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CHAPTER 2 ⃣5 ⃣




This chapter is not edited and a bit short


Sincere apology for mistakes such as spelling errors




I put on my sweater and sat down on my bed


The way Oppa touches me this days


I do not want it to stop


I want more of it


Whenever he touches me


I feel wierd tingles in my tummy


Am inlove with this guy but if he continue doing this i might just fall madly in love with him


One of the maids walked into the room with a tray of food


She gave me the food before bowing and walked out of the room


I wonder why they do that


An also a maid for goodness sake


Not too long after oppa walked into my room and sat down on the sofa


‘are you fine now’ he asked


‘yea i am’ i said


Then something hit my mind and i decided to ask him


‘but sir how did you know i am with those thugs’


He stares at me and did not answer my question and then it made me feel wierd for asking him that question.


‘i was in my car when i saw you and those guys from afar, i tried to follow them but i somehow loosed them but later on i located their whereabouts and managed to help you’ he said..





I guess that was why he arrived late


‘but those guys aren’t ordinary thugs, I think someone sent them’ i said


He thinks for awhile before saying



‘am sure it mina’ he said


‘what mina, no i doubt it, why will she want to do that to me’ i said


‘have known her since she was 26,we went to the same high school, she is obsessed over me. A girl once tried to move close to me in high school and Mina locked her up in the school freezer for about an hour, the girl barely escaped with her life’ he said ‘if she was that mean when she was just 16 tell me what do you think she will do to a girl that ruined her chances of being with me’ he asked


He has a point


But can she really do that


‘sir I do not think it mina, she told me she wants to be friends with me’ i said


He looks at me and smirks before folding his arms


‘you naive poor little thing, haven’t you heard of the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ he said


He has a point


But mina





‘but for some reason i feel like she has another motive, am sure she does not hate you because of me alone, she must have another reason’ he said


Another reason


‘but sir i do not know mina in the past , why will she hate me that much’ i said while he shrugged


He stood on his feet and walked out of the room




Jin-Hyuk just employed new maids


Ang one of them happened to be my former maid Very loyal to me


‘can you do this’ i asked her


‘yes mam, i will do anything for you’ she said


‘good, this is your pay’ i said as i handed over an huge amount of money to her ‘Now do your work properly and no mistake’ i said ‘she nodded as she walked away’


‘i won’t stop until i end this girl, i must end her ‘ i said




‘i need to help the maid out’ i said as i walked down the stairs


‘Madam pls help can you help me out with the gas’ one of the maid said ‘sure, come on let go’ i said ad i followed her al the way to the kitchen Oppa told me to rest but i feel uncomfortable if i can’t help anyone out



I walked toward the gas and said


‘nothing seem to be wrong with it’


‘well mam, pls switch it on for me’ she said


‘okay’ i said as i tried to lit the gas but suddenly it exploded ‘arghhhhhhhh’.


That was me screaming when the fire burned my hand ‘Madam’ she said as she moved close to me


They put of the gas fire and my hand was still badly burnt


It was only a matter of time before the maids gathered me


I was crying seriously as i stared at my hand


‘what going on here’ Oppa said as he moved closer to me ‘how did this happen’ he asked


But i couldn’t answer i was busy crying due to the pain i was feeling ‘who did this’ he asked


‘sir she was the one who called her to help with the gas’ one of the maid said pointing at the maid who called me earlier


‘you are fired’ he said to her


‘but pls sir don’t fire her’ i said ‘it was all my fault sir pls’


‘do not say a word cas nothing you say will make me change my mind’ he said as he made me walk with him to my room.



I was still crying


I couldn’t help it


My hand was badly injured


‘ointment’ he said as he scattered the box looking for ointment ‘found it’ he said as he applied it on my hand


My hand looked so bad


That fire really burned my hand it won’t be easy for it to heal


I couldn’t help but cry the more he touched it the more pain i feel


Although he tried his best to be gentle.


But it still hurt a lot


‘hey stop crying’ he said looking very concerned ‘it hurt a lot’ i said


We both shared a very long eye contact before he placed his hand on my neck and moved my face closer


My heart was beating fast again


Butterflies tingling in my tummy


I could not feel any part of my body as my body release love hormones


I started breathing so fast it got to a point i couldn’t breath properly


My heart feels so heavy


It was only a matter of time before i felt something soft on my lips


I closed my eyes and opened my mouth


I need to enjoy that kiss


He slowly made his way with my lower lip as our tongue brushed each other He kissed me in such a way i have never been kissed before Screw that pain am feeling


I can’t feel it again..


It like this kiss came with a special medicine


I feel like i was in my own personal world


He slowly sucked and bit my lower lips gently


This guy kissing technique is mind blowing



He kissed me in such a way that i almost went crazy


I returned the kiss


His hand went to my waist and my tummy tinged again


I am gonna die anytime soon cas Jin-Hyuk is killing me


Forget that Damn friendship shit


What we share is more than just friendship








I think this mina is crazy


She is helping our dear jina and Jin-Hyuk closer














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