am standing so close to them and men my sweet Jim-Hyuk



‘i employed her, tell me what wrong with that’ Mr Kang said as he enters into the building


‘well it seems jin-Hyuk has a problem with her’ cute Nam-il said


‘well he shouldn’t, she is perfect for the job, we are not firing this new maid Jim-Hyuk’ mr Kang said


He let go of me and walks closer to mr kang and looked at him for awhile before turning his back and walks away


‘looks like that boy is finally growing up’ kyung the mature one said


‘like seriously he just walked away without uttering a word’ man soo who is not so different from Jin-Hyuk said


‘hello cutie maid welcome to the house’ nice Nam-il


O. M. G, Nam-il oppa just called me cutie. Still wish it was Jin-Hyuk who called me that


‘come with me’ Mr Kang said


‘okay sir’ i replied


I followed mr kang to the garden


‘sir, you could have Atleast inform me that this is EFX house’ i said


‘well i love giving people surprises, and please you will have to learn to tolerate Jin-Hyuk, he is extremely grumpy and rude same thing with man soo but Hyuk is you know the word, will you be able to tolerate him’


Tolerate, why won’t i, any girl will do anything to be in my present condition



‘sure sir, i will try’ trying as much as possible to sound like i don’t care about the fact that am in EFX house


‘Okay ‘ he answered


I turned to my left i saw someone very important, is today celebrity day cause i am seeing alot of celebrities. Korea sweetheart, female singer and model Park Mina


I like her cause she is a singer, i hate her because she is well you know Jin-Hyuk girlfriend


I entered into the house and walked towards oppa hyuk door step to eavesdrop on their conversation, pretty rude and i can get fired but that only if I get caught


Hyuk pov


‘i am tired of this relationship’I said coldly, that just me, very cold and i don’t talk much, i hardly even talk neither do i smile


what you can’t break up with me, what will do people think, they will say you broke my heart and you might loose alot fans’


This is my exact problem with her, she talks a lot, I don’t, this is my exact problem with her and beside the relationship is fake, we are only dating for publicity


‘this relationship is not real anyway’ i said


‘whatever, fine let break up’ she said as shw walks out of the room looking pretty upset




I quickly acted like i was cleaning immediately mina walked out of the room


‘where you eavesdropping?’she asked


eavesdropping?, no i wasn’t ‘i replied


i can see you where eavesdropping you cheap smelly maid ‘she said


Cheap, smelly?


……… To be continued……….










On God



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