Sat. May 11th, 2024

CHAPTER 2 ⃣1 ⃣




This episode is a little short


Bare with me guys







Oppa slowly pushed me away..


And the truth is i do not wanna be pushed away I want my hand on his firm chest


It feels so good touching it through that cloth he was wearing


‘umm sir, i think you got the wrong girl’ i said as i turned my back to leave but he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me closer


‘do you think i pull girls into my room like this’ he asked ‘no sir’


Oh jina you so stupid you shouldn’t have said that He slowly let go of my wrist


‘w….we….well you see… I..’


He keeps staring at me as he raised his right brow ‘am sorry’ i said looking innocent ‘for what’ he asked


‘for what I said just now’ i said looking nervous He breathes in and out before saying ‘have you been avoiding me’


‘me avoiding you, what, no, how, what no, where’ i said breathing heavily ‘judging from the way you talk i can figure out that you lying’ he said



‘am not lying why will i lie’ i said as i started scratching my body That what happens when i lie


Am not really different from Pinocchio


‘why you avoiding me’ he asked again


Am busted


There’s nothing i can do again


Immediately i dropped on the floor and held his feet


‘Oppa forgive me am such a big fool, i shouldn’t have done that’ i said pleading


‘what are you doing’ he asked


I raised my head and said


‘am apologising’


‘get up’ he said


‘no’ i said


‘hey maid girl just get up’ he said


I slowly stood on my feet and looked down ‘look at me’ he said


I knew i was suppose to look at him


But i looked at his moist pink lips instead.


How i wish I can kiss that again


‘whatever happened yesterday i want you to forget about it, do not get the wrong feelings about us, we can never be together, we do not exist in each other’s world ‘ he said


I slowly nod my head.


I know there was nothing between us


But for a minute or two i thought there was


I thought i had a chance with a famous handsome rich man like him


I was carried away


I should have known that i am just jina


I do not exist in his world


Our world can never collide


For some reason i couldn’t control it as tears rolled down my eyes but I quickly wiped it off.


Have always known we do not belong to the same world but why does it hurt so much to here him say that.


I turned my back to leave but he held my wrist and pulled me close


‘Are you crying ‘ he asked


‘no, am not, my eyes hurt that all’ my eyes was red and filled with tears but i must not let it down, i must hold it, i know he can see the tears in my eyes but i came up with a pretty good excuse


‘maybe I should visit the eye doctor’ i said as i smiled forcefully



‘ummm’ he said as he slowly let go of me


I turned my back and walked out of Oppa room and then that tears have been trying to hold back rolls down


Why are you so sad jina


Why does it hurt


Jin-Hyuk can’t be yours anyways


I said as i walked into my room and closed the door




I could see tears in her eyes


But she denied tt


Did what I said really hurt her


Was she serious when she said she liked me that night or was she just intoxicated


Why am i so suddenly concerned about her


This is all so confusing






I turned my back to leave when Oppa Mansoo called me back


He walked away from those pretty girls and moved closer to me


‘hi’ he greeted


‘hello’ i said


‘am fine’ i said as i blushed


Oppa talked to me for awhile and i blushed before he said bye and walked away I guess Oppa still have time for me


‘do not think you have a chance with our Oppa’ a girl named seo yeong said


I looked at her.. She was one of the hottest singer in school and always accompanied by her lap dogs Mia and Matilda


‘you so fat and ugly, tell me what makes you think he will notice you’ mia said


‘wait she can be noticed if she looses Atleast 900 pounds’ Mia said as they all laughed


‘what have you been feeding you all big and round’ soe yeong said


‘you better go to the gym before you 1000 pounds’ the girl said as they walked away laughing


1000 pounds


I feel hurt by what those girls said.. But they are right anyways




I am so mad


I was there when she kissed jin – hyuk


Am in love with Jin-Hyuk


I searched for her that night only to see her kissing him


Just like when we where little she stole everything from me.


But i won’t let her steal Jin-Hyuk



Jin-Hyuk is mine..


I willl maje sure i finish once we get back home


Jim-Hyuk is a man i won’t give up for anyone.


I won’t spare anyone who tries to have him..


……………….. To be continued………..













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