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CHAPTER 2 ⃣0 ⃣







I slowly opened my eyes the next morning as i sat on my bed and felt a sharp pain in my head


‘Hangover’ fatty asked


‘yeah’ , i said as I rubbed my head


‘what happened last night’ i asked still feeling pain in my head


‘well i really do not know, i only saw Oppa shirtless as he carried you in his arms all the way to this room’ fatty said


‘ohhhhhh,’ my eyes was wide opened as I rethink what fatty said just now


‘Oppa brought me to this room shirtless’ i asked again


‘yea, i could not find you anywhere yesterday, i called u but you were not picking up, so i assumed you might have come back to the hotel room, the bus arrived and picked us up, everyone went home yesterday, but i couldn’t find you, i came back to the hotel room but you were not here, it was when i decided to announce your disappearance that oppa Jin-Hyuk brought you back to this room around 12:30 in the morning ‘


She narrated the whole event to me


i gathered my courage and asked me some questions but as usual he didn’t answer me ‘fatty said


Typical Jin-Hyuk behaviour


but jina, what were you doing with Oppa, and Oppa is Damn hot, very hot, very very hot you so lucky he held you in his arms like that ‘fatty said


I tried to remember what happened the previous night but it was all blurry



I poured myself a glass of water and when i was drinking it my memory snapped and immediately i choked on the water i was drinking and started coughing


‘ jina, are you okay’ fatty asked


‘fatty, i finally remembered what happened yesterday’ i said ‘really tell me’ she said


‘well yesterday i was drunk, saw Oppa alone, we talked for awhile and then, i. I. I. I.’ i said as i stammered


‘you what’ fatty asked looking eager


‘i… I… I… Kissed Oppa’ i finally let it out


‘you what’ fatty asked again


‘i kissed Oppa, and the wierd part is he kissed me back’ i said looking happy like i just won an award


Immediately fatty started laughing


Then i looked at her with a what so funny face


‘oh you not joking’ she said as she stopped laughing


‘i am not, i swear that what happened yesterday night ‘ Immediately fatty fainted


‘fatty, wake up fatty’ i said as i slapped her


‘ouchhhh’ she screamed as she regained consciousness ‘what you slap me for’ she asked.



‘i had to do that’ I replied


She sighs and said


‘I can’t believe you kissed Oppa ‘


‘me neither’ i said


his lips are so soft and they taste just like i imagined, no, they taste better than i imagined and his smell, his hand was on my waist and ohhhh why do i have to be drunk when that happened. I wish that could happen over and over again..


Never for once in my life did i ever imagine oppa will be my first kiss


I still can’t believe I got kissed by an idol like Oppa


A big time popstar..


This is like a dream come through


A big dream come through


Does Oppa like me


No he doesn’t


Am sure he returned the kiss because kiss is a normal thing


But our kiss was different


It a short kiss


But still different


I was still busy day dreaming about Oppa and I kiss when I heard a knock on the door



‘who is at the door ‘ i asked but no one replied


I walked towards the door and checked the small hole on it and it was Oppa Jin-Hyuk Oppa


Seeing his face made me so happy that I could not control it I grabbed the door knob about to open it wait a second



Apart from the kiss, i did something stupid yesterday I puked on oppa..


How am i gonna face him after all this..


How can i be so stupid


I walked over to fatty and i speaked quietly


‘Oppa Is here, if he ask about me, tell him you haven’t seen me today’


‘but why’ she talked so loud that I quickly covered her mouth with my hand ‘do not ask any questions, just do it’ i said


She nods her head and i slowly removed my hand from her mouth I went to the bathroom and closed the door



That maid girl left her shoes and hat with me and i wanted to return them..


And also i want to clarify things between us after what happened yesterday..


That kiss was wierd and shouldn’t have happened..


But am not going to deny the fact that I kinda liked it..


I knocked on her door and after a minutes of keeping me waiting someone finally opened the door


‘Goodmorning sir’ fatty said..


‘where is jina’ i asked


‘i haven’t seen her this morning’ she answered.



‘you haven’t seen her this morning’ i asked looking confused ‘yea’ she said


‘but wasn’t she the one who asked who is at the door right about a minute ago’ i asked her


‘no that was me’ fatty said


‘ok’ i said


Should I give the shoes and clothes to fatty No i won’t


Still need to talk to jina


Will give her the clothes afterwards..


I slowly walked back to my room and closed the door




I wonder what wrong with jina i said as i slowly closed the door


‘is he gone’ she asked


‘well dorr’ I said


‘phew’ she said


‘but why you avoiding Oppa’ i asked


‘well’ she said as she narrated the whole thing to me.


‘gross, no wonder he was shirtless, you are the worst jina’ i said


‘i know right, i will just have to avoid him for now, goodness knows what he will do to me’ i said..


‘you can’t avoid him forever’ i said


‘i know, but i will have to avoid him for now’ ‘whatever’ I said




later in the day


I dressed in another red and white badass outfit Red joggers whit white stripe


And plain white shirt with white sneakers


Farry and i walked out of the room and immediately i walked out Oppa also walked out of his room


I quickly dropped into a squat and hid behind fatty big body Oppa walked out of the room and faced our direction



He could not see me but saw fatty and she smiled at him nervously as he turns his back and walked away


I breath out a sigh of relieve before running back into my room while fatty joined the other students in today’s activity


I told her to give them an excuse like am sick and i won’t be able to join them


After about 40 mins, i Recieved a text from fatty and she told me all the EFX members are here except Jin-Hyuk


It was then i realised it was totally save for me to go for that activity the students are doing


I quietly walked out of my room and looked around but there was nobody


I walked down the corridor and when I got to the front of Oppa room


The door opened and immediately someone grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the room


My hand was on someone chest and i looked up to see the person who pulled me into the room and who i am so close to


I should have known


‘SIR ‘I muttered


Oppa looked at me for awhile before he gently pushed me away


I do not wanna be pushed away


I like the feeling of my hand on his firm masculine chest




i have a crazy friend


What the heck is her problem


Must she avoid oppa


I was still wondering what wrong with my crazy friend when i saw Oppa Mansoo


I wanted to walk over to him and say hi when few pretty tall slim girls gathered him and started talking to him


I sadly walked away


Who am i to think Oppa can notice a girl like me So fat


Oppa Jin-Hyuk only notices jina because she is pretty Why will Mansoo notice a fat ugly girl


………………. To be continued………












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