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On God









‘Wait a second, i can’t just throw that card away’


i said as i picked up the squeezed card


‘Mr kang said he can help’.


i muttered to myself. ‘


Should i maybe call him’

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studied the card carefully and all i can see on it is his phone number ‘but can he seriously help me with my job condition’


I dipped the card into my pocket and went home




I dropped my suitcase and walked into my house hoping that rap girl can Atleast give me a call


‘Hey honey you home’


my wife said walking towards me


‘Hey honey ‘


I replied as she hugs me and gave me a kiss on the cheek


‘Maredella come on clean this place up’


My wife said to one of our female servants


‘Honey what wrong, why do you look so stressed ‘ she asked


‘Well it just that’ i said as i narrated the whole event to her


‘waw a female rapper here in seoul’ she said with a this are you kidding me look on her face


‘yes, that girl is good. Must Asian girls i know are always interested in singing, dancing, and classical music but a rapper that a new thing’ i said


‘but i thought rap is mainly for the blacks, i mean they are badass rappers i really do not expect that from a korea girl’ she said with a smile on her face


‘me neither i answered, now i just pray she gives me a call, i really want the EFX to discover her talent’


‘ummm let just hope she gives you a call’ my wife said




‘No min ji’ i was talking to my best friend on my cellphone


‘you can’t blame me, we talking rap battle here i said’


‘rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap’ she said continuously with a loud tone


‘tell me where as that rap talent of yours gotten you to in life’ she asked


‘you know what min ji, i am not ready to argue with you’ i said as i dropped my


phone looking pretty upset


‘what exactly is her problem’



I looked at the card in my palm, sat down on my bed and decided to give Mr kang a call


‘hello’ i said immediately he picked my call


‘Sorry who is this’ he asked


‘jina’ i said ‘ummm the rap girl you gave you number earlier today’ i added


‘oh jina, that is your name, you took your time in calling me’ he said


‘well sir i had a job interview’ i replied


‘Well did you get the job?’ he asked.


‘well’ should i tell him, i mean i don’t even know this guy ‘no sir i did not get the job’ ‘ i said while running my hand through my dark long hairs.


well i think i can help, come to Hamilton tomorrow ‘he said as he disconnected the line..


what, he just disconnected the line ‘ i said while staring at my phone screen


Hemilton,but that is where EFX musical school, the musical school i want to get into so badly, why Did he tell me to meet him there, i guess I will have to find out tomorrow ‘ i said as i lay down on my bed and pulled the duvet over my head and went to sleep




So the next day i woke up, had my bath and kissed Oppa Hyuk picture on the wall, that the leader of the EFX band. I have a huge crush on him, I mean super huge crush on him but that really stupid cause he will never be mine, i mean super


handsome and rich musician and ordinary orphan girl . Anyway who cares, i am still allowed to have a crush on him.


So i board the first bus going to Hemilton and when i got their Mr kang was already there waiting for me



‘Good morning sir’ i greeted him


‘Good morning’ he answered.


‘well sir, you called me here’ i said looking a bit nervous


‘well follow me’ he said


‘where? ‘ i asked


‘do not be scared’ he said witha smile on his face ‘ am not going to harm you’ he added


‘well okay sir’ i said as i followed him down the street till we got to EFX musical school. Wait EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL!!!!!

what the heck are we doing here


‘this is where we going to’ mr Kang said


‘but sir, this is EFX musical school, how can this be the place we are going to’ i asked


‘do not worry, you will find out very soon’ he answered


Oh i get it, this man is one of those crazy people, i better run away before he humiliates me


I was about to run away when suddenly the security man action was quite surprising, he was actually polite abd seems to respect Mr Kang


‘Come in sir’ the security said as he gestured his hand towards the entrance of the building


‘Mr Kang pls what going on?’ i asked


He smiles at me and said ‘do not worry, let just go



We entered the EFX school together and O. M. G, is this a school or a palace, students where standing in the hallway each involved in different actives. A tall


pretty classy looking girl was playing a violin , men she was good, the black kids where standing also practicing their raps men they are badass rappers, like seriously i don’t think i am as good as they are this people are magnificent. I turned to my left saw a girl singing, i mean how can someone hit such high notes, i know am pretty good when it comes to rapping but do not tell me to sing, i mean never ever tell me to sing it pure disaster. EFX is a school for both the rich and poor, the fees are pretty affordable but you have to be extremely talented to get in. And i couldn’t get in because i can’t afford just 100 won , yes i am that poor. Forget about the normal boring old school, this is a school you will love if you a music lover


‘New students? ‘ a man asked, i think he is like the school principal, who knows?, i am sure he is important


‘yes’ Mr Kang replied


‘Tell her to come for audition tomorrow’ he said and walked away


‘well you heard what he said, audition tomorrow and then you will be enrolled ‘


‘enrolled, here?’ i asked looking shocked, ‘but i can’t afford the fee’ i added


‘i will pay the fee’ he answered


‘no sir, i don’t accept charity, i prefer working for my own money’ i said


‘do not see it as charity,’ he answered ‘i see you very talented and i want to help, you deserve to be in that school’


‘no sir, i can’t accept such from you’ i said while shaking my head


‘okay i have a job for you then’


‘really, where?’ i asked


‘follow me’ he replied


‘Oh no, we are doing this again ‘


I followed mr kang into his black Mercedes benz as he drove all the way to HANSEO ESTATE. a place for the rich alone


‘here we are’ Mr Kang said


‘here’ i said as we entered the big beautiful mansion, this house is truly amazing. ‘but sir, what kind of job am i gonna be doing in a house like this’ i said looking confused


‘maid’ he said


‘maid’ i answered, a maid…


‘the pay is 500 won’


‘500 won, that huge amount for an ordinary maid’


Mr Kang smiles and said ‘here is your uniform’ he gave me a black uniform ‘your boss will be here soon


Boss? I asked..


Yes, six of them’ he answered ‘six?’


‘well i will leave now, they will be back soon’ he said as he walks out of the building


‘waw’ i put on my uniform, there was really nothing to clean in the whole house and Mr kang is still outside waiting for my boss to arrive.



I cleaned the whole house and went to the masters bedroom. The room was trully amazing i mean wow, seeing this makes me wish i am some rich rap godess like nicki minaj or cardi b. I finished cleaning the whole room and opened the door to walk out of the room


And O. M. G guess who i bumped into, i am gonna die, no this is my dream, no wake up this is not real


This can’t be, no can it be?


K-pop leader ‘Hyuk’ standing right in front of me


No this can’t be real, i am totally dreaming


…………….. To be continued…………….






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