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CHAPTER 2 7 ⃣⃣






The next day i walked down the stairs into the living room only to see mansoo and jina seated on the sofa laughing and talking to each other


From the look of things she seem to be enjoying that conversation And why is she laughing and blushing so hard


She never laughs that hard when she is with him I wonder what jina and Mansoo are talking about


I walked closer to them and said


‘don’t you have work to do’ i asked


‘sir Goodmorning’ she said looking scared


‘well Jin-Hyuk, can’t you see she is hurt’ Mansoo said


‘yea that right, just go to your room or something’ i said


‘okay’ she said as she stood on her feet ‘oppa Mansoo let go to my room so we can continue our conversation’






‘okay jina, let go’ Mansoo said as he stood on his feet


‘you know what just stay’ i said


‘but sir u told me to go to my room ‘she said


but am telling you to stay now must you always have something to say ‘i asked and she just kept quiet as she sat down on the sofa


She started coughing and i handed over a bottle of water i was going to drink earlier to her while Mansoo also gave her a glass of water


Is it wierd i have a sudden urge to kill this Mansoo


Jina collected the glass of water from Mansoo which made me kinda upset


No who am i kidding


It made me very upset



I angrily opened the bottle of water and gulped it all down as i sat on the couch Look at her


Just take a look at her enjoying the way Mansoo is flirting with her right in front of me..


Wait right in front of me?


It not like am her boyfriend or something but why does she enjoy this so much And that Mansoo


What kind of a friend is he


I though he was attracted to that fat girl


But here he is flirting with the maid


Why do i even care


‘you got something in your hair’ Mansoo said ‘really where’ jina asked


‘let me help you with that’ he said


Don’t you dare touch her hair.


Don’t you dare


This words were going on in my head


But i couldn’t let it out


He slowly removed something from her hair caressing her cheek in the process


What nonsense


I hate this shit


‘Mansoo can I talk to you privately ‘ i asked ‘yea sure’ he said as he stood on his


‘what the hell do you think you Doin’ i asked ‘what am I doing’ he asked looking confused


‘with the maid, when did you guys suddenly become so close’ i asked


‘well the truth is i think she is cute,so innocent and honest, she is my type of girl’ Mansoo said..


‘what’ i exclaimed ‘your type of girl, can’t you just find another girl why should she be your type of girl, can’t you look for someone else’


‘why i like jina from day one and I think it will be really fun if she can be my girlfriend’ Mansoo said


That does it


I just want to strangle Mansoo right here and right now ‘i have to go to jina, will be right back’ he said Go to jina


How cheap


I went Back to the sofa and sat down looking cold But deep down i was 200% upset



mean Forget it


Jina has a lot of explaining to do


‘so jina, tell me your favourite romantic movie’ Mansoo said ‘ummmm am thinking you are beautiful’ jina said


‘you are beautiful, why that movie’ he asked


‘well maybe because i like the way that popstar fell in love with the girl later on, although he hated her a lot from the beginning but fell in love with her later on’ jina said


‘he was a proud grumpy man just like Jin-Hyuk right’ Mansoo said


‘what’ jina said looking scared


I gave Mansoo a cold glare and he looked at me and smirked before focusing on jina again


‘Well i hope we can watch that movie together one day, think about it you and i watching a romantic movie’ Mansoo said flirting..


This guy is going to get what coming to him


He has alot of girlfriend can’t he just stick to one of them


Does he have to run after the maid too


This so fraustrating




Few hours later Mansoo and the other oppa went out leaving Jin-Hyuk and i alone



I slowly walked out of my room and i only had to take few steps before i bumped into Oppa


‘sir’ i muttered


I wanted to walk past him but he held my wrist and pulled me back


‘what are you doing’ he asked


‘sir, what did i do’ i asked again


‘you and Mansoo are you guys in a relationship or something’ he asked ‘in a relationship, no we are not’ i said


‘then why are you always together why are you always so Close’ he asked


It seems the guys are right


This can’t be true


Does he really like me


But what will someone like Jin-Hyuk see in me I am not that attractive


He deserves someone like a hot supermodel


But no




Of all girls


No, no, no


I quickly shaked the thought off


He is just a friend


‘then’ he scratched the back of his neck and had this awkward look ‘but why are you guys always that close’ he asked


‘well’ a huge smile appeared on my face ‘Mansoo is so nice and caring i think he kinda makes me feel special’ i said looking down and blushing


‘you simpleton’ he said




I heard Wht he said but i only said that to be sure of what he said.


‘i mean you know what never mind, but pls stay away from Mansoo’ he said


‘but why’ i asked


‘HEY’ he shouted which kind of made me flinch i almost fell down but he grabbed me by the waist and moved me very close to him, we shared that eye contact again and this time I get to enjoy the feelings of my hand on his chest on mine


‘but sir what difference does it make to you if i am close to Mansoo or not’ i said


‘i do not want you close to him because it makes me upset okay’ he said softly in my ear which kind of gave me goosebumps and made my tummy tingle he pulled me even closer to him and i was in that terrible love situation again


‘but why does it make you upset’ u asked inform of a whisper


I enjoy being this close to him


I love this closeness a lot


We didn’t even leave any kind of space between us


He said in my ear in a very low tone


‘it makes me upset because i……’


He couldn’t say a thing again as he loosen grip around my waist


What was he about to say


Because he what


He slowly let go of me and walked away


Why didn’t he complete what he was about to say


…………….. To be continued…………..















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