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CHAPTER 1 7 ⃣⃣






Okay something is not right


What is fatty Doin here?


‘fatty’ i said looking surprised


‘jina, Sir can you please tell me what going on’ here ‘she asked Mansoo also looking as surprised as i am


well fatty will be staying here with us ‘Mansoo said I was still wondering what fatty is doing here.


But i gotta admit i am beyond happy to see her here ‘ummm am sorry but i cannot stay here’ fatty said


I have absolutely no idea why she is here


But i do not want her to ruin it by saying she won’t stay here



‘but why’ Mansoo asked


‘well i will feel comfortable living here for free’ she said ‘then do whatever jina is doing’ Mansoo said ‘what is that’ fatty asked


‘work here as a maid, we pay you 500 won per month’ Mansoo said All of a sudden fatty started coughing


I guess the price must’ve shocked her like it did to me 3 weeks ago


‘okay, i will sir’ she said as she tried to act like she isn’t bothered by the price I see why we friends now.


We have a lot of things in common


Am just so happy


I won’t be the only maid living with six hotties ‘um Mansoo can we talk privately’ Jin-Hyuk said ‘yea sure’ Mansoo replied as they both walked away ‘O. M. G jina’ fatty said as she hugged me


‘take a look at this place, this is heaven’ she said as she disengaged from the hug


‘i am so happy you here with me fatty, this place will be less boring now’ i said as i hugged her


Ohhhh i just love this fat girl





‘what the heck do you think doing’ i asked Mansoo ‘geez men have you been drinking’ he asked ‘let me guess your old man visited’ he asked


‘dude do not change the topic, Asif having one ugly maid isn’t enough you went ahead and employed another’ i said


Whenever am with mansoo i actually talk like a normal human should still very cold as usual


He is my closest friend and i actually feel comfortable talking to him


I guess we are friends cas we act the same way zzz


But he is a bit nicer than i am


‘look Jin hyuk you have to allow her stay here she has no where to go’ Mansoo said ‘so you rich go buy her a new house or something’ Jin-Hyuk said


‘dude it won’t kill u if you allow a poor girl stay here, please don’t be mean’ Mansoo said


i let out a sigh before saying


‘fine do whatever you want’ he said as he walked away




Fatty and i were still celebrating our togetherness when oppa arrived.


He glared at us for awhile before walking away


Just then Mansoo arrived



‘feel at home’ he said as he patted fatty shoulder before Walking away Am already seeing the other sides of this two hottie..


Fatty and i did whatever we were meant to do as a maid before going to bed We chatted through out the night


She told me about her evil step mother and i felt pity for her


I thought evil step mother only exist in fairytales


Never knew their was one in reality


The next day we arrived in school


Only to hear a very exciting news


‘you all going on a musical tour and 20 students has been selected to go on this tour and they were selected by EFX leader Jin-Hyuk’


Jin-Hyuk selected them


Let me just give up all hopes of going



I am % sure he will never choose me for this trip …


‘so we are going to new Orleans for this trip’..


‘new Orleans’ i said to fatty


‘i hope he picks our name, i really wanna travel outside the country’ Is fatty kidding right now


Why in seven seas Will he choose us



After listening to the teacher, Oppa jin – hyuk walked in to announce 20 people going on the trip


The little hair colour problem is here again


Oppa just changed his hair from the former colour to red.


But who cares he still look Damn handsome


All the girls were pinching and blushing


Some even pulled up their skirt to make it shorter


I guess that is to entice him.


What a joke


This is really not fair


How can a human being be so good looking This man is mind blowing


I wonder why am saying this


This is not my first time seeing him anyway


‘this trip will be the best because the EFX members will be going with you’.. The girls couldn’t control their self as they all screamed I know how they must feel


Going on a trip with six idols


Despite the fact that they are a students of this school


They only get to see them once in a blue moon


They are the owner of the school but they do not like visiting their school. How strange

‘thanks for the enthusiasm’ he said


He was talking in a very formal way..


No smiling


No laughing


And no jokes


He is so boring


But why does he have to be so cute


I still couldn’t get over what he did to me the previous day


I know it was just a dirty trick to get a bottle of liquor


But who cares it was magical


Having him so close to me


Never for once in my lifetime did i think Jin-Hyuk will come so close to me But he did


‘here are the names of the students’ his s£xy voice woke me up from my dream land


‘Rexa basil’


‘Tom Shawn’


‘Toni Mackerel’


‘Becky Timberlake’


‘Baek soon joo’




After mentioning 18 names he paused


I wonder who the lucky two remaining are.


The other kids folded their hands and prayed silently hoping to get picked by Jin-Hyuk


I guess i should also pray and hope I get picked


fatty and Lee jina’ he announced the last time What


What What


He actually choosed fatty and i Am I dreaming


Am i in some kind of dream land Oppa choosed my name for the trip.


‘yeeeeeeessss jina we made it’ fatty said as she hugged me so tight I felt like I was going to suffocate



‘yes we made it’ i said disengaging myself from the big hug



‘sorry guys, better luck next time’ he said to the other students who looked sad and disappointed


Who would have thought he would pick us for this trip


‘so you will all be going with the EFX’


Oppa couldn’t finish before this rude bitch interrupted him


‘not only the Efx will be going with you, but i will be following too’ Mina said a she walked in with her P. A


This woman might be a total devil but she is still extremely pretty


So pretty I wish i was her


I do not even stand a chance ‘..


what are you doing here ‘Oppa asked trying as much as possible not to sound rude but it is clear the mere sights of this woman irritates him


well I asked the board of directors of this school and they said it will be totally nice to follow you guys on this trip to inspire the students’ she said


Oppa was looking more irritated


For goodness sake he is the owner of the schl what right does anyone have to tell him what to do


‘and guys you all excited to go on the trip with me right’ she asked the students


‘yesssssssss’ they all shouted


Mina is a big time celebrity


Anyone will be happy to go on a trip with her



‘come on you won’t want to say no to all this students’ she asked wth a grin


“Oppa pls let Noona come with us” the students pleaded



She managed to trap him in such a way that he wouldn’t be able to say no even though he wanted to


Classic mina


‘you can come’ Oppa said reluctantly


I guess he does not want to disappoint his students


Immediately mina lips spread into a big fake smile


What a faker




This time around am not going on that trip for oppa alone


Am also going for this girl..


I must find out who she trully is


If she is the same person…


And in the process i want to make her life unbearable


Very unbearable.


Brace yourself jina


Things are about to get pretty hard for you


I said as i smiled mischievously


………………… To be continued………















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