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CHAPTER 2 ⃣3 ⃣






No jina


Do not cry this time


Do not cry at all


That the best person for him


Who am i to compete with mina..


I am a nobody


I could not control my feelings of love for Oppa


I can’t help it


But have decided that i will not run after him like i use to…


That day was the last day i saw oppa Jin-Hyuk


He went back to Seoul after the kiss event and mina also did


After the little new Orleans trip we all went back to Seoul


Fatty and i arrived at the EFX mansion but still I could not find Oppa Jin-Hyuk anywhere


That strange


After a 24 hours fatty broke a news to all of us


‘am going to visit a relative’ fatty said


‘what’ i said


‘a relative’ Mansoo said looking puzzled


‘yea, i will be back in a month’ fatty said


‘you leaving me, all alone, for a month’ i asked


‘jina’she placed her hand on my shoulder’ if it was up to me i won’t visit any kind of relative, but she is sick and i need to take care of her, just for a month, trust me when i say i will be back before you know it ‘she said as she hugs


I can see that Mansoo is sad about her leaving


But proud and arrogant boys like him and Jin-Hyuk will never admit their true feelings


He stood on his feet and walked up the stairs leaving


‘ we will miss you fatty ‘the other boys said to her


Fatty picked up her luggage and walked out of the house


I followed her


I have not seen oppa for some days now but i later found out he has important meeting he his attending to


I followed my best friend to the bus top about 8:30 pm in the night


I couldn’t help but cry when she hugged me..


I am just too emotional


I hugged her before saying ‘goodbye, make sure you call me all the time okay’


‘okay jina, i will’ she said as she hugged me one of more time before Gettin into the bus


She popped her head out of the window and waved at me


‘goodbye fatty, come back soon’ i said as the bus drove away and when the bus was out of sight i turned my back to walk away


I started walking on the street alone


Evey where was Damn silent and not even a single soul was passing by I checked my wrist watch and it was already 10:00



God knows why i can’t find any taxi to pick me up


And now am getting kind of scared cas this street gives me the creep..


Have never stayed out this late before and i do not know why fatty couldn’t wait till the other day before travelling


Few men walked towards me and stood in front of me ‘is she the one’ one of them asked


The other one brought out his cellphone and checked a picture on it ‘she is the one’ he replied


‘who are you guys’


It was like my little question provoked them as one of them slapped me hard across the face resulting in red palm marks on ny face


They carried me on their shoulder and took me to some warehouse not too far from that area


‘Who are you guys leave me alone ‘the more i talk the more I get beaten up


They dropped me on the dirty warehouse floor and slapped me very hard resulting in a cut at the side of my lips


you better cooperate or you will regret it ‘one of them said I counted them and they were four in numbers


Come on beat her up like Madam asked us to’ one of the guy said I actually received the beating of my life


I wonder who this Madam is



One of the guys started wiping me with a leather belt and it hurt a lot each strike leaving red marks on my skin


Some even produced deep cut on my skin and my face was also not too good again


They stopped beating me and one of them actually tore my shirt revealing my bra


He looked at it for awhile before saying


‘she has the birth mark Madam wanted’.


Who is this Madam and what does she want from me


If I wasn’t a strong girl i would have passed out from all the beating. They could actually go to jail for beating a girl like this


‘beat her up and have your way with her’ now this is what scared me.. Not the beating


The having way with her


No no no..


Someone has to help me


I started screaming so loud



‘come on scream all you want no one will hear you’ they said laughing



One of the guy was about to beat me again when someone held the belt and snatched it from him


I saw the person


Oppa what is he doing here



And how did he know that i am here


Everything went dark and I eventually passed out from all the beating








That was the sound of me hitting those annoying goons i gave a simple mission but could not fulfil it


Instead they came back with wounds and bruises


They were badly injured like they were runovered by vehicles


‘like seriously have seen Jin-Hyuk alot of time on T. V but i never knew he was such a good fighter’ one of the man said


‘yea, i think he learned kungfu in the shaolin temple or something, i can’t believe how he beat us up so badly’ another one said


‘the guy who was beating that girl up with a belt is in the hospital right now’ another one said ‘we are lucky we escaped alive’


‘so one man beat all of you up, i told you to rape and beat up jina but you couldn’t do that you are useless, tell me is there any birth mark on her chest’


‘yes there is mam, there is a birth mark on her chest’ he said


So she is trully jina


She is my sister i hate so much


‘leave’ u said to them and they all walked out



Now my sister, things will get pretty bad for you and not even Jin-Hyuk will be able to save you this time




I slowly opened my eyes and felt pains all over my body


I turned to my left and saw Jin-Hyuk picture on the wall


This bed..


This fragrance


This fancy huge room


This is not my room




i quickly sat down on my bed and saw oppa Jin-Hyuk staring at me as he sat on his sofa


‘Oppa’ I muttered


He stands on his feet and walked closer to me What am I doing here


And why am I dressed in Oppa cloth


An oversized white tshirt


He didn’t say a word but lifted my chin and inspected my face


I love having him so close to me


And he even looks so concerned


I was kinda scared to ask him any questions



So i kept quiet


For now


He walked over to the closet and picked up a neat first aid box He brought out a cotton wool and soaked it in iodine


He sat down on a small table close to his bed ‘move closer’ he said to me coldly


That is the first word he has said to me in a while I slowly moves closer to him


The shirt i was wearing was a short and showed off my thighs I sat down on the edge of the bed so close to him


He slowly cleaned my forehead with the cotton wool and i winced in pain, he stopped cleaning for awhile and looked at my face


He lowered the wool around my lip area that had a cutt and i swear i feel like a princess


Am wearing his shirt.


Am in his room


He is dressing my wound


This is a dream come through


His hand slowly brushed my lips has he cleans the wound



‘how did i get here?’ i asked


he stares at me


Why is his eyes black instead of blue


‘and what happened to your eyes’ i asked again


Shut up jina plsssss


‘how many questions do you want me to answer’ he asked


‘well I’


He lowered his eyes and grabbed my hands gently and went back to cleaning the cut on it ‘you were beaten up by some thugs, i had to fight them to help’ he said still focused on my hand


Look who said he won’t resort to violence for me


‘and you changed my clothes’ i asked


‘yea’ he answered like it was nothing


‘you saw everything’ i asked again


‘is there something I shouldn’t see’ he asked like it was nothing


This jerk


‘why am I wearing your shirt’ i asked


‘your former clothes were stained with blood and dirty’ he wrapped my hand with a bandage ‘and i won’t go into your room to search for your clothes, i don’t want germs ‘




‘and my eyes are only blue because i wear contact lens, can’t see properly without them, you really don’t know anything about me for someone who has been my fan since she was sixteen’ he narrated

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But how did he know that


Yea i blurted everything that night i was drunk


He finished dressing my wound and said


‘Now leave, none of the boys are around, i need my room’ he said


‘okay’ i slowly stood on my feet and turned my back to walk out of the room


‘jina wait’ he said


I turned my back to look at him ‘what’


He walked over to me and stares at me before kissing me softly on the forehead and his deep black eyes stares at me he slowly brushed my hair to the side and placed his hand on my shoulder


‘good night’ he said


I loosed my balance for a minute or two


I wanted to fall down but i controlled myself


‘goodnight’ i forced the word out of my mouth as i found my way out of the room


It wasn’t easy as i kept on tripping.. But I still found my way


Am I dreaming


This is not real



Am definitely dreaming


Oppa kissed me on the forehead willingly this time I am dreaming


……………… To be continued……….















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