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Written by Shantel



Chapter 2






Rose Caliente




The manager suddenly started blabbing gibberish holding his hand against his neck.


He walked away and I sighed in relief,


I turned around and saw him sitting by a corner staring at me.


Who is he anyway?


I walked into the kitchen






* Hey Rose make a mixture for some cupcakes * my head chef said and threw the roller pin at me. I caught and started mixing immediately.



I sieved the flour and poured in the sugar.


I’m Rose Caliente, 23 years old and I’m a baker.


I graduated from HingerField School of art and my dream is to one day Own my baking shop.


I poured in the whisked eggs and started mixing.


I’m from Texas but I live here alone in Chicago leaving my only relative behind.


My elder sister, she’s married with two kids and we don’t really get along well.


The kitchen bell ringed






* Rose stand in for kate, her husband just called in sick *


the head waiter yelled standing by the huge doors of the kitchen.


I quickly washed my hands and ran into the dressing room.


I took off my hairnet and tied a scarf decently over the thin edges then quickly changed into the waitress uniform.


It is a simple clothing of black skirt and white shirt with a little apron around the curvy lines of my thin waist.


* Take this order to table number 5, hurry the place is crowded with customers * The head waiter handed me the note and went away.


I dragged out a steel tray from the slightly up rack filled with other trays



and placed the snacks neatly making sure not to forget the attractive look the bakery was known for.


I pushed the swinging door between the kitchen and the main hall to pass through.


Indeed the place was crowded with customers as usual.


I found my way to table number 5 and served them,


it was the beauty of two college girls laughing and talking.


It reminded me of all the fun and memories I left back home not imagining my family.


My sister is a workaholic since she had to raise me all by herself but after she got married and


I graduated I decided to explore another part of the world.






* Please enjoy *


I said to a few customers before disappearing back to the kitchen.


Orders flooded in like that in Texas.


Well the weird man from earlier Was still there watching every movement I made.


We were out of space and he was occupying too much without buying anything.


I walked up to him


* You patronize us or excuse us *


I said,



my jaw falling and rising as my mouth talked. I was a fine definition of a fast speaker, something my sister Wendy wasn’t a fan of. Well I could say I spoke finely.


* Give me anything on your list that’s nice for the weather *


He replied with his legs folded over each other and his fingers tapping on his thighs.


I gave a what I call


an honest look ‘ and walked away to get him something fair to the weather. I decided on chocolate cake and a warm cup of tea.


I served him and turned to walk


* Sit with me *


He said like a command and I gritted my teeth.


I rolled my big eyes at him before walking away from his sight.


I tripped on the 5 inched heel and stumbled on a customer with red hair slightly. * I’m sorry sir, please forgive me *


I apologized but he didn’t take it lightly at all.


He stood up and yelled his breath of early morning coffee scent all over my face


* I’m really sorry sir *


I said yet again but it didn’t seem to soothe is anger.


The manager walked in


* What’s wrong? *


He asked and it was obvious he could talk properly now unlike the last words he tried saying earlier.


* I want her fired ASAP *


He said and this time the attention of the other customers had been drawn. I tilted my head down confused


* Sir please *


I’ve been working here since I moved from Texas and getting a job is no joke especially One at my line of field.


* I want her fir…. *


The man had stopped talking all of a sudden.


He turned away from us slowly and started walking to the door.


What was that?


He suddenly turned to a Zombie or what?


* A lot of weird things are happening today * Manager mumbled walking away.


My eyes met with that of the stranger and he smiled.



Something is up with this guy surely





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



Written by Shantel




















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