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Episode 23..


Semi final/ grand finale







Kyle’s POV.


I stared speechless at the spot min yuk was standing it was her all along?.. But why didn’t Elsa tell me, Maya wouldn’t be in coma if she did, so why didn’t she?!.


“This is so hard to believe, who would have thought that Mimi would do such a thing?” Mom asked quietly


“I still can’t believe it myself, indeed looks can be deceiving” Lewis muttered “And I was.. hoping to make her accept me as her boyfriend this time” Chris mumbled shaking his head


“What I dont understand is why you didn’t tell me Elsa? All this would have been prevented!” I snapped eyeing my sister.. she wiped her eyes and faced me completely


“She had your phone bugged as well, there was no way I could have called without her hearing our conversation, besides.. I’m sure she would have found another way to hurt Maya.. I know how you’re feeling Kyle..but please don’t try to blame me for anything, I just handed my best friend to the cops. Don’t make me feel any worse” she said and walked out.


“She’s right Kyle, you should thank her for exposing Mimi and her evil plans not


scold her” Lewis mumbled and I sighed.. he’s right, I shouldn’t have scolded her.


“You’re right.. I’ll let her clear her head for a while then I’ll talk to her, I need to go


stay with Maya now” I said walking out.






Hours later..


Maya’s POV..








Was all I heard, groaning I tried to pry my eyes open, which wasn’t a really good idea.. I squinted my eyes shutting them close because of the light..


I winced and slowly raised my hand covering my eyes with my palm.



I felt something warm enveloping my other palm when I tried to move it, followed by a gasp and shuffling.


“Maya? Baby.. are you okay?” I heard someone say..




I slowly opened my eyes, blinking rapidly to adjust to the light, then turned slightly


to look properly at the man standing close beside me on the bed. With tears


glistering in his eyes


“K-kyle?” I stuttered hoarsely trying to sit up


“Oh my God, thank God you’re awake!” He said hugging me tight but gently.


“I thought I lost you Maya, don’t ever do that again..don’t leave me again, do you hear me?” He asked without pulling back


“I won’t oppa” I croaked out, my voice was really dry and I honestly wanted water.


He pulled back and brushed my hair backwards..


“Good girl, now tell me love, Are you thirsty?” He asked cupping my cheeks.. I nodded with a smile on my lips, he smiled and pecked my lips before getting a bottled water from the side table..he got me in a sitting position with my back resting on the bed..he opened it and helped me with it grinning widely when I finished it..


“I can’t believe you’re really here with me” he mumbled after seating beside me on the bed.


“Tell me about it, I thought I was going to die, what happened anyway?” I asked “I’ll tell you all of it later, but first.. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you Maya, I was an idiot ..I know, I didn’t..” he stopped when I placed a finger on his lips


“It’s okay Kyle, you’re not an idiot, I was the one who let go, not you.. besides it’s all in the past now, what matters is that I’m here with you, and I’m not going to leave again, no matter what” I said .


“And I promise I’ll protect you both from now on, even if it means my life” he promised and I smiled only for the smile to be replaced by confusion.


“What do you mean by both?” I asked looking into his eyes..he licked his lips and


slowly took my hands in his..


“Baby..” he said smiling cheekily


“We are pregnant!” He yelled happily, and I fainted.






A week later .


“Oh.. Kyle drive faster!” I said hitting his arm



“We are almost there baby, stop hitting me please!” He pleaded and I rolled my eyes..


“You’re such a small baby” I teased


“Oh look who’s talking, you obviously didn’t think of that this morning . ‘oh Kyle you’re so big baby..yeah Kyle do ..” he said mimicking me


“Stop!” I muttered flustered already, covering my face with my palm I heard him chuckle..the sound appealing to my ears.


“Okay.. I’m sorry” he mumbled glancing at me before facing the road “Whatever” I mumbled hiding a smile.. He chuckled and shook his head..


I was just discharged from the hospital and currently on my way to my house, Kyle had been with me all through, most times sleeping over at the hospital.. and sometimes going over to rest at home, well after being threatened by me of course.. so yes I freaked out when he said I was pregnant!.. but it was only because I was actually not expecting that news, at that exact time.. but still it’s the best news ever, I mean I have a combination of both Kyle and me growing inside me! And yes, I do get nervous about being a mom.. sometimes I even get scared that I wouldn’t be a responsible mom, but kyle, crisella and Elsa all seem to have different opinions, all positive about me being a mom.


But now that I think of it, Kyle would be the greatest dad ever.. he hasn’t stopped talking about how beautiful our baby is going to be, or how she won’t inherit any craziness from me, or how he’s gonna love her with all his heart.


I smiled slightly, rembering how he played with my pillows at the hospital, acting like it’s our child.


I glanced at him smiling back when he turned to smile at me, I do love this man, so much.


“I love you Kyle, so much” I said


“I love you most Amaya” he replied taking my hand in his right hand and driving with the other.


“We are here” he announced and I looked to the side only to see my mother’s house..


She’s gonna faint when she sees me that’s for sure..




I opened the gate and walked slowly to the door, Kyle took my hand and I slowly raised my hand to knock on the door..


“It’s open!” I heard Lia say.. turning the knob, I let Kyle walk in first “Kyle?!” I heard her say surprised


I stepped in when I heard mom start to say


“What are you doing..” she stopped when her gaze fell on me. “Mom..?” I said already feeling tears rolling down my cheek “Ma..Maya?” She stuttered, looking at me unbelievably “It’s me mom.. your Amy” I said stepping forward..


“Oh my God!” She said rushing over to hug me, I embraced her tightly, crying together with her.. sinking to the floor..I felt Lia join in the little group hug.. with mum matter words like;


“Oh my baby, I thought I lost you”..


“It’s really you Maya, you’re finally here..”





Three months later!..




.. author’s POV







“Do you Lin Kyle joongi, take Amaya Choi song, as your lawfully wedded wife? To love and to hold from now till death do you part?” The priest asked “Yes I do” Kyle said smiling into Maya’s eyes


“Do you Amaya choi song, Lin Kyle joongi as your lawfully wedded husband? To love and to hold from now till death do you part?” “Yes I do” she said .. slipping the ring into his finger,


“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce thee man and wife! You may kiss the bride!” He said .. Kyle lighted up immediately taking Maya’s lips in his.. the congregation cheered on.. with the groomsmen whistling loudly at he couples.. ..


The end..







Anna .Just A Kiss

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