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CHAPTER 1 6 ⃣⃣






Oppa was still drinking


What will i do to stop this


Jina think come on


All of a sudden the dirtiest thought hit my mind.


No i can’t do that


It will be wrong


But he did the same thing to me


Fine let fight fire with fire



Jina this is the stupidest thing you are about to do in your entire life Anything for Oppa


I walked into the refrigerator and picked a bottle of beer can


I washed my mouth with the beer and walked over to oppa smiling He was a bit drunk but still in his right mind ‘why are u smiling like an idiot’ he asked


Brace yourself jina


Let get this started


‘oppa’ i said with a big smile as i sat down next to him


‘you told me to join the party and i did’ i said as i moved closer to him


Oppa moved away from me on the sofa looking confused with the way am acting ‘maid are you fine’ he asked


‘oh am very fine come on let party’ i said laughing


‘maid you are not fine maybe you should go upstairs or something’ he said.. ‘no am perfectly fine darling’ i replied


‘what did you just call me darling’ he said looking confused ‘yea aren’t you jackson’ i asked still laughing like a mad woman


‘Jackson, i am not jackson, maid you drunk just go upstairs’ he said already looking freaked out



‘no you jackson, my foreign boyfriend’ i said


‘mad girl i am not jackson and what is wrong with you?’ he asked looking a bit terrified


‘no, you are jackson, come closer baby let have fun’ i said as i moved closer and acted like i was going to kiss him


I had no plan of kissing him


But am pretty sure he is going to react the way i wants him to


‘Sweet Jesus ‘ he shouting as he stood on his feet and moved away from me leaving the bottle of liquor on the chair


I would do anything to see that look on his face over and over again








What the heck is wrong with this girl


And did she just try to kiss me


Am sure this revenge for what i did to her earlier


But this is freaking me out


I stood on my feet abruptly and moved away from her


This girl is insane




She said as she held the bottle of whiskey in her hand


‘i got u’ she said


‘what the hell?’ i asked looking angry


‘you resort in dirty tricks just to collect this bottle from me but you see handsome am just showing you that two can play this game’ she said laughing


She is not the former easily intimidated maid girl This time she is bold and outspoken


I guess this is another side of her i do not know about ‘you do not solve your problem with alcohol’ she said

‘and who the heck do you think you are to tell me that’ he asked


‘pop a squat’ she said pointing at the sofa opposite the one she is sitting on ‘what’


‘come on boss just sit down’ i said


I glared at her for Awhile before sitting on the sofa


‘so do you think u can just get rid of problems with alcohol’ she asked I crossed my leg and stares at her like i was in some kind of interview


I slowly bend my head, placed my hand on my forehead and let out a big sigh..


‘look i am not here to interrogate u or ask you why you are drinking but sir you do not get rid of whatever is bothering you by drinking strong alcohol’ she said..


For some reason i am in the mood to listen to whatever she has to say Pretty wierd right



But one thing am sure of is i have no plans of replying whatever she is about to say


‘okay back when i was in the orphanage i use to talk to Mam theresa whenever something is bothering, she always sings to me. She has the sweetest voice and she always makes me forget about my worries with one big hug’ she said with a big smile on her face


For some reason seeing her smile kinda makes me wanna smile


But as usual I controlled it because i do not like smiling in front of people


And beside i have no reason to smile


‘you lived in the orphanage’ i asked


There goes my plan of not replying her.


‘yea’ she replied


‘you do not know your parent’ i asked her again


Well all the orphanage woman told me is that i was found by the roadside bleeding badly when i was 6′


She said


‘I regained my consciousness and I do not remember my past or were i came from, i do not know if i have a mum, dad or siblings, but for some reason I remembered the name jina,that why the orphanage decided to call me jina’


She said and i could notice a streak of sadness in her even though she was trying to hide it With a smile


‘have you ever thought of looking for your parents’ i asked


‘why should i look for the people that does not want me’ she replied



‘how you so sure about that’ i asked


‘it true.. I was announced on the news and radio stations that whoever is looking for a particular child named jina should visit the police station. Flyers were made, posters were printed, my picture was displayed everywhere but still no one showed up. I guess they loosed me on purpose because I am not needed ‘she said


I was speechless.


I couldn’t say a thing


am sorry , i guess am making u bored with my messed up life story ‘she said smiling and trying to hide her tears.


She thinks her life is messed up


What a joke


you told me not to get rid of problems by drinking alcohol, u shld also know it all hurts less when you let it out ‘i said


It was like my word opened a big tap as tears freely rolls down her eyes


I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out a neat white napkin and handed it over to her


‘thanks’ she said as she collected it from me, wipes her tears and blows her nose with it’


Jeez she just ruined that napkin


‘here you can have it back’ she said stretching the napkin towards me


‘no you keep it’


I said looking disgusted



God knows the amount of shit that is in that thing




Oppa napkin smells so great


I wanna treasure this forever


I acted like i blew loads of mucous in it but that was because I wouldn’t have to give it back to him


It feels so good telling Oppa all this while he listens attentively.


I feel like a princess




Going back home again


Facing my step mum and step sister wrath


I was about to enter the house when she and my stupid step sister stopped me


My step sister was far prettier than me…..


She always picks on me and call me names because of my weight ‘and where do you think you are going to young lady’ she asked ‘oh i wanna go in’ i said..


‘go in?’ she asked as she lifted her left brow


‘forgive me for this but you are not allowed in this house anymore’ she said ‘but mam what did i do wrong’ i asked with teary eyes



‘what did you do wrong? :Trish mu step sister asked,’ everything about you is wrong, you are fat, ugly and you consume a lot of food am sorry but you cannot longer stay in this house you ugly woman ‘Trish said


but where will i go to, how will i survive ‘i asked

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go beg on the street for all i care ‘my step mum said’ here are your belongings ‘she said as she threw my things on the floor’ i do not ever want to see you here again ‘she said as she slammed the door in my face


I know my step mum and step sis have always hated me


But i did not know they will go as far as throwing me out of the house that belongs to my father


I started walking on the street crying


I really do not know where to go


I do not have any relatives who cares about me..


I started walking on the street when a fancy car stopped by me


I ignored the car and continue walking when someone called me.




I turned my back to see whoever it was that just called me




I was on my way to the mansion when I saw fatty crying and walking aimlessly


I decided to stop and asked her what the problem was


‘sir it you’ she said as she wipes her tears…


‘what are you doing here’ i asked



‘oh it nothing am going home’ she said


‘fatty you do not have to lie,i am your friend right tell me whatever is wrong with you’ i said


At first she did not want to tell me what wrong


But later on she told me and i felt pity for ha


‘come on let go’ i said


‘to where’ she asked


‘just follow me’ i said as we both got into the car




I have no idea where i going to with this hottie


But after 45 mins drive, we finally arrived at a big mansion ‘where is this place’ i asked


‘do not worry, just follow me’ he said as we both walked into the mansion


The first person we saw was jina and Jin-Hyuk, they seem to be having an important discussion they didn’t even notice Mansoo and i


That strange..


Wait a sec


This is EFX house


I am in EFX house


‘jina’ i said with a shakey voice



she looked up and i can say she was shocked to see me here ‘fatty’ she replied











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