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‘how dare you eavesdrop on our conversation, you deserve to be fired’ she said


I have to say mina is actually very beautiful i do not stand a chance, her fashion sense is impeccable, her long golden brown hair and her long straight legs just makes sense , she really is a super model and popular singer


‘well am not eavesdropping ‘ i said looking a bit nervous


I am a terrible liar and if she continues interrogating me like this, i might just blurt out the fact that i am in love with Jin-Hyuk and i was eavesdropping on their conversation.


‘do not trouble her ‘ Jin-Hyuk said


He came at the right time to save me from this beauty witch


But wait a second, Jin-Hyuk just saved me.. It was only a matter of time before I started dreaming of our wedding again


‘whatever’ she said as she walked away looking pretty upset


Now i feel uncomfortable again, Jin-Hyuk oppa was staring at me again with no expression on his face


‘ummmm sir, should i get you something’ i asked


Without even uttering a word, he walks into his room and closed the door behind him


‘yeishhhh, pull yourself together and do not ask stupid questions’ i said to myself


I think the EFX likes a private life. I am the only servant working for them, well that fun cause i do not wanna share Jin-Hyuk oppa to any crazy maid fan like me


‘don’t you have any work to do are you just gonna stand there’ man Soo said


Oh great, Asif dealing with jin-Hyuk wasn’t enough, i have to deal with his character twin ‘man soo’


‘oh sorry sir, i will get back to work right away’


He looks at me for awhile before walking away




This new maid is really something, she is always staring at Jin-Hyuk and i have a


feeling she might be attracted to him


Umm who cares, it hyuk problem anyway


So the guys and i except Jin-Hyuk gathered watching T. V and after a while we got bored.


‘Come on let play a game’ Nam-il said


‘games are for kids’ i replied


‘come on man soo, i think game is a good idea’ kyung wan said


‘yea’ his twin brother Kyung seok added


‘okay whatever’ i said as i placed my legs on the table



‘okay i will get jin-Hyuk’ Nam-il said as he stands on his feet and walks toward jin-Hyuk room






I was in my room thinking about what that so called korea sweetheart is going to do after i broke up with her. I know she acts like she does not care but she is obsessed and i know she willl definitely do anything to get me back in her life


I was still thinking about what to do to that mina, then all of a sudden i heard someone knock on my door


‘It better not not be that annoying ugly made again ‘ i said as i walked towards the door


‘hey Jin-Hyuk come downstairs the guys and i wanna play’ Nam-il said


‘not interested’ i replied


‘no, you have to come’ he said


‘nam-il, i just told you that i am not interested’ i said as i was about to close the door but he stopped me from doing that and said


‘pls just this once’ he said with a puppy dog eye


That was the same thing he used in forcing me into stupid games.He was the only one who can convince me into stupid things like this.. Well he and my best friend Man Soo


‘okay fine, let go’ i said as i walked down the stairs with him


‘nam-il forced you into coming here?’ Mansoo asked


‘yea’ i said as i sat down next to him



‘this is a musical game and you gonna have to sing or rap to any beat i play on my phone’ Nam-il said


‘but we singers not rappers’ kyung seok said


‘but Jin-Hyuk can rap’ Nam-il said


‘you know he doesn’t like rapping, je said it makes him talk too much’


‘whatever let Just play the beat’ Nam-il said


‘Okay’ mansoo replied as he sat down straight looking very prepared for the game


‘and yea whoever cannot find a song very fast will be the looser’ Nam-il said as he played a beat on his phone


Khalid – location :kyung wan


Send me your location


Let focus on communication


Cas i just need the time


and place


To come through



j human nature :Nam-il Why, why


Tell that it human nature Why , why does it that way


Justin Bieber sorry :mansoo


Is it too late now to day sorry


Cas am missing more than just your body


SIA & Zayn dusk till dawn:kyung seok


You never be Alone i be with you frm dusk till dawn


With you frm dusk till dawn



Bruno mars Versace :jae woo


Versace on the floor




Take it out for me


‘okay now it your turn jin-Hyuk’ Jae woo said


‘that a rap beat’ i said


‘what the biggie just do it’ Kyung wan sais


‘am not doing it’ i said




Waw their voice is awesome, they where able to sing to those foreign music beat, except my oppa Jin-Hyuk who could not rap or should I say doesn’t wanna rap


I know this beat, it very simple, this Beyoncé and jayz ape shit


Umm let me give it a try


Beyoncé and jayz apeshit :jina



Gimme some check


Put some respeck on my cheque


Or pay me in equity pay me in equity


Watch me reverse outta debt


He gat a bad bitch


We living lavish


I gat expensive habit


I gat expensive fabric


He wanna roll with me


He like to roll the weed



I was so lost in the rap that i turned the mop into a microphone and i started moving my body like rappers do


He wanna be with me


He wanna give me that vitamin d


Ice ournament


Icey style tournament


I was still busy rapping when i turned my back and Praaaakkk


That was the sound of the mop stick falling from my hand


EFX has been watching and listening to me while rapping and shaking my body



I am so getting fired


……… To be continued………….












On God


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