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But why did oppa help me


This oppa is really strange


‘ThankGod oppa helped you’ fatty said


‘yea ThankGod’ i grumbled


‘let go to class’ fatty said


‘yea sure’ i replied her as we both went for class Later that day after series of musical lectures



I told the teacher to excuse me cause i want to use the bathroom ASAP The teacher excused me and i walked out of the class


After using the bathroom i was going back to my class when i saw oppa entering into a small musical room in the school


‘that oppa’ i said to myself


‘should i tell him thank you for what he did earlier today’


‘it will be very wrong of me not to i said as i walked towards the room


Entering the music room i stepped on something which made me slip and i fell on the floor face down


what are you doing on the floor ‘oppa asked as i slowly raised my head How embarrassing


Why do i always have to embarrass myself in front of him


sorry ‘






why are you telling me sorry ‘he asked as he crossed his legs and focused on me A gentleman would have helped a woman up,


But not this psychotic oppa of mine


I slowly stand on my feet still very embarrassed


oppa, thank you ‘i said


for what ‘he asked coldly



‘ for my dia… ‘


I could not finish my sentence before he interrupted me


do not thank me for that, i just hate bullying ‘he said He hates bullying, so what is he doing to me


ohhhhhh’i said


‘Now leave’ he ordered


‘okay’ i turned my back to leave when he said


‘oh and about the little task i gave you’ he said


i stopped and turned my back to listen


‘what about it’ i asked


‘please do not take it personal i just don’t like you and when i don’t like someone u like making life hard for them’ he said with no facial expression.


‘but can i ask why you don’t like me sir’ i asked


‘Well your face are so red, your eyes is so big, you talk too much, and you not tall either and those are the things i hate about a lady’ he said


Well i am not pretty dat true and i am tall even though i am not as tall as he is


Well am sorry i don’t look like a super model Atleast it better than being an arrogant hottie


That what i would have said to him but i won’t because i still have a crush on him and most importantly i do not want to get fired



‘okay’ that was the only thing i said to him as i turned my back and walked out of the room


Another hurtful word from oppa, this is going into my diary




I walked out of the class as i walked into a music room


Jina took permission to go to the bathroom and she never came back and i can’t even find her anywhere


I decided to call her on my cell phone to be sure of where she is


‘hey jina where are you’ i asked


‘sorry i had to do something very important’ she replied


‘okay meet me in the music room later on and let practice’ i said as i disconnected the call


I walked into the music room and i waa happy to see that there was no one there


Their are like tones of musical room in this big school so i am sure other musical room must be occupied by the students


I brought out my white guitar my dad gave me as my 20 years old birthday




I was on my way to the EFX studio in the school when suddenly a very beautiful voice caught my attention.


I traced the voice to a musical room and apparently it was that fat girl


Jina’s partner


How can such overweight person have such sweet melody


And the way she played that guitar with her short fat fingers was so pleasant





It’s not that easy with you here


But I know I want you to stay


See this could be us in a few years


But just admit you like to play



It’s like everyday


I’m kicking rocks.


I could fly away


but you got me at a complete stop



How do you


manage to keep me going


but somehow you keep me from going




See you distract me, but I’m


I don’t know how to focus baby


teach me how to


distracted without you



Cause I’m standing still again


But if you love me, just like the


way that I love you


I wouldn’t mind a little comforting from you Why do I let you in my head?


And I gotta go sometimes, but


you’re always on my mind


You’re not helping me


You’re not helping me


You’re not helping me


You’re not helping me


You’re not helping me


But I helplessly fall, for you



Immediately she finished her little song I gave her around of applause smiling




Oppa has been listening to my music


And now he is clapping for me


Oppa Mansoo is clapping for me


I feel like am in heaven


‘you pretty good’ he said as he sat down next to me’ This white haired guy just make sense He is so handsome


Extremely handsome


‘you have a very beautiful voice’ Mansoo said ‘thanks’ i said as i blushed


I was a little shy to look in his face this guy is so handsome and this actually the first time am seeing him smile




She was a little shy looking in my face


Forget the fact that she is overweight she has the face of a doll


And the voice of an angel


She is cute.


But definitely not my type



And i think am about to make a new friend which is not really something i like doing


‘come on sing again’ i said


‘okay she sang another song on her guitar


Have heard her voice before and it was cool


But hearing it being so close to her it is awesome


……………. To be continued…………..














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