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By authoress Anna


Episode 10..









Amaya’s POV..


I opened my eyes and winced, shutting them close because of the brightness..


I slowly opened them again and blinked rapidly as my vision adjusted to the light.. I was laying straight on a bed staring up at a white ceiling that didn’t look anyway familiar.. I looked around to see white walls and a white side table.


The sound of continuous ticking rang in my ears and I turned to see a beeping machine with green zig-zag lines..


Oh my!.. I’m in the hospital!.. but why?..


I quickly sat up and looked down to see myself in one of those hospital gowns.. uh huh..


The door opened and a man in white lab coat , with a stethoscope on his neck walked in whilst looking and talking to someone behind him..


“Kyle?” I asked when his ruffled pink hair came into view, they both turned to look at me, the doctor smiled warmly at me and I forced a smile back.. trying hard not to focus on Kyle’s murderous glare.


“I’m Doctor Dylan,” he said stretching his hands for a shake “.. Amaya.. I mean I am Amaya” I muttered taking his hands..


“Miss Amaya, you were rushed in some few hours ago by mister Kyle here, said you were electrocuted?” He asked and I glanced at Kyle who was staring at me with his hands crossed on his chest


“Uhm.. actually, I remember deeping my finger in the electric kettle, and getting shocked..but I don’t remember anything after that” I said simply


“That’s because you passed out” Kyle butted in somewhat accusingly?. “Uhh.. if you didn’t ask me to check the kettle, I wouldn’t have passed out” I pointed out


“Seriously? How was I supposed to know that you didn’t know anything about kitchen appliances?” He fired back…I opened my mouth to speak but closed it back.. it’s true, I really don’t.. I sighed and bit my lips to stop the stinging tears. “Ah ehm” doctor Dylan cleared his throat whilst eyeing Kyle angrily.



“Uhm.. I’ll have to take some examinations on you Amaya, is that ok with you?” He asked and I nodded


“Great, let’s get started” he said and took off the stethoscope..


After series of x-ray checks for any internal damage, bone fractions, seizures, eye test and several questions.. he finally brought out a clipboard and wrote down some things.. before raising his head to look at me


“She’s perfectly stable, thankfully there wasn’t any damage.. no burns or internal damages, her bones are in the right places, I guess the voltage wasn’t conclusion, she’s in perfect health” he said looking at Kyle. “Okay.. ” he mumbled


“I’ll have to leave you both now, I’ve got to check on another patient..she can be discharged today, you just have to sign some papers when you’re ready” he stated “Okay.. thank you” Kyle said and he nodded


“You’re welcome” he said and gave me a smile before Walking out..


I played with my fingers, as Kyle continued staring at me.


“Are you okay?” He asked




“Do you need anything?” He asked and I shook my head.


“Okay..” he drawed and tapped his feet on the tiles floor


“I can’t because a girl your age knows nothing about the kitchen.. ” he muttered thoughtfully and I sniffed pushing my tears back with my hands. He stopped moving and I felt his gaze on me.


“Are you crying?” He asked and I shook my head.. trying to stop the tears that flowed continuously down my face.


I know it’s bad that I Know nothing about cooking and all.. I am ashamed, yes.. it’s not because I am lazy or anything, but because I’m afraid.. that it would happen again..


As the memories started flashing, the pains I felt back then came in full force along with the memories..


I couldn’t stop it, I broke down palming my face..


“Oh.. Please don’t cry, I beg you… Uhm, I didn’t mean what I said, I was just thinking out loud, please stop crying Amaya.. okay, you’re a good cook, uhm.. the best chef in Korea.. uhh!.. the universe must be against me!.. I’m so sorry please, I’ll do anything just stop crying.. I beg you!” He pleaded but I couldn’t stop even when I willed myself to.


“Ugh.. this is terrible” he mumbled under his breath and I felt him wrap his arms around me pulling me to his chest.. I cried on his shoulders and held him tight.



“It’s okay baby, ssshh.. it’s okay” he said patting my hair, and that’s exactly what I did, before falling asleep right on his shoulders.




Kyle’s POV


If it were some other lady, I would have ran away, but this is Amaya.. she helped with my career, and I owe her a lot for it.


I pushed her matted hair away from her face and watched as she slept peacefully..


even in her sleep she still looks really pretty..


The look on her face when I thought out loud, I still can’t take it out of my head.. she looked like she was reliving an experience, when one talks about cooking, the unmistakably fear that appears in her eyes is something else. But if she’s afraid then why did she go in the kitchen to cook the other day, although she almost burnt the whole kitchen, but still..


“What are you so afraid of Amaya?” I asked looking at her face.


My phone started ringing and I walked out, answering without checking the caller ID.


“Hello” I mumbled


“Kyle… Baby how are you?” Mom asked sweetly and I froze.. “Kyle.. Kyle, are you there?” She asked when I didn’t say anything “Uhh.. yes, yes mom” I mumbled already sweating “How are you dear?” She asked


“I’m fine mom, how about you?” I asked


“I’m very okay Kyle.. how is Maya and my grandbabies?” She asked, I can tell she’s smiling.


“, good, ..they are good” I stuttered swallowing the lump in my throat. “That’s good to hear, anyways I’m on my way to the house, I want to see my daughter in law” she said .. what?!


“No.. no, we aren’t at home, we are at the hospital” I breathed out


“What?, Why?.. is something wrong with the babies?” She asked worriedly.. I’m officially dead


“No mom, uhm.. It’s just a check up with the doctor” I lied “Oh.. okay, that’s good,” she said. “Yeah”


“So.. Kyle tell me, why didn’t you tell me.. how did it even happen? When where and how?” She asked


“I gotta go mom, it’s our turn to to see the doc, bye.. love you” I blurted out and hung up..


I breathed deeply and slumped on a chair.


That was hectic…




“So.. I’ll see you tomorrow, Diego will be joining us for a brief meeting” I said looking at Amaya.


“Okay, I’ll be early” she said hoarsely.


“Alright.. uhm, call me if you need anything” I said “I will” she said and opened the door


“Good night, take care” I said watching her face


“Yeah, you too” she mumbled slowly, and closed the door.. I watched as she


walked up the front porch, Walked into the house and closed the door behind her.


I sighed and drove off..




Getting home, I rushed up the stairs, into my room and went straight to the TV.. I


turned it on and watched the events of last night.. over, and over again.. with every


scene that passes, I find something new about Amaya..either the way her lips


moves, how her voice sounds, how she glares at me and so on..and each time I feel


more attracted to her than before..


What is she doing to you Kyle?.



Amaya’s POV


“Amy.. what happened? We waited for you last night, why didn’t you call?” Mom asked the moment I stepped into the house


“Uhm.. I was busy, and I forgot to call, I’m sorry, I’ll text next time” I assured, her and Lia’s lip parted open in shock and I walked slowly up the stairs to my room. “Amy.. are you alright?” Mom called from downstairs.


“Yes!” I called out and closed my door.. I looked around my room and frowned, it’s like my whole wardrobe was ransacked.. every single space was filled with clothes, shoes, bags and others, including clean and dirty.


I dropped my phone on the bed and started picking the clothes one after the other, folding up the neat ones and keeping the dirty ones in the laundry basket..


Half way through, My door creaked open and I turned to see Mom and Lia spying at me.. they moved back and closed the door.


“Did I just see Amaya arranging her room?” I heard mom ask


“Yeah, she’s really sad.. i wonder what happened?” Lia’s voice trailed off and I continued my work, when everything was in its rightful place, including the state



off my bed sheets, I took out my dirty clothes and went to the laundry room.. dad bought a washing machine before he left and we have been using it since, ..I finished with the laundry and hummed as I took my clothes back to my room, on my way to the stairs I caught mom gaping at me from the couch, I smiled and she smiled back..


After setting my clothes in my wardrobe, I walked into my bathroom and used the lotion Kyle gave me, once I was done.. I slid into my pajamas and headed down for dinner..


I walked into the living room and my phone vibrated, I looked at the screen and saw a text from Kyle..


Kyle: I know I might not have been nice to you verbally, but I want you to know that you’re the most realest, craziest, funniest, smartest, selfless and sweetest lady I’ve met…I really appreciate what you did for me Maya.. you’re officially my best


friend from now on.. I’m forever indebted to you, thank you ..


A huge grin appeared on my face as I dropped my phone on the table.. I’m Kyle’s


best friend.. ah!.. to hell with sadness..


“Ahhhhh!… I’m Kyle’s best friend!.. me! Amaya


Choi Sung!.. Kyle’s best friend.. aigoo I’m so happy!!..” I screamed and Lia slapped her head.


I rushed to the door and swong it open


“Did you hear that neighbors? .. I’m Kyle’s best friend!.. I just broke world’s biggest record!.. ah!.. now no body should try me from now on,!.. do you hear me!!!” I screamed.


“Amaya?” I heard someone call..


I turned to see the old neighbor


“Yes grandma” I answered


“Shut up!” She yelled through a megaphone and i frowned.



To be continued








Just A Kiss



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