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By authoress Anna


Episode 14..








Kyle’s POV..


“Christ!.. what happened here?!” A voice shouted and I jerked up to see Diego standing by the door with his eyes wide open Maya stirred and slowly opened her eyes


“Kyle, did you both.. you know?” He asked, Maya shook her head and hid under the duvet, I rolled my eyes and eyed diego


“No idiot, why are you acting so surprised, you seriously didn’t expect either of us


to sleep on the couch now, did you?” I snapped resting my back on the headboard


“Sorry, uhm.. I.. uhm, anyways, please get dressed, both of you..your dance


rehearsals starts at 8 sharp.. your car is down stairs, and the guards are waiting for


you, I have to go back to the stadium now.. please don’t be late” he said and rushed


out, I sighed and turned to face Maya..


I slowly moved the duvet and smiled


“Why are you hiding?” I asked


“Diego just caught us cuddling in bed, and you’re asking that question?” She asked with her cheeks red..


“It’s not as if, we haven’t slept together before, If I remember vividly, I was shirtless even” I said and her face became redder “Awwn, she’s blushing” I cooed stroking her cheeks


“I’m not blushing, idiot.. I’m suffocating” she snapped and I cracked “What’s so funny?” She asked glaring at me “You’re blushing” I taunted


“No I’m not!” She yelled sitting up with her arms crossed on her chest.. She pouted and I taped her lips


“Yes you were” I pushed


“No I wasn’t” she argued


“Oh really?” I asked narrowing my eyes on her


“Yes.. really, I wasn’t.. hahaha.. no, stop.. Kyle, hahaha..mummy.. stop.. Kyle please stop” she laughed as I continued tickling her


“Admit it honey, you were blushing, say it!” I said and dragged her back to the bed..


She laughed as tears rolled down her eyes


“Yes.. yes, I wasn’t blushing!” She admitted and I released her “Good girl” I said and patted her hair


I turned to leave the bed, buy stopped when something hit my head, I sighed and looked back at Maya, she smiled innocently and dropped the pillow.. then turned to rush out of the bed, I grabbed her hand and pulled her back, I took a pillow and hit her with it..


She laughed and grabbed a pillow for herself..


She swung at me, and I dodged, using my pillow to hit her hands.. causing her pillow to fall across the bed, she frowned and tried reaching for it.. I hit her again, she fell on the bed laughing, I quickly sat on her and pinned her hands above her head,


“Is that all you’ve got pumpkin?” I asked with a smirk


“It’s only because I just wanted you to win.. I don’t like showing myself” she breathed out..


“Yeah right” I scoffed and she smiled, then licked her lips..


I swallowed when my gaze landed on them.. so tempting..


Soon the air started changing in the room, she rolled her eyes to my lips and licked her’s again..


“Don’t do that?” I said in a ragged breath


“Why?” She asked quietly


“It’s tempting” I whispered pushing back her hair with my free hand. I touched the single dot on her neckline and trailed up to her chin “How are you feeling?” I asked moving to her parted lips “Better” she mumbled against my thumb. “Good” I said leaning down to kiss her..


“I knew it!” We pulled Apart and turned to see Diego standing by the door “Seriously?!.. how long have you been standing there?” I asked angrily “Long enough, to see you love birds almost making out” he said with a smile



“Well you should have just kept quiet till it was all over” Maya mumbled and quickly closed her mouth.. I smiled and shook my head


“Sorry, please carry on.. but don’t be late, I beg you!” He said and walked out.






Amaya’s POV


“Wear this when the show starts.. okay?” Kyle said handing me a pink box “Okay” I muttered


“Have you written down the list of things you’d like to do here?” He asked beeping the car.


“Yes.. I have” I replied with a smile


“Okay, we’ll do everything tomorrow.. for now, let’s focus on the show” he said and I nodded..


We walked into the elevator with some guards, whilst the others took the other






“Finally, I was about to come check if you started the real thing already” Diego


said walking over to us, kyle glared at him and I tried my best to hide my blush


“Do you love your job?” Kyle asked


“Yes I do” Diego said with a smile


“Then stop talking about what you saw this morning..” kyle snapped and Diego


nodded frantically


“Sorry” he said quietly


“So can we start the rehearsals now?” Kyle asked “Yes sir, right this way” Diego said leading the way. I glanced at Kyle, he smiled and took my hands..


“Serves him right, he talks too much for his own good sometimes” he whispered and I smiled


“This is the backstage, it’s where I’m going to rehearse, dress up and have my make up done..” he explained when we walked into a spacious arena..


A lot of people where Walking around with one thing or the other.. most of them


had a mic around their neck,


“Wait.. is that?” Kyle started


“Kyle.. long time no see” a guy with pink hair almost like Kyle’s said walking over to us, he looked really familiar.. he was dressed in all black, “What are you doing here Kai?” Kyle asked icily



“Chill man.. I’m not here to fight, I’m here for your concert, as a fan not as a rival” Kai said smiling.. I can’t tell who’s more handsome between the both of them, they look almost alike


I swallowed when he turned to look at me, I felt Kyle’s grip on my hand tightened “And Who is this pretty Angel?” Kai asked smiling warmly “I’m Amaya, Kyle’s p..”


“She’s my girlfriend.. Amaya, so quit staring at her like that fool, she’s taken” kyle said slipping his arm around my waist..


“You’re Kyle’s girlfriend?” Kai asked surprised “Uhmm… That’s what he said” I muttered timidly


“Wow, anyways.. I’m Kai, Kyle’s friend” he said stretching his hand for a shake “He’s not my friend” kyle said frowning


“Whatever” Kai said with an eyeroll


“Nice to meet you Kai” I said taking his hand.. I felt something cold and looked down to see two diamond rings on his fingers,


Wait, I’ve seen this same thing before.. I looked up at his face and saw a diamond ring on his ears too..


I gasped and covered my mouth..


“You’re that guy I met at the bet house” I said pointing to him “Bet house?” Kyle asked


“Yeah, I thought you looked familiar too.. nice to meet you again, how many games have you won after that?” He asked I laughed nervously and shook my head


“I haven’t gone there, since that day” I explained “Really?” He asked and I nodded


“Well.. why don’t we do it again, me and you.. when you go back to Korea that is.. I’ll contact you okay” he said and I glanced at kyle who was asking me to say no with his eyes


“Uhm.. maybe” I said


“Perfect, I’ll see you and pretty boy later, I gotta go” he said and walked out. That wasn’t so bad


I turned to face kyle, I smiled innocently and he rolled his eyes “You’re not going anywhere with him” he said and I shrugged “I did say maybe,” I mumbled and he glared at me “Sorry” I said


“Go seat, I need to rehearse” he said releasing my hand “Wait, why did you tell him, that I’m your girlfriend?” I asked



“You’re my best friend Maya, and you’re a girl.. I’ve got every right to call you my girl friend” he shrugged and walked over to the other dancers, I guess.


Diego walked in with a girl behind him, from the way she dressed and her walking


steps, it was obvious that she’s a model.. they got closer and I got a good look of


her face.. oh my God..


It’s Crystal..


I watched as Kyle’s eyes widened when he saw her.. He glared at Diego, and they both walked over to me “What is Crystal doing here?” Kyle asked quietly


“She was the only model I could think of, she’s the best dancer in Korea.. Kyle, besides your fans love her, do I though it would be great if she came as your model” he explained.


“Fine, so Is she rehearsing with us?” Kyle asked running his hands through his hair “Yes, but I’ve talked to her.. she won’t do anything stupid” Diego said and kyle relaxed visibly


“Okay, then let’s start” Kyle said and Diego nodded.



Several hours of watching kyle dance with Crystal And the others, they finally stopped just when I was about to loose it and join them.. it was so hard to keep my butt on the chair, when I really wanted to dance.


“They are really good..” Diego mumbled tiredly “Yeah, ” I said taking another chocolate bar from him.

“Nice one guys.. now you all can go freshen up and get ready for the show” the


director yelled and I sighed.. finally








“Has anyone seen Kyle yet?!” Diego asked “No” I replied


“Where the heck the he run off to?.. the concert is starting in the next 9 minutes, we need to find him ASAP…” He said


“I’ll look around” I said, and walked out as Diego barked orders to the others. After about two minutes of searching, I finally found him sitting in a dark corner.. “Kyle.. what are you doing here?” I asked rushing over to him “N-NOTHING” he stuttered and I creased my brows


He was shaking terribly and I knelt down in front of him.


“Kyle is something wrong? Are you okay?” I asked looking at him



“No.. I’m so nervous, have you seen the crowd.. they are over thousands of people there, it’s freaking me out” he said and I sighed I took his clasped hands and rubbed them softly


“You don’t have to be scared, I understand how you’re feeling, I’ve felt that way before.. when I went for a dance competition, I was so scared even though the crowd wasn’t that much.. but because I was doing something I loved doing, because I wanted to show them how good I am in what I do.. I threw away that fear and faced the battle like a real tigress, do you know how I did it?” I asked but continued anyway.


“I imagined they all had puppies dancing on their heads, .. ” I said and he laughed “That’s crazy” he said with a smile


“Yeah, but it helped me.. you just have to think of something that inspires you, or something you find really funny, or something you love so much.. replace them with your imagination and you’ll do wonderfully well” I said, he smiled and nodded.


“I’ll do it..” he said and I patted his head


“That’s my boy” I said, he smiled and rolled his eyes “So did you win?” He asked “What?” I asked confused


“The competition” he said.


“I went home with the silver medal” I said proudly and he raised his brow “What?.. I won, here let me show you the picture” I said and opened my phone.. I showed him the picture and he smiled


“Awwn.. I’m proud of you” he cooed pinching my cheeks like a child I frowned and scoffed


“I’m an adult Kyle, not a child” I mumbled with an eyeroll “Well, that’s debatable” he said cupping my cheeks.. I stared at his face properly


Gosh, why does he have to be so beautiful?


“You’re so cute ” he mumbled


“You once called me a temptation” I pointed out


“And I don’t mind falling for you” he said and took my lips.. he tugged on my bottom lip, I opened and let him in..


He kissed roughly, pulling me closer to him, that I can’t even tell where he begins and I end.


I placed my hands on his neck and tugged on his hair..


He pulled back for breath and took my lips again, more rougher this time.



I whimpered when he pulled back, breathing heavily.. he smiled and stood up, helping me to my feet as well.


“We better get going..before Diego tears down the building” he said and I giggled…


“Thank goodness, I thought you ran away” Diego said breathing in relief “Well I’m here now” Kyle said


“You are going in five seconds.. let me just check in with the others” Diego said and walked away


Kyle turned to face me, he took my hand and lifted my chin so I could face him.


He leaned down and kissed me lightly,


“Wish me luck” he said


“Good luck” I said


He smiled and pecked my lips


“Go get dressed.. ” he said and walked to the stage..


The crowds started screaming and I reached up to touch my lips…


He kissed me again!!.





“Whoa.. you never said you were a model” Sandra one of the crew members who I


had become friends with said..


“Well.. I’m not” I said with a smile


“Seriously? That dress is hot!” She said


I looked back at the mirror and placed my hands on my hips, she’s right. It was a black body hugging dress, it stopped some inches above my knees, the hands were off shoulder, with a little transparent net revealing some part of my stomach..which of cause can only be seen with a lot of concentration, the heels we’re nude sandal heel.. matching with my skin tone and make up


“Yeah, I guess you could say that” I muttered looking at my curves in the mirror


“I think you should have gone out instead of Crystal.. well that’s if you can dance?” She said in a question


I smiled and shook my head.


“Nah.. I’m good” I said


“Alright, I’ll be over there if you need me” she said pointing to her chair “Okay” I said , she smiled and walked away.


I sighed and moved over to the curtain, I peeked out and saw kyle dancing with Crystal..


I looked over to the crowd and gasped


“Yeah, that’s a whole lot of people”.. I mumbled under my breath


He finished singing and switched to another song.. I couldn’t help it, I danced along with them.. whilst humming along with Kyle ..




Kyle’s POV..


I turned to the side and saw Maya dancing and singing, how long has she been standing there? I smiled when I saw she was already dressed..


Baby Take it slow


Give me all of you tonight


Oh oh oh..


I wanna hold you right now


Oh baby..


Crystal smiled and whined slowly.. I smiled as an idea struck me.. The song ended and the crowd started singing


“Wow.. there’s a special someone I want you all to meet, she’s the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, we’ll save for you mom!” I said and they laughed including Amaya


“Please help me welcome my best friend.. Amaya!” I said and she froze.


“Come on Amaya,” I said waving her over. She shook her head and tried moving back, the stages lights landed on her and she blinked rapidly


“Amaya.. Amaya.. Amaya! Amaya!!” The crowd started chanting, she glared at me and slowly made her way to the stage, she smiled nervously.. I walked over and took her hands..


She smiled and waved at everyone..


“This song is for you Maya” I said, and led her to a chair on the stage.. she sat down nervously and looked at me


I started singing and she laughed, it was the don’t she sang when we were both drink the other day.


love me for eternity…


You and I.. no body else…


Give me your love No need to worry I’m here to stay



Take my heart..heart ..heart..heart


It’s yours to keep


Take my


And do as you please


take all of me my baby girl ..


..she stood up and started dancing, I smiled and wrapped my hands round her waist Take my heart..heart ..heart..heart


It’s yours to keep


Take my


And do as you please ..


The music ended and we bowed, she laughed and hugged me.. the fans started clapping…


“Kiss..kiss.. kiss..kiss!” They chanted, I smirked and looked at Amaya..




To be continued








Just A Kiss

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