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CHAPTER 1 ⃣2 ⃣






‘How is this possible ‘i asked fatty as we both walked out of the school premises


I was still unable to get over the thought of jin-hyuk lips on mine


your lips touching the mouth of a kpop idol, you are like the trending topic on Instagram, Twitter and other social media. Before you were just an ordinary girl but now you are Damn popular’ fatty said


‘there she is get her’ an angry girl shouted while pointing at me


‘what going on fatty’ i asked


Before i knew what was going on about 100 girls started running towards me holding eggs in their hand


‘i do not know what going on but i think we should run’ fatty said as we both took to our heels while the girls were running after us


I think if fatty continues running like this she might actually loose 100 pounds..


I mean how can a fat girl run this fast..

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We ran so fast our heels were almost touching the back of our heads while the girls keep stoning us with rotten eggs


I don’t know how but we somehow managed to escape this girls


‘what do they want from us’ i asked breathing heavily


‘i think they are Mina fans’ she said also breathing heavily while going through her social media page


‘but what did i do’ i asked


‘they want revenge for kissing their sweetheart boyfriend’ she answered


‘but I did not kiss him, he saved me from drowning’ i said


‘that What we know but not everybody knows this’ she said


‘Now what are we going to do, we smell really bad’ i said looking disgusted


‘yea like rotten egg and sweat and the worst part is that little live saving scene is ruining jin-Hyuk image because korea sweetheart told everyone that he broke up with her because of you’ she said


‘what that lie, they broke up long before that pool thing happened


‘ and how did you know that’ she asked with a look of disbelief


‘i know everything, i am Thier maid, I live in their house and btw this is not the time to talk about that right now’ i said looking pretty upset


Fatty and i parted few minutes later


I still smell pretty bad and that mina how can she do such horrible thing


How can she tell the whole world such a thing


I can take few rotten eggs but one thing i can’t stand is my oppa image ruined because of me


I will have to do something


I entered the Efx compound hoping not to bump into one of the boys smelling like rotten egg


On entering the main building i saw the EFX all gathered in the living Room and they all focused their attention on me


‘geez why do you smell so bad’ kyung wan asked


‘and you look messed up’ Nam-il added



‘it a long story’ i said


‘i hope it end with a long shower :Jae woo said


Jim-Hyuk stands on his feet and walked towards me he grabbed my by the wrist and we both walked up the stairs together


‘ why do you look and smell bad ‘he asked ‘well’ i said as i narrated the whole ordeal to him


‘umm, it what you deserve am in this mess because of you’ he said looking upset…


I must say this is the first time am seeing him upset. Normally he is cold ‘ever since i met you my life sucks’ he said


‘well oppa, you don’t do anything, i will find a way to fix things’ i said clearly intimidated by him


‘let you fix it’ he said as he dips his hand on his pocket and smirked That also a new thing


Oppa just smirk



‘if i let you fix things you just gonna mess everything up with your bad luck’ he said


‘no, no, no, i won’t please just give me a chance, i will fix all this tomorrow i promise’ i said


‘Guys come watch the news ‘Nam-il shouted


m giving you just one chance, you mess this up i will end you ‘he said as he walked down the stairs



I breathe a sigh of relief immediately he walked down the stairs


I also walked down the stairs to see the breaking news


And guess who was on the screen



Korea sweetheart


She was crying as reporters interviewed her


‘I use to love jin-hyuk so much, he told me he loves me but it was all a lie. After few months of dating, he started behaving wierd and violent, sometimes he tries to hit me, and then he was going out with different girls but i couldn’t tell the world all this because i really loved him. He broke up with me weeks ago but i did not know why then i later found out he was having an affair with the maid ‘she said as she cleaned her crocodile tears with a tissue’ i can’t say anything anymore ‘she said crying as she walked away from the press


‘ that snake ‘Nam-il said


Oppa just glared at me and walked away


I slowly walked up to my room, showered, run some errands for the Kpop before going to bed later in the night


The next day things have gone pretty bad for oppa


No producer is willing to produce any of his music and he is going through various harassment from angry fans.


The only thing he can do to solve this problem is apologize to mina


‘are you really going to apologize to her in front of the press’ i asked him


‘i will rather ruin my whole image.. I am letting you do something today, if you don’t i will take action’ he said as he walked out on me



I looked to my side and saw a camera


‘wait a second’ i said as i walked towards the bush and brought out the camera hidden in it


‘this is a camera, but how did this get in here’ i asked as i checked the name on it




I checked the video recorded on it and it was videos nam-il recorded about few hours before I fell in the pool


He must have lost it


I checked the other footage and i saw the video of what really happened that night


‘waw’ i said looking happy


‘i can finally save oppa with this’


I stood on my feet and ran out of the building towards oppa press conference




I was being harassed by series of reporters and angry fans


I can see the look on mina face


It seems she is really enjoying this


If that ugly maid can’t do anything i will have to find a way but one thing I definitely can’t do is apologize to that girl


‘cheater popstar’


‘dirty man’


‘dirty popstar’


Those were the comments coming out of the angry fans


‘ENOUGH’ someone shouted


I looked up and apparently it was the maid


The reporters and fans ran towards her and started harassing her


‘you all have said enough now take a look at this’ she showed them the video


‘this video is also on social media so you can watch it’ she said


Everyone brought out their cell phone and immediately after watching it, they calmed down and felt ashamed of their selves for blaming the poor man


‘you all called him different name because of what mina told you. You all claimed to be his fans but you turned your back against him. Oppa saved my life that day. He saved me from drowning. He saved an ordinary girls life. If not because of oppa i won’t be here today.. Oppa jin-hyuk. Thanks alot. You are my hero ‘she said as i was staring at her


Oppa we are sorry ‘the fans said as they started apologising to me I stood on my feet and walked towards mina


thanks a lot mina, you just made me extra popular…. I guess am korea hero now ‘i said


she glared at me and walked away looking absolutely upset


Just then the maid walked towards me


ofcas u don’t expect me to say thank you this was all your fault from the beginning ‘i said



no oppa, do not say thanks, i am your num one fan and i will do anything to save your reputation ‘she said


Number one fan


Not bad.


‘about that school test. It is cancelled, you can stay in EFX musical school’ i said


‘really’ she said as she screamed


‘so noisy’ i said as I walked away


‘oppa thank you’ she shouted


But i ignored her smiling ☺


Smiling is not something I really do


But she managed to make me smile


But i still can’t stand her


…………… To be continued…………..















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