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CHAPTER 1 ⃣5 ⃣






I can’t help but Imagine this beauty lips on mine Am sure it will be so magical


‘what the heck get off me’ he shouted and his voice bounced me back to reality


‘how can someone so small be so heavy’ he said as i slowly stand on my feet and felt a sharp pain in my ankle




I screamed out in pain as i sat down on the floor holding my ankle


Oppa slowly stood on his feet and stares at me as i held my feet in pain


‘what wrong’ he asked


‘it nothing’ i said


After saying it nothing he totally ignored me





‘arghh’ i said as i tried to stand on my feet but fell on the floor again How can a small rat cause so much damage


Oppa slowly moves closer to me and sat down on the germ infested floor he didn’t want to sit on earlier


‘let me see it’ he said


‘no do not worry it nothing’ I said


‘do not make me repeat what i just said’ he said I slowly stretch out my ankle


‘remove that ugly sneakers and shoe you wearing’ he said as i slowly removed my sneakers and socks


He slowly grabbed my feet and placed it on his laps He looked at the red sores around my ankle and said


‘even your feet is as ugly as your face’ he said still focused on my ankle Is he willing to help me with my ankle or just insult me


This guy never misses an opportunity to make me loose every bit of self esteem i have


He slowly turns my ankle to do side which makes me wince in pain ‘ does it hurt’ he asked looking a bit concerned


I must say this is the first time am seeing him with this concerned look



I feel so special


‘yea’ i replied


‘sorry’ he said as he slowly massaged my ankle


I was so lost in looking at him that i forgot all about the pain ‘Jin-Hyuk, Jin-Hyuk’ a voice shouted


‘that must be Nam-il’ he said as he stood on his feet and walked toward the door Why did Nam-il come now


I was enjoying Oppa soft hand on my feet massaging it ‘Nam-il am in the store’ he said


It was only a matter of time before Nam-il slowly opened the door ‘how did you guys end up in here’ he asked with a look of suspicion


‘ask the maid’ he said as he walked out of the room leaving me all alone with my injured foot


‘what wrong’ Nam-il asked


‘i just sprained my ankle’ i answered


‘come on let me help you up’ he stretch out his hand and pulled me up as he support me all the way to my room


‘should i help you with the leg’ he asked


‘no don’t worry i will be fine’ i said as i adjusted my pillow


‘OK’ he said as he walked out of my room


I slowly bend my head trying to get over the pain am feeling suddenly an ointment appeared in my face


raised my head to see whoever was giving me the ointment ‘sir’ i muttered


‘here take this and rub it on your foot, it will help with the pain’ Jin-Hyuk said. ‘thank you’ i said as i collected the ointment from him


He turned his back and walk out of my room. Sometimes I really don’t get Oppa


His nice to me for a minute



And the other he is a grumpy arrogant man


This guy is really confusing


But can i love him less


I doubt it




The ugly maid girl must be in pain


I picked up an ointment from the first aid box and handed it over to her in her room before walking out of the room


I really don’t know why i care about this girl


I Mean what difference should it make to me if she is in pain or not



I guess something about her isn’t totally irritating Ringgggggggggggggggggg


I picked up my phone to see whoever it was that is calling me And i must say, i am not pleased to answer this call


I put on my hoodie jacket after picking the calls and stepped outside for awhile


what are you doing here?’ i asked the man surrounded by men in black suite. ‘can’t i just visit my darling son’ he asked


Yea he is my father


The rich and famous JIN-HYUN But i hate him


so much


Whatever bad attitude i possess currently It all thanks to this man


‘this is my house MR JIN, never come here unannounced again’ I said looking upset


‘you are the only heir to JIN EMPIRE and you are here wasting your time on music and all sorts of nonsense’ he said


‘i Already told u this MR JIN i am not interested in you or your property, you can both go to hell for all i care’ i said.


Immediately i finished my little speech


I was slapped across the face by this man i totally despise




I gasped as MR JIN slapped Oppa


I never knew this father and son do not get along pretty well I was in my room earlier


But then I got bored and limped to the balcony for some fresh air


Then i saw the little scene btwn my Oppa and his father


This time my eyes caught it


I did not eavesdrop


Although i could not hear what they were saying


But i heard the word dad so i assumed that MR JIN – HYUN his father


And besides have seen him on newspaper and television so I kinda recognize the man




now this man came to my house


And slapped a 25 year old man


‘i will just have to wait till you come begging at my feet you brat’ he shouted angrily


‘you and your guards get of my property right this minute’ i said trying to control my temper


I have a really bad temper



But I still try my best to control it


Mr JIN glared at me one more time before Gettin into his car and driving out of my compound with his guards


Whenever I see this man


He just makes me remember sad things that happened in the past


I walked into the house and went to the room in which alcohol and drinks are kept I don’t drink alcohol


But when i do it makes me loose my mind


None of the boys were around to stop me from drinking Nam-il go arrived earlier went out again


I picked up a bottle of whiskey before going to the living room (Join Group) I sat on the sofa, opened the cab and started consuming the liquor




About 30 mins after the whole scene..


I keep asking myself if i should check on Jin-Hyuk or not Let me just check on him


I mean what the worse that can happen


I checked his room but he is not in there


Then i slowly walked to the living room only to see oppa consuming a bottle of whiskey



What could his dad have done to him that turned him into a complete mess like this ‘sir why are you consuming so much alcohol’ i asked ‘you, what your name again’ he asked


He is obviously drunk with the way he is behaving ‘jina’ i answered


‘oh jina, so your name isn’t dirty maid’


Dirty maid..


Is that what he calls me


‘come on join the party’ he said


‘sir you shouldn’t be drinking that it not good for you’ i said ‘are you going to tell me what to do’ he asked ‘no sir.. Am just’


‘just get out of here, come on beat it’ he said as he directed the liquor bottle towards his mouth


Like i will seriously watch my Oppa drink himself to stupor I do not care if i get fired


I moved closer to oppa and snatched the liquor bottle from him ‘hey give that back’ he shouted looking very upset I have to confess



I am actually scared


But Damn me if i let my dream man look so miserable because of some rich old man


I gotta stand on my ground no matter what He stood on his feet and said ‘give me my drink’


This time he said it coldly but still very intimidating ‘no i won’t’ i said as i hide the bottle behind me


He walked towards me with a slight stagger while i walked with my back trying to avoid him moving closer to me until my back actually hit the wall


‘give it to me now’ he said


‘no, i will not’ i replied acting like he is not scaring me at all


He moved closer to me with my back still against the wall


Oppa placed his left hand on the wall and moved very close to me


I could feel his breathe on my face as his nose slightly brushed mine I feel like he was about to kiss me as i stared at his beautiful lips


The first three button of his shirt were loosed making me have a glimpses of his smooth well structured chest


‘w….w..w..what are you… D… O.. Ing’ I stammered


He did not answer



Oppa’s slowly placed his hand on my waist


I am gonna die right now


He moved his hand stil touching my waist to my back his face was still so close to me and he have me trapped in his touch, breathe and smell


I could not snap out of it


I couldn’t push him away


What is wrong with me


JINA you have to wake up




He slowly moves me closer to him using my waist and his blue eyes staring at me feels so good


We were awkwardly close..


This is the kind of picture that dumb mina should have taken


Then am pretty sure she would have succeeded in her plans


Oppa slowly moved his face closer to mine that i almost loosed my mind thinking he was going to kiss me.. But then he stopped midway and snatched the bottle from my hand and moves away from me


It was at that moment that i regained my senses


Who traps a girl like that just to grab a bottle of liquor from them.


This Oppa really is something


He just sat on the sofa having no regret for what he just did



Should i kill this man


I am just going to show him that two can play this game Oppa i still love you but i will show you what jina can do

………………….. To be continued……….
















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