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Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s Human



Fantasy Romance



Written by Shantel







Chapter 1




* Lucian! you’ll be casted out of this realm down to earth and will return never *



Your soon to be reign will cease and one of the seven brothers will sit on the throne *


You will go empty without any powers of such *


the silent demons chorused one after the other.


I fell with one knee down and stretched out my hands.


* Please Father forgive my ignorance and spell me this punishment * My wings flapped and humbled


* You have committed a grave offence*




He spat fire and his horns clinged


Please Father. I’ve been loyal to you and once again I’m ready to do whatever it is to relief my plea *


I fell my right knee to the ground and stretched out my hand further.


I mustn’t lose my position for anything.


My seven brothers will not get their way ever.


You’ll go down to earth and bring me the blood of a girl with purity and innocence. She must be in love with you *




His mouth spat out fire ,


his claws made clinching sounds and hot smoke sparked out of his horns. * Anything for you *


I said and bowed.


The hot wind started to blow and in his hands he had fire.


My eyes closed, my wings shun fire and I screamed from the fire that took over me.




I opened my eyes and it was bright and crowded with mundanes.


Humans busy walking around.


I looked at myself, no claws, no horns,


my skin was bright and fair and I was putting on some clothes considered sophisticated here on earth.


I walked and stopped by a huge building that had my reflection.


I look even better here on earth,


my hair fell more sΒ£xy and my jaws carved properly.


I saw a sign across the street.


I started taking my steps towards there,


the cars hornings wasn’t a bother and the shouts from the drivers sounded like crickets in my ears.


A louder horn popped and I was pushed out of the road.


Do you want to get yourself killed?! ” A feminine voice.



I turned and looked at her and I could see white light shine around her. She’s the one! I used my powers


Rose Caliente



23 years old



Works in a baking shop



Graduated from HingerField School of art.


* Hey mister! *


I smiled sweetly and she looked at me strangely and started walking.


I tucked my hands into my pockets and trailed behind her.


She turned at intervals to stare at me


* Wait, are you following me? ”


She pointed her fingers almost poking into my nose.


She started walking again and took a turn.


* Okay, what do you want from me? Why don’t you just go home * I smiled and shrugged my shoulders


* I don’t have any home *


She looked at me surprised


*What? *


* I’m homeless *


I said.


She looked down and up at me and started walking again.


I went with her.


She stopped by a shop and went in.


It was big and crowded and people sat on chairs with tables eating.






I saw a corner and went there to sit too watching her.


She went to the counter at the front and a man kept shouting at her even though she apologized already.


He pushed her head to and fro with his fingers scolding her.


What’s his problem anyway.


I crossed my index and middle finger together and he stopped talking.


He started blabbing gibberish not able to speak properly and I smirked.



That’s what people get for being unnecessary










Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



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