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By Authoress Anna Episode 22..








Kyle’s POV..


That girl is just so annoying! Ugh..


I need to find Maya as soon as possible, I can’t take this any longer..


Where in the world is she?, Why can’t anyone find her..


I wonder why Diego hasn’t called by now, I guess I’ll have to call him myself..


I dipped my hand in my pockets but didn’t find my phone.. uhh! I left it in the room with that witch.


I groaned and quickly walked back to my room.




“What the heck are you doing with my phone?!” I barked as she mumbled an hello, causing the phone to slip from her hands and fall to the ground, I watched as the screen shattered.


I rubbed my temple pacing with my eyes closed, I’ll kill this girl if she doesn’t leave, I’ll f**king kill her I swear to God. “Kyle I’m sorry..” she mumbled


“Please leave, I beg you”I muttered and walked over to my bed, picking up my other phone.


“I said I’m..”


“Leave!” I yelled, she flinched and quickly rushed out.


I sighed and flopped down on the bed.


I dialed Diego and he picked after the second ring “Any news yet?” I breathed out


“No Kyle..but we’re still on it” he said and I nodded, even though he couldn’t see me.


“Okay, please keep me updated” I choked out, trying to hold back my tears.


“Yes sir” he mumbled and hanged up


The door opened and I fumed


“I said leave!” I yelled taking the lamp stand, throwing it at the door


“The f**k man? We just got here” I blinked and turned quickly to see christian holding the lamp and Lewis looking around cautiously “I’m sorry I thought it was..”


“Mimi.. I thought as much” Lewis mumbled walking over to me.


“I’m sorry bro” he muttered hugging me.. I reciprocated quickly, and sighed when he pulled back


“Man you’ve looked better” Christian said looking me over.


“Seriously?” Lewis asked eyeing him


“We both know I’m right, you look dehydrated” he said dryly and I rolled my eyes “Go take a shower man, you stink” he muttered taking a sit on the couch. I smiled a little and shook my head


“I missed you guys” I mumbled and it was true, growing up I spent most of my life with them, kindergarten, high school and University.. it’s sad to say this but I find comfort in them more than my own family. “Aww, we did too” Lewis cooed smiling


“I was going to introduce her to you both, you know? She really wanted to meet you both and I’d promised to introduce you guys when we came back, but I.. fate had other plans” I mumbled with a small smile


“It’s okay Kyle, you have to be strong, that’s what she would have wanted, right


Lewis?” Christian asked


“Yeah he’s right” Lewis agreed


“Aunt said you haven’t eaten, is that true?” Lewis asked and I gave a Curt nod


“Well, you better go brush your teeth, cause I’ve already asked a maid to prepare


something for you” Christian said.


“I’m not hungry..” I grumbled



“Yes you are..and you’re gonna eat pretty boy, wether you like it or not” Christian said glaring at me..


“I don’t..” I stopped when my phone started ringing, I looked down at the caller ID


and frowned, what does he want now?


“What?!” I snapped once I answered the call


“Don’t get all bossy on me Kyle, that’s not how to greet someone” Kai said and I frowned..


“Look I’ve got important things to do, so if you’re done talking I’m gonna hang up now” I said


“Something more important than Maya?” He asked seriously and I sat up “What do you mean?” I asked.


“Okay, so I was at the beach yesterday.. feeling the cool ocean breeze and…” He trailed off


“Kai Please go straight to the point” my friends sat up at the mention of his name “Okay, so I might have found an unconscious woman on the beach and rushed her to the hospital, now she’s in coma and ..I can’t tell you the rest, but that woman is Maya” he said and I stood up


“Oh my God!.. uhm, how? What?,. Where are you?” I asked walking towards the door, ignoring the confused expressions of my friends “I’m still at the hospital, obviously” he said dryly


“I know.. Please send me the address, I’m on my way” he muttered an okay and I rushed out of my room, bumping into min yuk on my way out.. not even bothering to help her stand


“Kyle where are you going?!” Christian yelled running after me..


I ran into the living room where mom and Elsa was seated, they stopped their discussion the moment they saw me


“Kyle, what is it son?” Mom asked standing up slowly Lewis walked into the living room with min yuk


“Kai found Maya mom, she’s at the hospital and is in coma,” I breathed out


“Oh my goodness!.. we have to go at once!” Mom said grabbing her bag from the couch, my phone buzzed and I opened it to see the address.


“Lets go Kyle,” mom said rushing to the door, I nodded and followed her out.





“Where’s she?” I asked the minute I saw kai at the reception.


“Follow me” he ordered and we all followed him down the halls, and into the ICU, he opened a glass door and walked in..with all of us on his tail.



“Hey doc” Kai greeted looking at the doctor who was writing down some things on the clipboard..


I froze when I saw Maya laying on the bed, a drip was connected to her right hand and an oxygen mask was placed on her nose “Oh my God” I heard mom and Elsa mumbled..


I blinked and rushed over to her side grabbing her hand without the drip and holding it to my lips as I cried shamelessly,


“Uhh.. I’m sorry but I have to ask you all to leave, well except for Kai of course” I heard the doctor say.More interesting stories on TOPSTER STORIES.


“No.. That’s kyle her fiance, and trust me, there’s nothing that’s going to make him leave this room” Kai said and I heard the others murmuring in agreement.


“Okay, he can stay then.. the rest of you please exit the room.. I need to talk to Kyle privately” he said and I heard footsteps walking out


The door closed and I stood up wiping my eyes with my hand, whilst holding Maya’s hand with the other


“So Kai here said you’re her fiance, when yesterday he filled the form claiming to be her husband” the doctor said and I turned to glare at Kai.. he shrugged nonchalantly


“What? He wasn’t going to treat her without informing the police first, I had to lie and pull some strings” he said crossing his arms “, Thank you” I said and he smiled


“You’re welcome” he beamed


“So how’s she doctor?” I asked darting my eyes to the man on white lab coat “She’s getting better, surgery was a success and the bullet was taken out successfully, thankfully no damage was made to her lungs and no signs of internal bleeding. She lost quite a lot of blood, but Kai donated enough.. in conclusion she’s out of danger and should be awake any moment from now,” he said as I tucked her hair behind her ears.


“You donated blood for her?” I asked staring at Kai


“What? Because we’re rivals doesn’t mean I’m wicked, besides she and I both have a bet to place, and I honestly can’t bet with a dead woman can I?” He asked and I gave a small smile


“Thank you so much” I said


“You’re welcome …again,” he said with a smile before turning to the doctor with a frown



“Isn’t there something you’re not telling him?” He asked glaring at the doctor.. “What?” The doctor asked confused


“What did you tell me this morning?” Kai asked crossing his hands on his chest.. “Oh..” the doctor mumbled and smiled at me


“Uhm, we discovered something during surgery yesterday,” he said and I furrowed my brows


“Okay… What?” I asked sitting up


“Miss Maya is two days gone” he said


“Uhh?” I asked confused, two days gone? As in dead?


“She’s pregnant” he stated and I gasped.








To be continued






Anna .


By Authoress Anna


Episode 22b..


Just A Kiss










Elsa’s POV..


“Hey..I heard what happened, is she okay? Where’s Kyle?” Diego asked panting “He’s still in there, I’m sure she’s okay, although she’s in coma..” I mumbled glancing at Mimi..who looked quite uncomfortable on her chair


“Well that’s good news, at least now she’s found and we don’t have to worry about Kyle going cray cray” he breathed out wiping the sweat off his face


“What does cray cray even mean? Hold up! Did you run all the way here?” I asked looking him over, one of his shoes was in his left hand, his clothes were wrinkled,



his other shoe was in mud, while his sock covered feet was torn at his big toe..and let’s not forget his heavy breathing.


“Well.. I might have gone out of gas, and tried to steal a kid’s bike because I was obviously in a hurry..and well, got chased by the kid’s dog, who by the way is really big!” He exclaimed slipping down the wall and sitting on the floor


“So you ran from a dog?, Whatever happened to being a man that you are?” Mimi asked talking for the first time since we left the house..


“Trust me, even Brock Lesnar would run when he sees the dog, can someone please help me with water? I’m thirsty..” he asked looking around.. I sighed and threw him a bottle of water. He mumbled a thanks before gulping down the content.


“What do you guys think is going on in there?” Mom asked taking a seat beside me with Lewis and christian standing by her side.


“I don’t know mom.. probably the doctor is explaining everything to Kyle, ” I replied


“But he should have been out by you think Maya is okay?” She asked worriedly


“She’s going to be fine mom” Chris said assuringly


“I can’t say that for the person behind this” Diego muttered suddenly


“Yeah, she’s going to get what’s coming to her, I’m going to make sure she suffers more worser things than Maya.. I am so going to enjoy humiliating her, right Mimi?” I said turning to my best friend with a smirk..


“You do agree with me don’t you?” I asked staring right into her eyes..


She swallowed and opened her mouth to speak..the door opened taking all our






Min yuk’s POV.


God! That was so close, why do I feel like Elsa knows something she’s not supposed to? Why do I get this feeling that she’s Taunting me?.., that’s not possible, if she knew it has been me all along, then she wouldn’t have punished Crystal and had her detained.


I’m sure she just wants me to deal with Crystal alongside her. Yes, that’s it. I smiled inwardly and focused on what the doctor was saying


“ guys can go in now, Kyle said it’s okay but please be careful though” he said and crisella mumbled an okay, I looked at his ID making a mental note to remember his name Dr Robert.. I’ll be needing him later. I smirked and followed them into the room.



There on the bed was the stupid girl i had tried so hard to eliminate, all to no avail.. she sickens me, even in coma she still looks so annoying.. I frowned as Kyle kissed her hand which was clasped tightly in his hands.


Ugh!.. I can’t stand this I’ll have to take her out really soon.


“Son.. what did the doctor say?” Crisella asked snapping me from my thoughts “She’s out of danger mom, she should be awake soon.. they are both perfectly okay” he said smiling with tears glistering in his eyes.. They? I don’t understand..


“Oh thank goodness, I thought she..wait they?” Crisella asked confused.. Kyle nodded and grinned widely, if that’s even still possible..


“She’s pregnant mom.. Maya’s pregnant” he announced looking at her proudly. Like I haven’t seen someone who’s preg.. wait what?! Pregnant, no she can’ this can’t happen.. no way in hell is that thing coming into this world!


“Are you serious?!” Elsa asked excited, kyle nodded and crisella squealed excitedly with Elsa.


“I’m so happy!.. I’m gonna be a grandma! Finally!” She said happily and I almost snorted.


Not if I can help it.


“Wow, man that was quick!” Chris joked and they all laughed


“Tell me about it, he’s a sharp shooter.. he just scored a goal when the relationship hasn’t even gotten to three months yet” Kai said causing the others to laugh.. Kyle laughed shaking his head..


“Congratulations man” Lewis said followed by diego..


Slowly I turned and walked out of the room, time for plan b.


“Mimi? Where are you going?” Elsa asked closing the door behind her. “Uhm.. I’m just going to use the restroom..” I muttered faking a smile. “Oh okay, do you want me to come with?” She asked


“’s okay, I’ll be quick” I said getting slightly irritated.. she’s delaying me “Oh alright..” she said smiling and turned to head back in the room..I sighed in relief and turned to leave.


“Oh and Mimi..” she said stopping me on my tracks


I groaned inwardly and turned to look at her, she stood by the door holding the handle


“All things in life has consequences, either good or bad, we might have committed some really bad things in our past, but if we can repent from them and change our ways, then karma might come a little too late.. otherwise redemption itself would be late” she smiled and walked in.



What was that about? What does she mean by that?.. redemption? Karma? What’s she on about?..


I sighed and walked over to a nurse, I’ve got better things to do..


“Excuse me miss, I lost my way can you please point me to the direction of doctor Robert’s office?” I asked with a smile.


“Sure, right this way..” I smiled and followed her.. enjoy your last breaths Maya… You’ll be struggling for it soon. I chuckled and knocked on the door, after sending a smile and a small thank you to the nurse..






Elsa’s POV..


I really don’t want to do this.. I really wished she took my advice but she didn’t, I sighed and took off my earbuds..


I nodded at the detective and he barged into the office with his backup, deigo sighed and left to get mom and the others.. I walked in to hear him saying


“I’m detective Ian from the Korean police department.. miss min yuk you are hereby arrested for the attempted murder of miss Amaya Choi sung, whatever you do or say would be used against you in the court of law, take her out.” He said and I watched as the other cops moved towards Mimi with a cuff “What do you mean?” She asked moving away from the police.


“Don’t you dare touch me, do you know who I am?!” She yelled shoving the cop away.


She looked around frantically and started crying when she saw me..


“Elsa, do something they want to arrest me, i didn’t do anything, tell them was Crystal, not me!” She said trying to fight out of the cop’s grip Oh I feel like slapping her across her face


“Shut up min yuk!” I snapped and she flinched..this is the first time I’ve called her full name in years, and the first time I yelled at her..the door opened and deigo stepped in with the others..


“What’s going on here, why’s Mimi in cuffs?” Mom asked looking around the room.. the doctor was still in shock, obviously by the way he was standing with his mouth wide open you’d know.


“I’m innocent Elsa..” she cried and I scoffed “Oh really?” I asked and she nodded



“You asked for this” I mumbled and played the voice record in my phone.. every one kept quiet and listened to the audio it was in this very office, few minutes ago with just Mimi and the doctor,


“What can I help you with miss…?” The doctor asked..


“ me Mimi” she said


“Mimi.. what can I help you with?” He asked


“Uhm..nothing much really, just a little job offer for you” she said “I don’t understand” he mumbled


“The patient you left in the ICU, ” Mimi said “Miss Amaya? ” He asked. “Yes.. Amaya”


“What about her?”


“I want her dead!”




“You heard me.. ten million dollars all in Cash, I can transfer half into your


account now and bring the rest later after the job is done..what do you think?”


“I can’t miss.. what you’re asking is …”


“Fifteen million”


“Or let’s make it a round figure.. twenty”


“I don’t.. why do you want her dead?”


“Let’s just say, she’s got something that belongs to me, and unless she’s gone I can’t


get it what do you say? Deal..?”




“And just to warn you, I don’t take no for an answer, it’s either you do it or lose


everything you own, including your job, you wouldn’t want that now would you?”.






“But I can’t, it’s against my ethics as a doctor and as a Christian.. I can’t do..” “Shut up!.. do you know who I am?!”..


The audio stopped and everyone gaped at Mimi except the cops, me and the doctor.


Her eyes were wider than I’ve ever seen with her mouth open “How?” She stuttered


“How did I do it?” I ask finishing the sentence for her


“Oh it’s simple, I bugged your phones” I shrugged and she furrowed her brows “You ever wondered how the cops found out about the incident at the woods? No it wasn’t Diego who called them, I did.. I knew everything right from the start, but I



didn’t think you would pull through with that evil act.. I sent the cops the moment you heard Kyle say he switched off alarms, but because your goons were already waiting around the forest they got there first, and well I was a little too late at saving Maya. You know if someone had told me you were this evil, I would kill them myself for lying against you my ‘bestfriend’, I always knew you had something for my brother, damn I knew you were obsessed with Kyle, you know I got really suspicious when you just flew all the way from the states to Korea, when I told you about Kyle’s and Maya’s plans to spend time in his cabin, away from the city.. and when I visited you at your suite, on my way out I remembered I was going to ask you about suggestions for my new project, so when I opened the door to your room, I heard you talking in the balcony, speaking harshly to someone on the phone, whilst yelling that you wanted her dead! Do you remember?” I asked and she blinked looking down at the floor .


“Not wanting to look suspicious, I had moved out of the room and knocked to get your attention, and when you came out smiling like a saint, I asked you to visit me later at the house, well I’m glad to announce to you that, exactly that evening when you showed up at my house, I bugged your phones, whilst deigo had guys setting up cameras in your house, funny how you didn’t notice.. oh and just so you know, I also had cameras set up in the prison, so when I ran out that day, it was to sit and watch through the detective’s laptop how you confessed your sins to your so called ‘pawn’ ” I said and she stared unbelievably at me


“I only did that to Crystal to teach her a lesson, to be mindful of whatever she said from then on.. I trusted you min yuk, you were like a sister to me, I didn’t want it to get to this and that’s why I said that to you when you walked out of the ICU.. I tried my best so you could redeem yourself, but no, you were a little too late, I can’t do anything now, not after you tried to kill Maya and her child, I’m sorry but I think karma won.. take her out” I said moving to give room to the cops


“Elsa.. Please no.. I beg you.. it’s me, your friend can’t do this to me


Elsa, please” she cried struggling as the cops took her away, I wiped my tears and


looked away.


“I’m sorry”




To be continued




Just A Kiss


By authoress Anna .


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