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Chapter Forty Three





THEY headed downstairs chatting and laughing, cuddling each other



Then they strode out of the building, towards the parking lot



Priceley was already standing there, beside the MG sports car and was on his phone



He heard them coming and looked up



“Oh! You are here”, he said



“Yeah”, Kesmanee replied, his left hand on Sharuna’s shoulder



“Hi Priceley”, Sharuna greeted



“Hi”, he replied


“So where we heading to first?”, he asked



Kesmanee shook his head slightly


“Remember telling you I will be going to my company first; the headquarters”



Priceley nodded





“We go there first, I haven’t been there since I came from the hospital. After that, we will go to the station”



Priceley nodded





“Let’s go”, Kesmanee said and made to open the car door



“I will do that, let me be the driver”, Priceley said



They laughed



“If you say so”, Kesmanee shrugged



Priceley opened the door and they entered, he closed it and then entered


the driver’s seat








They got to the company and alighted



“You remember here?”, Kesmanee asked Sharuna as they walked into the building



“How can?”, she said looking around



He laughed


Well, when I brought you here, you were blind. You’ve been here once”, he explained



She shook her head slightly and tucked her left hand onto his right elbow



“Oops”, she said



“What’s it?”



“Damn! My specks, it’s at home”, she complained, her face frowning



Kesmanee and Priceley laughed



“Funny?”, she asked



“You know your face looks more attractive when you frown, do it again”, they laughed



“Aren’t you ok without the specks?”, Priceley asked



“Not too okay”, she replied



They got to the entrance of the building and entered, Sharuna still hand her left hand tucked into Kesmanee’s right elbow, like someone gonna snatch him away



The people in the ground floor gasped and began composing themselves as soon as they entered



“Oops, it’s the CEO”


” Oh my God! He’s f**king here”


“I can’t believe it, it’s true he’s awake”



Kesmanee cleared his throat and took a stand in front of them all



“Hello everyone”, he smiled



“Hello sir”, they replied in unison



He smiled again


“It’s your CEO, he’s back”


“Woohoo!”, they exclaimed, jumping and clapping



“Welcome sir……. welcome sir. We missed you”, they said



Kesmanee and his companions smiled



“I missed you all too. I hope the work has been going on smoothly?”, he asked



“Very smoothly”, an elderly woman by the end corner, putting on glasses said


“Well, your brother and best friend has been the one overseeing things. Though we don’t know him, we’ve never seen him, but he’s been doing a good job”, she added



They laughed


“Well Mrs Amaya, thanks for observing. As for that my brother and best friend, he’s the one standing beside me now”





They gasped



Priceley smiled and waved at them, cheers followed



“Thank you”, he said



“Okay,I’m gonna be informing you soon, of when a board meeting would be held. Till then”, and they left, taking the stairs to the first floor



“I’m not going to the other floors yet, or we will just spend the whole day here”, Kesmanee said


“Let’s go to the third floor, I wanna see my PA”



They shrugged and took the elevator



As they got to the third floor, they went straight to his PA’s office



Jennifer was sitted and doing her work as usual, there was a knock on the door



“Come in”, she said



The door opened and the biggest surprise of her life, met her



“Jesus”, she exclaimed, closing her mouth with her hand


“Mr Kesmanee? Oh my God! Miss Sharuna?”, she shouted and stood from her seat



Kesmanee smiled


“Jenny, how are you?”, he asked



She couldn’t talk, she felt her mouth closed She was dumbfounded



“Jenny?”, Kesmanee called again, “it’s me, it’s your CEO”, he laughed



“Oh my goodness!”, she placed her hand on her chest “You? Miss Sharuna? You can see now?”



“Yeah, it’s we”, Sharuna said smiling



In a twinkle of an eye, she embraced Kesmanee


“Welcome”, she said and turned to Sharuna, she embraced her too


“I’m happy to see you all, very happy”



She turned to Priceley and shook hands with him “Welcome”, she said



“Thanks”, he replied



“Um Jennifer, this is Priceley, my brother and very best friend”, Kesmanee introduced



“Oh! Nice to meet you, heard lots about you”, she said



“Thank you”, he smiled



“Well, I’m back now and thank God for that. I hope everything is going on well?”, the CEO asked



Jennifer nodded


“Yes, very much well”



“Let me go check my office”, Kesmanee said, “Priceley come with me”, and they went in, leaving Sharuna behind



“Miss Sharuna? What happened?”, Jennifer asked “I mean, the manner with which you disappeared”



Sharuna looked puzzled


“I did?”, she asked




Jennifer laughed



“Of course. After Kesmanee’s accident, his family moved him to Mexico for treatment, I tried reaching you. Went to your house, but I practically didn’t meet you”, she explained



She sighed


“Well, when you came to my house, I was inside, but I was just scared to answer anybody”



She laughed


“I understand. But, you can see now, thank God”



Sharuna laughed


“Yeah, I can. So this is you? You are beautiful”, she complimented



“Thank you”, at that juncture, Kesmanee and Priceley came out



“I will be going now Jennifer”, Kesmanee announced, “I will inform you of the board meeting we gonna hold soon”, he said



She nodded, smiling


“Okay. Take care”



“You too”, and they left the building



They talked and laughed all the way to thier car



Sharuna opened the door and entered, Priceley stopped Kesmanee as he was about entering



“Men, that your PA looks hot, you have her details?”, Priceley said




Kesmanee laughed


“Of course”



Priceley smiled


“I hope she’s free?”



Kesmanee slightly shook his head


“Jennifer? For the much I know, she’s free, and she’s a good girl”, he added and laughed



“Just send me her details when I ring”, he entered the car



“No problem. We will be going to the station now”, he announced



“Sure”, Priceley said and they drove off








They got to the station and walked stealthily into the building



“Good day. How can we help you?”, a policeman asked as soon as they entered



“Good day”, Priceley offered to talk, “I’m Priceley Bennett, I got a call…….”,


the policeman interrupted



“Oh oh. No problem, just come with me”, he said and they followed him



He took them to the prison and to a particular cell, he talked with the prison warder, and then left



The prison warder opened the prison and called out the supposed culprit


They stood still, waiting to see





Goodness gracious!


Kesmanee couldn’t believe his eyes





It was Cindy



So it was her all along



“Cindy”, he gasped



Her eyes widened in surprise, she also couldn’t believe her eyes



She was surprised at everything, surprised to see him, surprised to see Sharuna, surprised that she could now see



“You know her?”, Priceley asked



Kesmanee nodded


“Yeah, she…….she’s my employee at work”


“Hey Cindy, hope you remember me?”, he asked ridiculously



Cindy couldn’t talk, she was lost for words


Remembering all she had done, she felt ashamed, her eyes fell



“Well, I don’t even have anything to say. I just came to see the person who had me in coma for months. So, it was you”



She bent her head to look at the floor


“Hope you are enjoying your jail term, bye”, and he turned to go



“Let’s leave here”, he said to Priceley and Sharuna



“Won’t you like to see the guys she sent?”, Priceley asked as they were leaving



He shook his head


“No”, he said



“But how come? I mean your own employee, what happened?”, he asked



He sighed


“Long story. Not in the mood for that now Priceley”, he said, he was angry



Priceley shrugged



“Hope you are okay!”, Sharuna asked looking into his eyes



He looked at her, and he was forced to smile


“I’m fine”, she smiled and tucked her left hand into his right elbow again, and they left the station






Dr Sujit walked into the kitchen in Vida’s apartment



He had been there since morning and had asked her not to go to the boutique, but to spend the day with her



He opened the refrigerator and brought out a can of strawberry juice


Taking two glass cups, he walked to the sitting room



Vida sat on the couch looking agitated He walked and sat beside her



“What’s it? You look worried”, he asked



“I’m looking for my phone, I need to talk with my daughter, haven’t heard her voice today”, she said



“Well, your phone is on the dining table, as for your daughter, don’t bother. I talked with her this morning and she’s fine. You know her marriage has been fixed”,



“Oh, yeah”



“Now smile for me”



She smiled


He then served the drinks and gave her a glass cup of strawberry juice



“Thank you”, she said



Minutes later, she got up and walked to the dining, she needed to get her phone



She needed to talk with her daughter in person, forget what Dr Sujit was saying


She needed to hear her daughter’s voice herself



She took her phone and was going through the contacts when she felt a touch on her waist



Oh God!


She closed her eyes and dropped the phone



Dr Sujit took the glass cup from her hand and dropped it on the dining table



Then he turned her to face him



He smiled, her eyes were somewhat scared



He drew closer and kissed her name, then he took her left hand with his right hand, and looked straight into her eyes




He could hear her heart beat, it was beating loudly (like duduke He smiled






“Marry me”, he said



She gasped.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



So, it was Cindy all along


Jennifer? He’s on the way


Vida…….. I don’t know what to say. Congrats






Love y’all













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