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CHAPTER 2 ⃣6 ⃣






This better not be One of your wacky dreams jina


If it is wake the hell up now


I hate stupid dreams


Oppa slowly break the kiss for air


Wait it not a dream


We both shared eye contact and for some reason i have this strong urge to faint


Like seriously imagine being smooched by Justin Bieber, Bruno mars, Charlie puth or one of those handsome foreign musicians then you will know how magical it feels


I am going to faint but I do not want to


I must not faint


Jina you can do it do not faint




Why i kissed her


I really do not know why


I am the must confused human


But that kissed help


It took her mind off the pain


And the way she is staring at me right now She looked shocked

Like she didn’t expect that


‘jina’ i called her name..


I think calling her name is wrong cas she passed out immediately I know how it feels


Girls pass out when i touch their hand not to talk of kissing


But i did not expect her to cas this is not my first time kissing her




I slowly opened my eyes and sit up straight on the bed Did i pass out again


I looked out the window and everywhere was dark.



But i was kissed in the afternoon


Why did i wake up in the night


A maid walked into my room holding a tray ‘what this’ i asked


‘your dinner ‘ she answered.


‘dinner, for how long have i been asleep’ i asked ‘for a couple of hours’ she replied


‘hours’ i said looking surprised



‘yea’ she said as she dropped my dinner and walked away ‘am really hungry’ I tried to pick up the spoon but i could not It hurt a lot


Should i eat with my mouth like a dog


This is all so confusing


I was still busy struggling with my spoon when someone sat down in front of me and picked up my spoon


‘sir i will’


I could not finish my word before he said.


‘really, with what hand’


I looked at my badly injured hand.



He ignored what ever i have to say and directed the spoon towards my mouth I looked at him for awhile before opening my mouth and eating the food


I do not know why but did the doctor tell Oppa am going to die or something He is being extra sweet to me


Sometimes i feel like i will just wake up and this will all be a dream one day


Oppa if this is a trick to play with my feelings stop this


But still this is all based on friendship


I know i am suppose to concentrate on the food he is feeding me But his face is something i couldn’t get my eyes off


How can someone be beautiful and handsome at the same time He has this feminine look


His skin looks so smooth and flawless like some kind of female model. And that lips

That lips is magnificent


The way he kissed me


A girl will literally kill to be with this angel I understand mina now


I wish i can just place my hand on that smooth face


All my hand on his beautiful chest


This is not fair


Why is he this perfect


This is one of the people God carefully created


He slowly used his hand to wipe the food stain on the side of my lips and I just keep staring at him unsure of what going on


I do not want to feel better


I want to be sick forever as long as I get this treatment


He was still in the process of feeding me when the other EFX member entered the room


‘waw waw waw’ Nam-il said


‘what is going on here’ jin-woo said with a smile on his face


I thought oppa was going to stop whatever he is doing seeing his other band mate But he to totally ignored them and continue whatever he is doing


‘Jin-Hyuk’ Mansoo placed his hand on Jin-Hyuk forehead ‘did you hit your head or something’ he asked


‘ohhhhh jina, why do you look badly hurt, did Jin-Hyuk’ Nam-il asked ‘no he didn’t, i was attacked by thugs and my hand got burnt’ i said ‘oh no, this is horrible’ kyung wan said looking very concerned All the kpop boys cares about me so much



Oppa who was clearly tired with all their talking, he dropped the spoon and walked out of the room


‘something is fishy here’ kyung wan said


‘if you ask me Jin-Hyuk likes jina’ Nam-il said


‘what no, this is all a misunderstanding, he cares for me as a friend’ said nervously


‘misunderstanding, friend’ Mansoo said ‘we are his friend but he never cared about us like this before’


‘yea you guys are right Jin-Hyuk definitely likes her but he doesn’t realize that yet, we are definitely going to help him realise that’ kyung wan said


This guys are getting it all mixed up


This is just friendship


‘i have a plan’ Mansoo said as he narrated his entire plan


‘what i can’t do that, i won’t do that’ i said


‘if you don’t then you fired’ Nam-il said


‘fired, what’ i said


‘we all know you like him and we see the way you stare at him all the time, can’t you do this much for someone you like’ Mansoo asked


‘but if he finds out, i will get fired’ i said


I really do not want anything to ruin this friendship


“do not worry, we gat this ‘Nam-il said


At first i did not want to say yes to the boys stupid plan


But they somehow managed to convince me


so who will carry out the plan ‘ji woo asked


Mansoo should ‘Nam-il said


what why, why can’t you do it ‘he asked Nam-il


have any idea what Jin-Hyuk will do to me if he trully likes her, he might ruin my face, that girl is very possesive you know ‘Nam-il said


well do you think i want my face ruined, God knows what he will do to me ‘Mansoo said


just do it ‘ji woo Said


The boys somehow managed to convince Mansoo and now the crazy plan is ready




I dat down on the sofa in the living room looking cold as usual


Those boys enjoy barging in at the wrong time


I looked up and saw Mansoo and jina walking down the stairs together with Mansoo hand around her waist supporting her down the stairs


Why does his hand have to be around her waist


Couldn’t he touch somewhere Else


Anyway who cares.


I don’t


‘come on dear sit on the sofa’ he said as he helped her sit on the sofa



Here let me help you with your food’ Mansoo said as he fed her with the food I was feeling uneasy


What the heck is his problem But what my business


Jina is just my friend anyway Or my MAID


‘you have food stain’ Mansoo said as he wipes her lips with his hand softly I stood on my feet and wanted to say something


But i sat down again.. Just shut up Jin-Hyuk

It none of your business anyway


But why is he looking at her and touching her like that. Why is he feeding her food.


And why is she so close to him


‘thanks Oppa you are so nice’ she said blushing.. He is so nice


What abut me


I have been taking care of her for almost todays now



Just because Mansoo helped her for just 5 minutes he is so nice That does it


I can’t stand this anymore


I stood on my feet and walked away




This is interesting


Am beginning to enjoy this


Oppa reacted the way we want him to but that still did not prove anything ‘waw, this is fun’ Nam-il said


‘look this plan is not in level two yet and look how he reacted’ Mansoo said laughing


‘yea’ he said laughing.


‘but him behaving like that still doesn’t prove anything yet’ u said ‘just wait and see’ kyung wan said




i started pacing back and forth in the room


‘Oppa you so nice’ i said imitating the maid girl


That girl is a big fool


How is Mansoo so nice


I don’t even care


She can do whatever she wants with him


She should marry him for all i care


………………To be continued…………


Hey guys do you think the guys should continue with this plan And yea i think Oppa is jealous


But still does not want to admit his feelings for her

















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