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Just A kiss


By authoress Anna


Theme; Amaya


Episode 1…




“Amaya!… Amaya wake up!” My eyes flashed open at the sound of my mother’s voice..


“Amaya, I give you ten seconds to come down here or God help you if I come get you myself” she yelled,


“Not if you see me first” I mumbled quietly and quickly rushed into my closet, I slipped on my trousers which I wore the day before and my red tank top, I took a swift smell of it and scrunched my nose.. for how long have I wore this?. Just two days, and it’s already smelling like this?


Oh well nothing my perfumes can’t hide, I rushed over to my dresser and applied all the perfumes I found..


“Amaya!” Mom yelled, her voice sounded closer than I would have appreciated.. I rushed out of the closet tossing and throwing the clothes out of the way.. “That’s it, you’re going to die today” mom muttered, walking towards my room I guess..


“Oh no..I won’t” I mumbled with a smile and reached down to pick my bag..


The door opened at the same moment I opened my window..



I opened the window properly and turned to face my mother, who was glaring daggers at me..


“Amaya..don’t you dare” she stated


“Hello, and goodbye” I said and jumped out the window just in time to escape her hands from gripping me.


“Amaya! Get back here!” She said angrily as I made my way down the tree “Ama.. stop shouting, it’s not good for your health, I’ll see later bye, I love you” I said and blew a kiss at her


“Who is going to do your chores? Is it me?” She asked “No.. Lia will” I said with a smile


“At least come and take your bath Amaya, you haven’t bathed for three days, did you even brush?” She asked relaxing her features, a woman passing by turned to look at me


“Stop disgracing me mom, I have a reputation to keep, besides I have a brush in my bag, I will try to paste at work” I said and started walking down the sidewalk “You will definitely come back won’t you?, I’ll teach you a lesson when you do” she yelled after me


“I’m sleeping over at Pearl’s so your lesson will have to be postponed” I yelled back and started running to work..




“Oh my gosh!.. Amy did you bathe?” Pearl asked grimacing as I walked into the store.. purse for pizza.


“Of course I did” I lied trying to dodge the few customers already sitted


“But there’s drool on your cheeks” she said squinting as I made my way over to the counter


“Shut up, do you have to say it out loud?” I whisper yelled whilst eyeing her “Sorry, I was just surprised? I guess” she said blinking


“Is Mr Choi in yet?” I asked using a servette to clean my cheek “No.. ” she replied glaring at the paper in my hand “What about Celine?” I asked


“Yes ..she’s in the kitchen” she replied


“Okay, I’ll just go brush my teeth , I’ll be back in few minutes” I said bringing out my toothbrush and paste from my bag.


“Are you sure you don’t need a bath, you stink” she said grimacing.


“Shut up!” I snapped, hitting the brush on her head before rushing off to the





Okay time for introduction,


Everyone listen attentively.. my name is Amaya Choi Sung, I’m 21 years old, I live with my mom and kid sister Lia, what about my dad? He’s dead.. he died few years back, I’m currently working at purse for pizza with my two best friends Celine who is the same age as me and pearl who is currently 20.


I’m fun, lively, reaaaallly lazy, confident and intelligent.. I guess.. anyways that’s all for now.




“Amy.. did you see Kyle’s new music video?” Celine asked placing her hands on the table between us. We are currently on break, and as usual I’m eating with my two best friends, Celine and Pearl, Lana our other colleague is sitting with the others in a separate table,


“I bet I was the first to see it, it was awesome!” I squealed and Celine giggled “My favorite part was where he kissed Crystal” pearl said and I frowned


“Hey.. he didn’t kiss her, she forced him.. didn’t you see how he pushed her away codedly?” I asked angrily


Kyle has always been my favorite idol, he’s handsome, rich, matured and amazing..


I wouldn’t say I’m in love with him, but I do like him..


“It seems so, but I won’t blame her though, every lady wants a taste of those cute


lips.. right?” Celine asked


“Yes” pearl replied with a smile


“Nope” I popped and they both turned to look at me


“Seriously?” Pearl asked


“Yes” I replied


“But I thought you said you liked him?” Celine asked raising her brows “I said I liked him, liked..not love” I explained “Oh” pearl mumbled


“So you’re saying if Kyle comes here, at this very moment.. and is Willing to give you a free kiss, you won’t take it?” Celine asked “No.. I won’t” I said proudly


“Yeah right” Celine said with an eyeroll


“I’m serious” I said and pearl smiled


“Hmm.. alright” she said


“So are we still having the sleep over at my house?” Pearl asked “Yep, ” Celine popped


“Yes, but first I need to get my phone” I pointed out


“How are you going to do that without your mom’s knowledge?” Celine asked



“Don’t worry, I’ll get in.. one way or the other” I said and they both exchanged glances.


“Time for delivery” I said as the bell rang signalling the end of lunch break






“Are you sure the window is open?” Celine asked sitting on the tree branch beside my window.


“It has to be” I said climbing further to open the window


“You didn’t tell me there are insects on this tree” pearl grumbled hitting insects away from her


“You never asked” I pointed out and pushed my window open..


I jumped in silently and waited for a bit, when I was sure that the coast was clear I tiptoed to my lamp table and picked my phone, I smiled victoriously and turned to face the window. I could feel my whole body go pale at once, standing beside my window is my mom with a smile as if to say ‘i told you I would get you’ with a broom on her hand. I swallowed and reached for the door.. I turned the knub but it didn’t budge, I’m finished..


“Mom…” I called and backed away slowly


“Amaya..” she said with the same tone as mine only she was smiling. “Please.. I’m sorry” I said trying to open the door


She moved from the window and I ran for it, but received a powerful whip on my back instead,


“Ow!” I said clutching my back, did she hide a stick inside the broom? “Ama.. I’m sorry” I said running round the room while she chased and hit me continuously with the broom, the door opened and Lia stepped in with her gaze on her phone.. probably oblivious of the happenings in the room..she looked up with confusion and I dashed for the door, I ran out successful and rushed out of the house only to see Celine and Pearl laughing foolishly.


“That is phase one, phase two will be delivered when you get back” mom said through the window


“’re wicked, I will run away and never return.. you’ll be the one looking for me, just wait and see” I said walking away..


“Amaya… Wait” she called but I ignored her and continued walking. “Amy..” Celine called running after me with pearl behind her “What? Are you done laughing at yourselves?” I asked


“Sorry, we didn’t mean it that way.. sorry” pearl said and I rolled my eyes “We are sorry Amy.. ” Celine added



“Leave me alone” I said crossing the road and rushed towards a gathered crowd, they were all shouting and screaming.. Celine and Pearl appeared by my side and I rolled my eyes


“What’s happening?” Celine asked as we pushed through the crowd “I don’t know” I mumbled


We finally got a chance to see what they were all shouting and screaming at.. “Kyle” I screamed excitedly.. he was walking towards his car, with his guards surrounding him, people tried to touch him, while others shoved cameras, books and albums at his face..


“Oh my goodness, he looks more handsome from close up” Celine said..


“I wish I could hug him” pearl said


“Well I can” I muttered


“Yeah right, stop bluffing and move to the side” a girl standing beside pearl muttered


I glared at her and turned to look at Kyle


“Well? Go on.. are you afraid, I thought you said you can hug him?” She asked This girl is really pushing it


“Watch me” I said and walked towards the guards “Amaya.. what are you doing?” Celine yelled after me


“Amaya..” pearl called but I ignored them.. I’m going to show this girl that I don’t just say things.


I got on all fours and creeped towards the guards, they didn’t notice me because of the crowd, and when I moved in between one of their legs, they didn’t notice.. I creeped further into the crowd and came face to face with Kyle’s back.. I stood up and tapped his back with a smile.. he turned and and I quickly embraced him, hugging him as tight as possible, the crowd went wild and people started shouting and taking pictures, I wrapped my legs around his body and held him tighter.. “Hey.. what are you doing?, Get down.. don’t touch me” he said trying not to touch me..


“Oppa, stop being a jerk and hug me back” I said into his ears “Huh?” He breathed out


“Do it or I’ll kiss you” I threatened as his guards tried to pull me off him..


He hesitated and when I moved my head back to show him how serious I was.. he wrapped his hands on my back and hugged me back.. The crowd started screaming..


He hugged her


He really hugged her!..



I’m about to faint..


Oh my God!.. is she his girlfriend or something?


They kept talking and talking..


I moved back to look at his face and as his guards tried to pull me off, my head bumped into his and our lips touched….




To be continued


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