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CHAPTER 2 ⃣4 ⃣






I walked into my room smiling


Oppa kissed me on the forehead


He was so sweet to me


He even saved me from those thugs


I collapsed on my bed with a big smile on my face Oppa kissed me on the forehead


He didn’t even call me dirty or ugly maid girl He called me by my name jina



No one has pronounced my name in such sweet way


Oppa let Just get married


I hugged my pillow tight smiling


I screamed silently


I got on my bed and started jumping on it like some kid who had just be given 200 passes to Disney land


I totally forgot about the pain and severe bruises on my body


And am wearing his shirt


I hugged myself really tight


It smells just like him


And his room


His bed


His cologne


Oppa might end up driving me crazy one day


I was still jumping on the bed ignoring all the pain i was feeling when i remembered something and slowly sat on my bed


‘i bet he just thinks of me as a friend, no matter how great I feel the fact still remains that kiss was a friendly kiss’ i said as I remembered him kissing mina


Mina is the right girl for him


She is pretty and rich



Who am I to compete with someone like her


I was feeling pains on my body and i was not feeling too good For some reason i was dizzy and i just collapsed on the bed



After 45 mins


I decided to check on the maid


I do not think she Wil be fine since she was badly beaten up I opened the door to her room and found her lying on the bed. ‘it seems she is asleep’


I wanted to turn my back and leave the room but then i realised she didn’t cover herself with the duvet and it very cold in here


I walked towards her and wanted to cover with the duvet I looked at her face and it was very pale

Something is not right


I placed my hand on her forehead to check her temperature and she was hot very hot


‘hey, maid, wake up’ i said patting her softly


she slowly opened her big doll eyes and stares at me ‘you have a high fever’ i said


She slowly tried to reach for the duvet



I guess she must be feeling cold


This room is very cold and there is no heater in here ‘you cold’ i asked


She nods her head and closed her eyes


‘come let go to the hospital’ i said


‘n… N… No.. Am f.. Fin… Fine i d.. Do not want to.. Go.. To the… Hospital’ she said with a very weak voice


‘no you not fine i need to take you to the hospital’ i said ‘no…. I.. Don’t want… To… Go’ she said


‘what your problem with the hospital’ i asked looking pissed off…



‘they…. Have. Big.. … Big injection … Am… Scared of t…. Ta… Taking a shot ‘


How can she be such a big fool



Why is she so scared of injection


I stood on my feet and dialed a number on my phone


‘yea doctor, come to my house right now, yea sure, okay’ i said as i cut the phone later on


‘the doctor will be here soon okay’ i said


She did not reply me but she closed her eyes and fell asleep again About 20 mins later the doctor arrived and examined jina


‘doctor tell me how is she’ i asked


‘she is fine, have given her some medicine, all you need to do for me is make sure she is fine, you have to stay with her through out the night if you must’ the doctor said


‘fine, i have no problem with that’ i said…..


‘and make sure you check her temperature from time to time’ she said


‘okay fine i will’ i said


‘and care to tell me who she is to


you’ the doctor asked


‘she is my maid’ i answered



‘your maid’ she asked again with a look of disbelief


‘yea and my friend’ i added


‘your friend, Mansoo is your best friend and I did not see you this worried about him when he was sick’ she said


This doctor was my mum best friend before she died


And she is kinda like a mum to me


‘common Aunt sung joon, what are you trying to insinuate’ i said as i folded my arms


‘am not insinuating am just saying it ?obvious you like that girl Jin-Hyuk’ she said as she pulled my cheek


‘no mam, you getting it all wrong, jina is not my type and I do not like her Atleast nthn more than a friend’ i said..



‘you falling for her without you realising it, tell me apart from your mother and Sister, have you ever been this worried about anyone else’ she asked..


I was speechless


I could not answer that question.


‘you have fallen for this girl, deny it as much as you want but at the end love will


surely blossom ‘ she said as she patted me on my cheek and walked away



‘Aunt sung joon is officially crazy’ i said as i walked into jina room only to see her on the floor struggling to stand on her feet


I gently walked towards her


‘what are you doing on the floor’ i asked


‘w… W. E… Ll… I… Wa.. Nn… A… Bathroom, i need to pee’ she said


‘let me help’ i said as i bend down in a squat to help her


‘n… Never mind… I w… I… Lll….manage’ she said


I looked at her for few seconds before rising on my feet and sat down on the sofa staring at her struggling to stand on her feet..


It sounds mean but I wanna see how she will manage..


She struggled to get on her feet but she always falls on her face again..


Yea she is that weak


I could not watch this shit again.. She stand on her feet again and when she was about to fall i caught her preventing her from falling..




This oppa is mean.



I told him not to worry doesn’t mean I do not need his help


I just did not wanna bother him


Each time I stand on my feet


I always fall down again.


I do not like embarrassing myself in front of him like this But i am just so sick and weak.


And when I managed to stand on my feet again i almost fell down but oppa caught me with his hand around my Waist


‘th..anks i… W.. I… Ll… Mana… ‘


He did not let me finish whatever am about to say before he carried me in bridal style.




And the problem is am too sick to enjoy this..


Who am i kidding..


I am not too sick to enjoy this..


I like the way he carried me in his arms like i was a piece of paper Carrying me is easy anyway


Oppa dropped me in the toilet before walking out of it



I sat down on the toilet and eased myself before walking out of the toilet holding the door for support and as usual when i came out of the bathroom Oppa carried me and gently placed me on the bed before covering me with the duvet




It was only a matter of time before she slept off


I checked her temperature and it was normal


I gently placed my hand on her forehead staring at face


She looked more like those innocent girl doll


She is pretty


Very pretty


And I really don’t know why i called her ugly in the past


That day i spent the whole night taking care of her and the next morning i walked out of her room before she wakes up..


I was fully sure she is fine




That morning i woke up feeling a lot better


I walked into the bathroom and soaked myself in try bathtub


After 44 mins i stood in front of the mirror wearing a tang top and jeans


I examined my body in the mirror


So much injury and red marks


I was about to put on my sweater when i saw Jin-Hyuk reflection in the mirror standing at the entrance of my room



I turned my back and greeted


‘good morning sir’ i said with a big smile on my face


As usual he did not answer me but instead he walked towards me and examined my body


He softly grabbed me by the wrist and checked my arm while i stare at him


‘come inside’ he said as five maids walked into my room


Five maids


But am the maid right


One of them was holding a glass of milk in her hand


He collected the milk from her and handed it over to me


‘take drink this’ he said as he handed over the milk to me


I collected the milk still not sure of what is going on and i drank it


‘welcome to the house he said to the other maid,… You have two head maid here, she and one other girl but she is not around for now.. So she is the head maid and will put you through some things you are meant to do in this house’


Head maid




And fatty


The maids all bowed for me and I smiled at them nervously waving my hands before they walked out of the room



‘i figured out you not in the best position to handle anything in the house that why i employed them’ he said ‘and you are the head because you have worked here for awhile now… Do not worry i raised your salary… Make sure you use your medicine and rest’ he walked out of the room …


Who is this person


Is this Jin-Hyuk or someone else


Did he hit his head and is suffering from some kind of mental case


Why is he being so nice to me


Am confused


************************************ Hey guys


Do you think Jin-Hyuk is inlove with jina or he is Doin this based on friendship















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