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By authoress Anna


Episode 9









Kyle’s POV


It felt like a parade was ongoing in my brain, I groaned and moved closer to my pillow, which was unusually soft and kinda small?.. I forced my eyes open, to see a black fabric in front of my face.. huh?.. i suddenly started hearing snorting sounds.. what the..


I tried to move back but was stopped by something, I rolled my eyes and saw parted pink lips with drool coming out, pointed nose, long lashes, black hair.. I rolled my eyes down and saw her God mark, then looked to the soft pillow I was poking my face in, oh my God.. it’s her balloons!


“Ahhhhh!!!” I screamed, she jerked up screaming and fell to the ground with a thud.


“Thief!.. thief!.. Umma help!” She screamed hiding under the bed..


“Huh?.. I should be the one shouting psycho.. what the heck are you doing in my room?” I asked shifting to the middle of the bed, covering myself with the duvet “Kyle?.. is that you?” She asked quietly still hiding


“Obviously, now stop with your Silly drama and come out, I need serious explanation” I ordered


She slowly came out and looked around..



Her face was filled with drool, and her hair was ruffled crazily.. I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing


“..hey, this isn’t my room” she mumbled looking at me with confusion “Exactly, it’s mine.. and I don’t remember inviting you in?” I asked with a raised brow


“Hold on.. we were having drinks last night, the last thing I remember was.. aissh..” she muttered scratching her head


“The last thing I remember is telling you why I was sad…” I drawed and she narrowed he eyes at me


“Wait, why are you shirtless?” She asked pointing to me. I raised the duvet and stared down at my bare chest, okay I remember going down shirtless..I looked to my joggers and it was laying really low on my hips.. my God!. I slowly raised my eyes to her face with my eyes opened wide


“Oh .. I remember you weren’t wearing a shirt last night.. wait, why are you looking at me like that, don’t tell me you..” she said gasping, she looked down at her chest and trousers, sure enough a part of her bra was sticking out


“Did you take advantage of me?!.. because I was vulnerable?.. why?!” I asked holding the duvet tight, her face became red as she gasped angrily “Seriously?.. I should be the one asking you that?, How am I sure you didn’t do something to me and just start pretending now? Huh? After all that’s what you rich guys do best right? You sleep with any lady at her most vulnerable and weakest position!” She snapped


“Huh? There’s no way I would ever do that to a woman, ever!” I retorted “Yeah right” she scoffed and I sighed.


“You know what? Why don’t we just watch what happened?” I mumbled and slipped out of the bed, she looked away and I quickly Drew up my joggers, i moved to my closet and slipped on a sweatshirt..


I walked back to the room and saw her still standing at the same spot.


I faced the big screen TV in my room, I snapped my fingers and it turned on.. “Whoa” she mumbled and I rolled my eyes “Replay last night’s video of section G” I said


Two seconds later, the screen opens and shows Amaya turning on her toes. “Oh my gosh” she mumbled again and I sighed


I chuckle when she falls on the floor in the TV, her cheeks flush and I laughed lightly..


“Fast forward slowly” I said saving her from the embarrassment..


“Stop” I ordered when it got to the part where we had our third bottle..


“Cheers” we both said and gulped the whole glass.. seriously?


I watched as we fought over the fifth pack of chicken, I can’t believe I’m the one doing all these.. it got to the part where she started singing and I laughed when she sang something else instead of the real lyrics.. She rolled her eyes and crossed her hands,


Then it got to the part where I handed her my phone, when she asked to call my dad?.. what?!


Soon, the room was dead silent, save for Amaya’s voice claiming to be pregnant!.. ah!.. then she told me she was pretending and said my father changed his mind.. seriously?, I almost fainted when I pinched her cheeks and called her Amy.. when I started leaning over to her I almost gave up, thank goodness for that bottle.. I watched as she helped me up the stairs, with me pulling and patting her head, I switched the sections and my room came into view, where she placed me on the bed and unintentionally fell on it.. my face went red when I wrapped my arms around her waist and cuddled with her.. her eyes widened when she saw herself wrapping her hands on my neck..


I’m finished!.. I stopped the video and swallowed the lump on my throat.


I knew it!” She suddenly yelled and I breathed in “Know what?” I asked


“You ate the last chicken, didn’t you?” She asked and I looked her properly “Seriously? You are worried about chicken?” I asked


“Uhh duhh” she shrugged


“What about the pregnancy? Twins?!.. five weeks!.. my mom?!” I nearly pulled off the roof with my yelling.


“Oh that?.. relax, I’ll just tell her I miscarried” she said calmly “Huh? But..what if she finds out?” I asked


“I’ll just take the blame then, anyways on the bright side, you have your career back.. that’s the most important thing right?” She asked with a little smile..


“I guess.. but still, if mother finds out she’ll be very angry, and trust me she can be dangerous when she gets like that” I stated


“Mmh.. I’ll take whatever punishment she gives me then” she said shrugging.. “Uhh?.. you don’t.. understand, she’ll hurt you.. and I’m not sure if I… ” I stopped myself and pulled at my hair,


“Why are you doing this?” I asked turning to face her.. “..I honestly don’t know” she replied,


I groaned and palmed my face.



“Okay, call her back and tell her you miscarried” I said searching my pockets for my phone


“I think we left both of our phones downstairs, stop working yourself up.. don’t worry I’ll tell her at the right time, if I do it now.. she’ll get all suspicious and hurt me like you said earlier..” she said looking Intensely at me


“Fine.. just please don’t forget to tell her at ‘your’ convenient time.. okay?” I asked emphasizing on the word


She rolled her eyes and nodded


“I will” she said and I breathed in relief..


“Great, so uhm.. I’ll take you to one of the guest rooms, so you can clean up.. your face is a total disaster” I said waving my hands around her face. S


“You mean I should bath and brush?” She asked frowning


“Yes .. we’ve got some work to do this morning” I replied slipping my legs into my flip flop


“Uhm.. okay, I’ll just rinse my face then” she said and turned to leave


“No way.. you’re bathing and brushing, there’s no way I’m letting you Walk around my house like a zombie” I said pulling her back with her jacket. She whined and tried to pull away


“Anioh.. I don’t want to bath oppa..”she said


“Yes you will” I said dragging her to my bathroom, since it’s the closest. “Oppa.. jebal(please), the water would be too cold” she pleaded “Nope.. I’ll set the temperature” I said


“My tooth is shaking, if I brush.. it would pull off” she said and I scoffed


“Do I look like I care?, I hope they all pull out, at least you wouldn’t disturb me with your voice” I said pulling her into the bathroom.


“Well.. a day will come when you’ll miss this voice so much, but by then you would have lost it.. that’s when you’ll know how important it is” she said boldly and I rolled my eyes


“Yeah right, take and start brushing, I’m watching you” I said pushing the brush in her hands.. I had already applied the paste and wet it with water


“This isn’t fair..” she mumbled and faced the mirror..she raised the brush to her lips and turned to look at me,


“Well.. won’t you leave? There’s a word called privacy” she muttered


“Not in my dictionary.. now hurry up.. I need to freshen up as well” I said and walked over to the bath tub.. I slid open the glass doors and set the temperature for the water.. I walked out and caught her rinsing off the paste..



“Amaya.. are you daring me?” I asked crossing my hands, she flinched and shook her head frantically


“Good, now pick it up, paste it and brush your teeth” I ordered, she whined quietly but did it anyway.. she brushed her teeth, and I asked her to repeat it for three times.. her eyes was already glossy when she stopped.


I walked to the counter and brought out a vanilla and strawberry lotion, shampoos, conditioners and so on. I moved to the lower section and brought out a pink towel “Here, use them, wash yourself properly, these lotions are still sealed, so you can take them when you’re done.” I said handing her the towels, she took them and started walking to the glass door,


“Amaya?” I called and she turned to look at me


“If you want to be my friend, then you have to be neat, always” I said and she nodded, then walked into it..


I walked out and headed downstairs, I walked over to the bar and found my phone along with hers on the table.. I picked mine and immediately went online shopping.




Amaya’s POV,


I frowned as I closed the glass door behind me, this bathroom is really spacious.. the shower stand and handles were on different sides, I slide out of my clothes and hanged all of them including the towel on the rack.


I then looked at the different lotions in my hands.. I’ve never used them before, actually I can’t remember the last time I took a proper bath on my own.. I looked around and saw a glass frame on the wall.. hmm what is this now?.


I touched it and a blue light started showing.. I moved back and looked around, a music library appeared , I touched one and music started blasting in the whole bathroom.


“Wow… So cool, I applied the first lotion and took a sponge, I saw some buttons beside one of the shower handles, and I pressed the first one.. water started blasting from every sides.. I squealed and started dancing, whilst scrubbing my body thoroughly..




After scrubbing and washing my hair for an hour plus, I walked out of the bathtub and saw a dress placed neatly on the table in the bathroom.. with a letter next to it. “Wear this, meet me in the kitchen when you’re done.” I read out and dropped the paper back on the table.



I raised the dress and it was a yellow Flora gown without sleeves, wow.. he does have taste.


I quickly wore the dress after towel drying my hair, then walked down to the kitchen..


Kyle was moving about from one part of the kitchen to another, I noticed he was clad in different clothes.


I guess he had his bath in any of the guest room. He noticed me standing by the doorway and his mouth pratically falls to the ground.




Kyle’s POV..


Holy heavens!.. leaning on the doorway is almost a different Amaya, I must admit the gown suits her perfect, her black hair fell proudly on her back like always, but this time it was glowing along with her skin.. the intoxicating scent of vanilla and strawberry filled the kitchen and I almost fall.


“Oppa.. is there something in my face?” She asked touching her face. “Uhm.. I.. no.. no.. ” I stuttered and she raised her brows


“Okay, what are you doing?.. I’m really hungry” she asked walking Into the kitchen “Well, t-the maids will resume tommorow, so we both have to make something for ourselves” I said and I noticed her face go completely pale “You mean cook?” She asked and I nodded


“But just me though, I don’t want you to burn down the whole kitchen” I said remembering the last Time she came in here.


“Oh . That’s okay with me, ” she said and took a seat “Yeah.. ” I said checking microwave


“Uhm, can you please check if the electric kettle is on?.. i don’t think it’s working, be careful though” I said moving the sauce to a pan. “Okay..” she said and walked towards it..


I turned on the gas and turned to check on Amaya.. she opened the kettle and my eyes widened


“Amaya.. no!!” I yelled just as she deeped her finger into the kettle..


She started shaking as it shocked her..


“Oh my God” I breathed out and rushed over …



To be continued







Just a kiss


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