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By Authoress Anna Episode 21..










Pearl’s POV


No.. I can’t believe this.. Amaya can’t be dead, no god no!


“My Amy isn’t dead!.. no.. where’s my child? Diego where’s my baby girl?.. I thought kyle promised to bring her back with him?!”Maya’s mom asked looking at Diego who stood with a sympathetic look on his face


“Where’s my sister?, You can’t tell us she’s dead mister!..we need proof, where’s her body then?!” Lia yelled as tears kept pouring from her eyes “We couldn’t find it” he mumbled


“What?!” Her mother yelled standing up to face Diego, who took cautious steps back


“What do you mean by you couldn’t find it?” Celine asked with her voice cracking at the end


“She fell off a cliff, into the ocean..we still have divers and police searching for her, but they haven’t seen her since.. they believe she’s dead, but they’re still searching because Kyle is currently going crazy at the house, he’s automatically shut down his emotions.. if there’s anyone who’s more affected by the death of Maya then he’s the one” Diego said and I rushed over to aunt as she slipped down to the ground wailing


“My innocent child, she’s never hurt anyone, yes she was stubborn but she never really hurt anyone..why would anyone do this to her! To me?!.. I need to see my child, someone call Maya for me.. someone call my daughter.. Amy please come back to me, I beg you..” she sobbed, I cried and hugged her to myself, whilst Celine and Lia cried silently on their seats. ..




Min yuk’s POV.


“I can’t believe a woman can be so evil.. so devilish, and all this while I thought she was a saint” crisella (Elsa’s mother) muttered with hatred in her face



“I’ll make sure she gets what she deserves, I’ll make sure Crystal rots in jail!” She said..


“I still can’t bring myself to believe that she sent assassins to kill Maya,” Elsa said thoughtfully and I scoffed


“That’s how they are, I Know people like them.. people who are so obsessed with someone who doesn’t even want them.. trust me they can be really demonic” I muttered leaning back on the couch


“I don’t know Mimi, something’s not right..” Elsa mumbled rubbing her temples, I raised my brows and sat up to see crisella giving Elsa a curious look “What do you mean?” She asked


Elsa sighed and sat up throwing her perfectly manicured nails by her side


“I don’t know.. it’s just, the way Crystal looked at me in that cell, it was heart


wrenching, she kept saying she didn’t do anything even when I kept whipping her,


the Crystal I know would never back down or deny doing something even if it


meant her life, and now that I think of it, when she looked at me.. whilst explaining


I saw nothing but sincerity, no sign of deceit, lies or whatever other negative


features there is, the video says she’s the culprit, but my heart is saying something


else, call it instinct? I dunno” she explained darting her eyes between me and her




“S-so what are you saying?” I stuttered swallowing the lump in my throat


She glanced at the floor for a second and raised her head looking me straight in the eyes


“I think Crystal’s innocent.. there’s someone else behind this” she said and I shifted uncomfortably


“Oh don’t be absurd Elsa!.. Crystal is the culprit, that’s what the guys confessed, she killed our Maya and the prosecutor is going to prove it in please let’s drop this topic and think of a way to get Kyle back to normal” crisella groaned wiping a stray tear from her cheek.


I nodded and released a long breath, I never knew I was holding “Yes.. let’s do that” I mumbled glancing at Elsa who sighed. ..


“Hey Kyle” I called smiling as I walked in with a tray..


I looked around his room and spotted him sitting at the edge of the bed.. staring at nothing particularly.


I smiled and placed his food on the table, before turning to kneel in front of him “Hey baby, it’s me Mimi.. I brought food for you” I said smiling up at him. He didn’t even glance down or acknowledge me



“Kyle?.. are you listening to me?” I asked softly No response


“Baby..” I reached up to touch his cheek but flinched when he grabbed my wrist stopping my hands in mid air


“Don’t!” He growled and pushed my hands back


“Kyle, it’s me Mimi..I brought you lunch” I mumbled ignoring him


“Get out” he mumbled




“I said get out min yuk!”he snapped and I stumbled back falling on my wrist, I winced when I felt Pain shooting up my hand


“Kyle.. what’s wrong with you?, I only brought you food, I don’t mean any harm” I muttered scrambling to my feet, as tears fell from my eyes


“Oh please, I know what you’re trying to do, you’re trying to take Maya’s place min yuk, but trust me you can’t and will never take her place..cause she’s coming back soon to take what’s rightfully hers..” he said glaring at me


“She’s dead Kyle! Maya is never coming back whether you like it or not” I said “Shut up!” He snapped


“I won’t Kyle! Deal with it, maya is never ever coming back!” I taunted, he clenched his fist and grinded his teeth


“Leave before I hurt you min yuk, and take that silly thing you call lunch with you,


I won’t eat until I see my Baby” he said


His baby!.. I don’t think so


“Yeah, in hell..where she probably is at the moment!” I said smirking He sighed and sat down on the bed


This is my chance, I slowly made my way over to him and placed my hands on his shoulder


“Why can’t you see that Maya’s never coming back, we should start over together me and you..just the two of us, that’s how it’s meant to be Kyle” I said lowering my head to his..


I shrieked as I felt myself hit the wall, with my breath knocked right out of me.. he stood angrily, with his chest heaving up and down..he took the vase and threw it at the wall, I screamed as it shattered beside me..


“Don’t you ever touch me again, and the next time I hear Maya’s name on your lips, I swear to God that I’ll break my rule of not hitting women and strangle you to death!” He said and stormed out, I cried silently and pushed myself into a sitting position..



Even when she’s dead, she still has him wrapped around her fingers.. we’ll see how long that’s going to take.


I stood up slowly carefully placing my broken wrist in front of me..


I walked towards the door, and halted when I heard the sound of a phone ringing. I moved towards the nightstand where Kyle’s phone was placed and picked the phone up..


I furrowed my brows at the ID


“Kai?” Why would he call Kyle, the last time I checked they were rivals


I sighed and answered the call


“Hello?” I mumbled






To be continued


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