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CHAPTER 1 ⃣3 ⃣






‘waw jina, i saw what you did on T. V, oppa you are my hero so sweet’ fatty said looking very excited


‘well he is my hero and oppa cancelled the little test’ i said


‘what, are you serious, he really did that arrrfghhhhhhhhhhh’ fatty screamed


This girl really is something


‘this is good news, you saved oppa reputation and also we are never leaving EFX SCHOOL well not until we make a debut’ fatty said


‘well let go to class’ i smiled as we both went to class


Well mina did a good thing, not only are my popular now, oppa has also graduated from Korea number one hottie to Korea hottest hero




What the hell


That girl just went ahead and ruined my whole plan


Who the hell does she think she is?


‘good afternoon mina’ my P. A Hawon said as she walked into my office


‘That girl that ruined my whole plan today,i want you to find out exactly who she is, her name, where she is from and all sorts of information asap’ i ordered


‘okay’ she said as she walked out of my office


I will just have to make her pay for what she did




that crazy maid girl finally did something good ‘waw jina was awesome’ Nam-il said


‘oppa you are my hero’ jaewoo said imitating the maid girl as the boys laughed


I acted as if I was paying no attention to them as usual by going through my phone ‘you guys keep shut okay’ Mansoo said


‘oh please, you also have that fat girl who sings to you right’ Nam-il said


‘it non of your business…. Why don’t you go find yourself a special female admirer’


Mansoo said


‘oh please i have tones of female admirers’ Nam-il said ‘that why i added the word special’ Mansoo said ‘buzz off’ Nam-il said


‘enough guys, Mansoo Nam-il is just a child no need to argue’ jaewoo cautioned them


‘child?, am 24, you guys are only a year older than me’ Nam-il said This guys are damn crazy






‘Oh a message’ i said as i checked my phone


‘ohhhhh Nam-il just sent me all the EFX boys number’ i said



‘waw, Nam-il sent you their number, i guess you already getting closer to them than usual and beside you are their maid, you need their number’ fatty said


‘ummmm’ i shrugged


‘come on call jin-hyuk’ fatty said


‘no i won’t’ i said


‘come on just call me’ fatty insisted


‘no i am not gonna’ i said


Fatty snatched the phone from me and dials oppa number


‘hey give that back’


I said as i tried to collect the phone from her


‘awnnnnnn, voicemail’ she said


‘thank goodness’ i said


‘so jina please tell me what you like about oppa Jin-Hyuk’ fatty said


‘everything, he is cute, his lips, his amazing body, his voice and those s£xy blue eyes of his, and oppa is such a sweet person. I know what must people see in him is an arrogant rude jerk. But that just an act, he is a sweet and kind person and i really love him .


Voicemail sent


‘what’ i snatched my phone from fatty


‘you forgot to cut the call and now Everything thing i said has been sent to Jin-Hyuk


what the heck ‘fatty shouted.


oh no i am so dead ‘I said


Fatty was also looking scared so am positive she didn’t do this on purpose She was just so lost in our conversation she forgot to cut the call


okay calm down jina you just have to find a way to delete that message ‘fatty said


am sure he must be home by now, fatty i have to go’i said as i picked up my bag and ran out of the school premises




Am such a stupid friend


I just put jina in so much trouble


I pray she is able to delete that message before Jin-Hyuk hears it Oh lord please help jina




I ran all the way from school to the EFX MANSION and on getting there none of the boys were in the sitting room


I ran upstairs to Jin-Hyuk room and slowly opened the door only to see his phone on the table


This is a real blessing


Oppa was no where to be found


And his phone is on the table


I slowly tiptoe towards the phone



Picked it up


‘oh no there is a password, this is a really expensive phone how am i suppose to unlock this’ i said looking into the phone


His birthday


That should be his password


I typed his birthday but it not opening ‘what could be his password’ i asked myself


I started trying out random passwords but non of them could unlock his phone ‘456tg8q’


A voice said


‘oh thanks alot’ i said as i typed the password


Wait a second


Who told me that


I slowly turned my back and


I am so dead


Rip jina


This is the end


‘oppa’ i muttered





I was still very upset when hawon entered into my room ‘Who’s she’ i asked


‘she is some girl that lived in the orphanage, her parent abandoned her when she was just a baby’ Hawon said


‘what her name’ i asked


‘Lee jina’ she said



‘Lee jina’ i said with a puzzled look


‘yea Lee jina’ i answered


her name is Lee jina, how, no, it can’t be..


She can’t be the one


She can’t be the one


……………. To be continued………..


Will jina be able to delete the voice mail


What is the relationship between jina and mina














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