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CHAPTER 1 ⃣4 ⃣








He slowly walked towards me


‘what are you doing with my phone’ he asked


‘well sir, i… I.. I.. I wanted to clean the phone’ i said nervously Clean the phone


How ridiculous is that


You could have come up with a better excuse jina ‘really, with what mop? ‘ he asked He said that to make me feel stupid


‘n.. N… No.. Sir no.. Not mop’ i stammered ‘then with what’ he asked


I.. I..’ i could not even say anything meaningful ‘give me my phone’ he stretched out his hand ‘but’ i said


‘i want my phone back now’ he said already looking pissed off ‘okay’ i said as i handed his phone over to him reluctantly


he collected his phone from me and started going through it



‘one voicemail’ he said as my eyes widened He cannot hear whatever i said on that phone I will be dead if he does.


‘bye leave now and don’t come back’ he said to me while he is still going through his phone


If i leave now, he will definitely listen to that awkward voicemail Am sorry Oppa


Am sorry for what am about to do




I wonder what this maid wants from my phone ‘didn’t you hear me i said leave’ i said


The crazy maid snatched my phone from me and ran out of the room ‘what the hell’ i said looking very upset as i walked out of the room.



I ran into the store still trying to unlock the phone.


‘what the password again’


‘How can i forget this i am so dumb’


I said trying to open the phone lock


I turned to my back still focused on the phone only to see Jin-Hyuk standing behind me so close to me that i jumped up in fear and the phone fell on the floor



How did he manage to come so close to me and i didn’t even hear a sound Is he some kind of vampire

‘pick that up’ he said coldly


This guy is such a cold fish..


i slowly picked up the phone and the screen was badly broken


I don’t even need anyone to tell me before i know that i am fired


‘can you see what you have done my phone you fatuous creature’ he said still with no expression on his face


I have been called alot of things


But fatuous is a word i don’t know


‘am sorry sir’ i said afraid of what he might do to me


‘sorry, will sorry fix my phone. It is broken beyond repair’ he threw the phone away looking pretty upset


But that can still be repaired



What wrong with rich people this days


Jin-Hyuk turns his back to leave and all of a sudden he couldn’t open the store door


‘what wrong with this door’ he said


The door


Jin-Hyuk keeps struggling with the door unable to open it ‘sir please let me try’ i said



He slowly moved away from the door giving me opportunity to try it out I also struggled with the door trying to open it ‘It seems the lock is broken’ i said


‘state the obvious’ he said


The way he is looking at me


Am sure he feels like strangling me


But this is great


Trapped in the same room with oppa








‘Hawon are you sure her name is lee jina’ i asked again just to be sure


‘yea, she is lee jina’ she answered


‘now leave’ i said


‘okay mina’ she quietly walked out of the office


I stood on my feet and started having faint memories of a woman crying and a child trying to console her


If she is the jina i know.


Then i definitely will hate her more than i already hate her initially If she’s the one then i will definitely stop at nothing to get rid of her


She ruined my life


And i can never forgive her for that at all


I will never forgive her for that


I must find out if she is the jina i know..


Then i will make sure i get rid of her


I won’t spare her




we are trapped in this room all thanks to this ugly maid Is it wierd that i want to strangle her


The maid got tired of struggling with the door and sat down on the floor ‘how can you sit on that floor’ i said looking disgusted ‘but it perfectly fine’ she replied


‘perfectly fine?, how can you sit on the floor in a place like this filled with germs’ i asked


‘unlike you i was not given birth to with a silver spoon so am used to germs’ she said


‘and who told you i was given birth to with a silver spoon’ i asked


‘well apart from you being a super rich and famous popstar, you also the heir to billion dollars company. Your dad is Mr jin-Hyun right ‘ she said


‘my father was Damn poor before he became whoever he is now’ i said ‘so you were not born with a silver spoon’ she asked



But i was tired of talking so i did not answer




It feels so great Oppa is sharing this with me


I thought he was some kind of rude arrogant rich kid who get whatever he wants whenever he wants


But i guess that not true


I shouldn’t have asked him too much questions Now he isn’t replying.


Then i started hearing wierd noises


‘what is that’ i asked


‘idk’ he replied.


Then suddenly a nasty rat run towards me And yea am freaked out by rat


I stood on my feet and screamed only to fall on Oppa by mistake


Oppa fell on the floor while i fell on him and stared into his beautiful blue eyes. The smell of his cologne was amazing,


And his jucy lips

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I will kiss that the whole day without getting tired As usual I was already day dreaming



Am afraid if i don’t get over my lust, love, and obsession for this guy i might actually go crazy


……………….. To be continued…….. ..












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