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Chapter 4











I grabbed my towel quickly and ran back into the bathroom.


What does he want from me?


I can’t believe he just saw me naked, oh goodness!.


I picked the robe and tied it so tight over my waist then stepped out holding my shampoo to him in attempt to protect myself.


* What do you want from me? *


I asked walking back gently.


* I just want to rest, I mean no harm *


He replied looking so innocent


* Then go do that in your house and leave me alone *


I replied and my hand finally reached my cell phone on the table.


* I’m calling the cops right now *


I alerted but he didn’t bulge,


he still sat comfortably on my bed,


my bed!


I dialed the number and immediately they picked * Nine-one-one, what’s your emergency? *


A woman voiced asked from the other end of the line.


* I need help, a man has been stalking me all day and now he’s in my apartment *




I answered keeping my eyes on the man who didn’t seem to be bothered by me calling the cops at him.


* what is the address? *


She asked and I called it out to her quickly


* there’s a patrol a block away just stay on the line they will be there in minutes *


Please hurry, he’s not bothered I’m calling the cops and I’m afraid he might hurt me *


I stated still moving further away from him.


* What’s your name ma’am? *


the dispatcher asked


* Rose Caliente *




OK ma’am they’re there now *


The door burst open and three men dressed in cops uniform ran in pointing there guns.


* There he is, please take him *


I said and they walked to him


* Get up, hands up and turn around *



One of the men said and he did exactly.


They searched him before taking him away.


I sighed in relief and went to lock my door properly, first thing tomorrow I’m getting new locks.


I changed into my night wears and retired to bed.


The loud ring of my morning alarm kept ringing .


I switched it off and got up stretching out my muscles in a loud yawn * It’s a new day and I pray I’m favoured by the heavens today * I said all smiles trying to take yesterday’s incident off my head.


I stood up dressed my bed and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.


I walked into the living room and turned on the speaker and Taylor Swift’s Voice filled the room.


Elevator buttons and morning sir



Stranger silence makes me wanna take the stairs


I sang along walking into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


I finished preparing breakfast and set the dinning table which was at the other end of the massive kitchen.


I sat to have my breakfast of sausage, buttered toast and coffee.


The thought of the man from yesterday came to my mind.


Should I go see him in the prison?


* No. That might be a bad idea *


I nodded my head and ate my food.


I was done eating so I had my bath and got dressed.


I folded the waitress uniform neatly into a bag.


I looked at the mirror and packed my hair back.


I picked my purse and I was out of my apartment taking a morning stroll to work like I do most of the times.


When I was running late I do take a taxi.


I finally was standing in front of Delight Bakes staring into the transparent glasses of the finely built shop which still had the board turned ‘Closed’ .


I stepped in


* Good morning *


I greeted when I got into the kitchen.


Everyone was busy with one thing or the other.


I walked to the dressing room and wore my hair net and changed into my uniform.


I walked into the kitchen and started working.


I washed my hands in the sink and wiped with the napkins.


* Is Rose in? *


The manager asked and I walked out


* Kate isn’t coming today either so you will stand in for her * He said and walked out.


I frowned going into the dressing room mumbling to myself.


* Good morning Rose *




I turned shocked to see Jane changing into her uniform .


* Jane you startled me *


I replied and she chuckled


You were mumbling to yourself, too busy to see me. Standing in for kate? I heard she wasn’t also in yesterday *




She asked and took off her shirt leaving her in just her blue bra.


Jane is my friend here in the resturant,


actually she’s my only friend here in the city.


She’s nice and very friendly too.


* You know how much I love baking and serving takes my time * I replied and she nodded


* You’re right but I’m happy when you work with me *





She tittered and I smiled.


We finished changing gisting and cracking. * Table number 10, Rose take that order * The head waiter said.


I snatched the notepad from the counter and cat walked to the table. * Good morning. Welcome to Delight bakes. what can I get you? *


I asked ready to pin down.


* We will have hotdogs and two glasses of pineapple juice * The man said and the lady with him nodded.


I smiled and walked away to go get their order.


* Two hotdogs and two glass of pineapple juice *


I said and it was served immediately. I took the tray and served it.


It was noon already and the place was just starting to get crowded.


My legs and mouth were getting tired from talking to customers and moving about to serve them.


Thank goodness Jane was in today,


her presence lessened the stress because of her never ending jokes.


I walked back the counter where she was standing


* I think you have another admirer *


She told me


* What? *




look over there, he’s been staring at you like since forever and gosh! He’s so handsome *


She said pointing at the direction stylishly to avoid assumptions.


I turned and my heart almost jumped into my mouth.


* It’s him again *


I said low


* Wait you met him? *


Jane asked.


What is he doing here? The cops took him





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



Written by Shantel

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