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‘Now leave’ Mansoo said


Fatty and i gently turned our backs and walked out of the audition room Jin-Hyuk


I just think it will be fun to Pick on that ugly maid


She thinks she is so talented


And that oversized singer, she is even uglier than the maid


‘why did you do that’ Nam-il asked


‘i feel like’ i answered coldly



‘well do not pick on her Jin-Hyuk, she did nothing wrong to you’ Jae woo said I don’t have any specific reason to pick on people


Once i don’t like them at all, i just pick on them It makes me so happy to do that


‘i do what I want’ i replied jae woo


I told that maid girl to sing because i know and i am pretty sure she can’t sing


And for the stage performance i said that on purpose because i know the fat girl gat stage fright


Just looking at them i already know their weaknesses




‘i really need to get into EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL,but i can’t sing fatty’ i said ‘do not worry jina, i can help’ fatty replied


‘but we have just three days, how am i going to learn how to sing in just three days’ i said looking tensed


‘i can definitely do something about your singing problem, but what are we going to do about my stage fright?’ fatty asked


‘do not worry about the stage fright’ i said


‘then where are we going to practice’ fatty asked


that another problem, we won’t be able to practice because i have work to do.. ‘i really don’t know fatty’ i said as i folded my arms But why is Jin-Hyuk oppa doing this



Part of me is happy about the fact that Jin-Hyuk oppa is finally noticing me and the


other part is angry because he put me in such a hard situation


‘hello’ Mr Kang said as he waved at us


‘Hello Adjhussi’ i replied

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‘well i heard what Jin-Hyuk did, i apologize on his behalf’ Mr Kang said


Why is mr Kang apologizing


Part of me enjoys all this oppa is doing to me



‘well it nthn sir ‘ i said acting like i am really hurt by what he did



‘well i spoke to him and he said he is giving you two hours to practice everyday’ Mr kang said


Just two hours, well it better than nothing, i hope i learn how to sing in just three days..



But my sweet oppa was still kind enough to give me two hours


‘okay sir’ i said


‘well your two hours starts now, there’s a private music room, you can practice in there’ Mr kang said pointing at a door


‘come on jina, let us go’ fatty said


‘oh okay… Thanks adjhussi ‘ i said


‘you welcome jina’ Mr kang replied


So Fatty and i entered into the music room


‘okay now sing jina’ fatty said


‘no you sing first’


‘okay why don’t you try something like this’..



Party girls


Don’t get hurt


She was singing chandelier by sia


This girl voice just makes sense..


How can someone be so good


Mina is lucky to be a popular singer because fatty is far better than she is but still she is not popular..


‘okay slow down Celine Dion’ i said


Fatty laughed


‘why don’t you try that out’ she said




I was really anxious to hear jina voice.


But then i regret being anxious


She is terrible


I mean this girl is a rap godess


But a total flop in singing


She was like



Par.. T.. Ty girls


D.. D.. O… N.. T get hurt



Jeez why does she sound like a dying goat



‘okay stop’ i said in order to avoid more damage to my ear drums ‘you know what, we have a lot of work to do’ ‘i said ‘ was i that bad ‘she asked


I wish i could just tell her that she sounds like two raccoons in a chicken fight But i do not want to hurt her feelings


how do I put this in a nice way you have a terrible singing voice ‘ i replied So much for not hurting her feelings


‘oh’ she said looking sad


‘but do not worry my good friend, i am here to help’ i said trying to make her feel better






Ever since that audition charade, i have not seen the EFX


They have some kind of concert in new Jersey which gives me and fatty more time to practice


For some reason i still haven’t told fatty i work as a Maid in their house She also loves the EFC so much and her celebrity crush is Mansoo Why will she like Mansoo, he is so grumpy Who am i to judge others



I also have a crush on the extremely grumpy Ji-Hyuk



So the day of the performance finally arrived and fatty and i where to perform in front of the 600 EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL students.


‘There is alot of people here ‘ fatty said looking scared ‘do not worry, just hold my hand’ i replied


‘what are you doing standing here, you have to be prepared’ a beautiful classy woman said to us


‘come on follow me’ she added


Fatty and i followed the woman as she took us to a private room ‘you are both performing today so you have to get ready’ she said I never knew they where gonna help us get prepared for this


They gave me a short white off shoulder dress to put on and applied little makeup on my face


And they did the same thing to fatty


So after some minutes it was finally our time to perform I was nervous, i cannot mess up


Fatty and i walked up to the stage holding hands And yea guess who our judges where The EFX


Fatty was a little nervous seeing her very handsome crush here And i was also nervous because oppa was also here



‘come on waw us’ Nam-il said smiling


Jin-Hyuk i am crazy about you but i still have to prove you wrong by doing what you think i can’t


Singing wasn’t a problem for fatty she is very good so she started the song







You’re broken down and tired


Of living life on a merry go round




Immediately i started singing, there was this look of disbelief on oppa’s face



I guess he did not expect my voice to be that good Fatty really tried


I wasn’t as good as she is


Cause she is like a voice godess


But my voice was awesome



And you can’t find the fighter


But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out




And move mountains


We gonna walk it out


And move mountains



And I’ll rise up


I’ll rise like the day


I’ll rise up


I’ll rise unafraid


I’ll rise up


And I’ll do it a thousand times again


And I’ll rise up


High like the waves


I’ll rise up


In spite of the ache


I’ll rise up


And I’ll do it a thousands times again


For you


For you


For you



Immediately we finished singing, the whole hall stood on their feet shouting and clapping..


I guess they really loved our singing


Men i will pay a million won to see that look on oppa face over and over again.






……………… To be continued………….











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