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Oppa and i were still kissing each other when he slowly broke the kiss and looked into my eyes while i smiled




‘am just gonna miss you’ he said


‘miss me?’ i asked


‘well i have a show in L. A tomorrow’ he said


‘oh’ i said as i pushed him away


‘what’ he asked


‘it nothing’ i said as i stood on my feet to walk away but he held me by the wrist and pulled me back making me sit on his laps


‘if you want me to stay i will cancel the show’ he said


‘no, i do not want you to cancel your show, am just gonna miss you that all’ i said as i hugged him and stood on my feet ‘goodnight’



‘goodnight’ he replied as i stood on my feet and walked away Did i ever imagine that oppa and I will ever be together Life is so much fun


The boy you love saying he loves you back The second morning


Oppa went to Los Angeles and then 2 weeks went back and he was still not back yet


We usually communicate on phone once in a while


He is a busy super Star i can’t expect him to be around me all the time


So one morning i was busy cleaning the house when a hand covered my eyes from behind


I do not need anyone to tell me who that person was


The smell


The hand


‘sir’ i said as he slowly removed his hand from my eyes and i turned back to see him


He smiled at him before throwing a napkin at him and walked away looking upset ‘hey what wrong’ he asked as he caught up to me


‘well it seems you attracted to one of your foreign girlfriends cause you barely even called me when you were in L. A’ i said then he was silent for awhile before saying


‘jina i want to tell you something’



‘really what that’ i asked


‘jina, in L. A something happened, i…..’


‘you what?’ i asked with a smile on my face ‘i…. I..’


‘am so sorry hope I did not interrupt a special moment’


‘Fatty!’ i screamed and ran over to her before pulling her into a big hug


Take a look at you


U are very pretty


Fatty has loosed weight


She was still fat


No not fat she was chubby


She looked taller


Her big belly had varnished


Her waist had become thinner and her tummy was flat


The extra fats on her arm and legs had disappeared


She was not the oversized shapeless girl I knew


She was attractive


“fatty what happened to you, you are ‘i said


‘ hello sir” fatty greeted


‘hey fatty’ he said ‘you look different’


She smiled and said ‘jina also looks prettier, am thinking it all thanks to you sir’ she said and he let out a faint smile


Something is wrong with Jin-Hyuk


‘hey guys we back’ Mansoo said as he walked into the house with the rest of the EFX BOYS holding a shopping bag


Immediately he saw fatty his mouth fell wide opened as the shopping bag fell from his hand


‘hello’ fatty said as she waved at him making him regain his senses ‘fatty’ he said as he walked over to her and hugged her


‘waw you look different’ he said as he disengaged from the hug ‘yea’ fatty said smiling ‘i decided to burn some calories’ she said ‘that great’ he said still staring at her I am so proud of fatty



She managed to loose so much weight


‘okay guys, i just decided we should all go a holiday to Huawei’ Nam-il said ‘Huawei’ We all said


‘yes Huawei’ he said ‘everyone pack your bags we leaving now’


After Nam-il finally managed to convince us to go on that trip we packed our bags and went to Huawei



Jin-Hyuk hasn’t been himself


He was even more gentle than he was before He always seem to be lost in his thoughts


I placed my hand on his hand in the plan and he held me tight like his entire life is over if he let go


‘what, you giving us one room’ i said to them


‘yea, what the big deal’ Nam-il said, ‘you guys are couples and you grown up anyway’


Normally Jin-Hyuk would have glared at Nam-il for what he just said but instead he was just looking cold like he was thinking about something again


We both entered into our 5 star hotel room after we were forced to anyway ‘jin – hyuk will you tell me what wrong now’ i said


he looked at me for awhile before he hugged me very tight’jina am sorry ‘


sorry for what Jin-Hyuk ‘i asked


i.. In L. A, i… ‘he stammered


okay Jin-Hyuk just calm down, pls sit ‘i said as i helped him sit on the bed’ should I get you water ‘


no am fine ‘he said


then tell me what wrong you ‘i said cupping his face in my hand


he held my hand and looked into my face’ jina, i… I am… In L. A, something happened in L. A, i i ‘



‘ Jin-Hyuk pls tell me what happened, i really do not like how you behaving ‘i said.. he cleaned the balls of tears on his forehead and said’ when i was in L. A, i ‘


A knock on the door interrupted what he was about to say I slowly went to the door and opened it . ‘ sir your order ‘the man said..


He walked over to the man and took the bottle of liquor he was holding in a salver from him…


Whats wrong with Jin-Hyuk


I slowly closed the door and checked the time


It was 8:30pm


Jin-Hyuk tell me what wrong and now alcohol


pls jina, pls do not stop me from drinking this alcohol, pls’ he open the kid and gulped down about half of the liquor


I snatched the bottle from him


‘jina give me that’ he said


I drank the whole content and threw the bottle away ‘now let see how you drink more alcohol’ i said

He walked over to the lan line to order more alcohol but i stood in his way


‘Jin-Hyuk pls tell me what wrong’ the alcohol i drank was already having effects on me .



‘jina i’


I i was staggering and i was also not able to stand on my feet properly I sat down on the bed but then i stood on my feet again ‘why drink alcohol, you know you can’t handle it’ he said


‘well u drinking alcohol, i do not want you to consume the whole bottle that why i drank it’ i said




jina I really need to tell you something but not in this condition, i wanted to be intoxicated so i will be able to say what i want to say


She stood in front of him


She was obviously drunk


She wanted to fall down but i caught her making us both fall on the bed


She looked into my eyes and again i have this sudden urge to kiss her but i won’t


Until i tell her what happened in L. A nothing should happen between us


But it looked as if what i want does not matter has she kissed me


I had no choice but to return the kiss as my hand slowly went to her body No this cannot happen


I slowly pushed her away and stood on my feet What happened in L. A


I must tell her what happened there



She hugged me from the back and i slowly turned my body to face her


‘jina in L. A’ she placed her finger on my lips telling me to keep quiet before she kissed me all over again


I returned the kiss as my hand slowly went under her short flare skirt.


Doing anything to her when she is drunk will be more like taking advantage of her


That will not be right


But still i couldn’t stop it


Neither could she




He slowly kissed me and i couldn’t resist


Different thoughts were going through my mind


Is this how it going to end


Is this how we are going to do it


But what if Jin-Hyuk is not the right guy


He is a big time super star that can get any girl with just a snap of his finger


I really want to know if this is right or not


Isn’t it a bit too early


Will he think am cheap after this


But my sΒ£xual desires stopped me from pushing him away at that point in time


I slowly pulled off his leather jacket while kissing him


I reached for his inner shirt and unbuttoned it while kissing him


That was the body i have been dying to touch from the first day i saw it on the pool side


I love this guy more than word can explain But i still have to think twice


I placed my hand on his chest and slowly drew an invisible line on his Pac


He turned me around making me place my back on his body as he slowly kissed my neck, shoulders and whole body


We finally made our way to the bed as we continue the kissing thing


His hand went to my butt as he caressed it


The feeling of Oppa in me was amazing


He kissed my neck and Kissed every part in my body


And after many attempts to get into me he finally maid his way in me while


I am not going to go into full details of what happened that night because i also do not remember what happened..


I was not in my right mind due to the alcohol but all i can say is that it happened That night in HUAWEI


I had my first love making with my first love


Too bad i was too drunk to remember the whole thing




The next morning after the crazy thing that happened between us the previous night


I slowly opened my eyes and the first person i saw was jina She looked like a real angel sleeping


I feel somehow guilty for what happened the previous night because I did it while she was not in her right mind


I slowly used my hand to pull the string off her face and she slowly opened her eyes


‘Goodmorning’ i said


She was not able to reply me back as she just closed her eyes With the look of things i can say she was shy ‘jina what wrong’ i asked


‘Goodmorning’ she replied covering her face with her hand She does not look like a cute teenager anymore all of a sudden She actually looked her age now Pretty and mature



‘jina’ i said as i removed her hand from her face She looked at me and said ‘Goodmorning’



I smiled at her



‘can you tell me what you wanted to say yesterday ‘ she said ‘it nothing’ i replied


Am a liar but i definitely cannot tell her the truth Now Not after what happened the previous night


I definitely cannot leave her after yesterday night


Right now she is everything that matters to me nothing else My feelings for her actually tripped


If i tell her what happened then that will ruin our relationship


It will ruin everything


‘it really nthn’ she said


‘yea’ I replied


‘Jin-Hyuk’ she said


‘yea’ i replied


‘can you please look the other way’ she said..


‘why’ i asked


‘just pls do it’ she said playing with her fingers I had no choice but to look the other way





I stood on my feet, wrapped a white towel around my chest and walked into the bathroom


I turned him to turn around cas i did not want him to see my body


Something he had fun with throughout the night


I stood in front of the bathroom mirror naked.


Was it right that i gave my body to him


What if he already gat what he wants and his going to dump me


I love Jin-Hyuk a lot but i still have this feeling that he is a big time handsome celebrity and relationships with someone like me cannot actually last long


I can feel little pain between my legs


Something really happened between us the previous night And This was my first time doing something like that


I am not a kid am old enough to do this but it made me insecure thinking Jin-Hyuk will leave me now


Guys do get tired of girls after this happens right


I opened the shower, stood under it and held my head crying as different bad thoughts invaded my mind


This might be the end between both of us


This might be the end of the happiness


…………… To be continued………………











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